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Who does your deck revolve around?


Look over there!
Basically this is asking who your strongest or favorite card in your deck is. By the way, I think this is where this thread belongs.

I am currently making a deck but I think Regigigas Lv X will be.


My deck involves Regigigas, Gliscor, and Mamoswine from that one deck involving Regigigas and Heatran.


Look over there!
I just got done making my new deck and my Glaceon and Espeon work together. With Sunlight Veil and Jumbo Fin my Glaceon is invincible!
Hehe, my oldest deck revolved around Dialga Lv. X and Darkrai Lv. X. But then I remade a new deck that revolved around Torterra Lv. X and Cresselia Lv. X. THEN I made a new deck yesterday that revolved around Dialga Lv. X, Metagross LA, and Mamoswine LA... I leik dialga XD

Yeah, I like using one or two of my 11 Lv. X's in my decks...
Before this at BRs I played an odd combination of Leafeon/Sceptile/Breloom. It wasn't bad, it was quite nice to play around.

Now I'm using Kingdra.


Another Headbanger
i use 1 of two decks, glicor empoleon, or froszong


Warning: Jokes!
Darkrai LV. x and Weavile SW. I've only ever used it against 2 people, but neither has beaten me yet (Only made it last week though =P).


the head of my deck is one of the oldest Tyranitar.
Ah,and a old Dusclops pwn everything he see in front of him.


Well-Known Member
Houndoom (GE) because it is my favorite pokemon. Darkrai Lv.X to provide boosts to Dark energy and Heatran Lv.X to promote burning.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Mine is based around MD Toxicroak, MD Mewtwo + Mewtwo Lv. X, LA Deoxys, and LA Azelf Lv. X.


Better then you
My deck now revolves around (SF)Gyrados with a little help from Blastoise(idk the set). Waterlog really helps Gyrados.


burning it down
Well when I play, which is rarely, my deck usually revolves around my Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra line.


The Nicknamer
Since I have a definite lack of cards, my deck revolves around Gliscor (LA) Celebi (MT...I think) and Magmortar (SF) No Lv.X's, never come across a single one.