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Who Gets To Keep Togepi? (050)


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Who Gets To Keep Togepi!

When the egg Ash found hatches into a Brand New Pokémon, everyone wants to own it. So they decide to do a small Pokémon Tournement. Ash, who found it, claims he should be the one to keep it. Will he win the tournament?

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Team Awesome
Who doesn't feel bad for Meowth in this episode? He wanted to take care of Togepi so badly. He even fought hard (and dirty) to get custody of Togepi. This is definitely one of his finest episodes. :) Although I guess Misty did deserve to take care of Togepi, I still feel bad for Meowth.

I also really like James in this episode. He cracks me up. :)


Izit cuz I is black?
There's always a pokemon in the gang that Meowth secretly is obsessed with. It's Skitty now, Togepi beforehand.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I did feel sorry for that no good, cheating snake in cat's clothing. I say he deserved every volt he got.


when i saw this episode for the first time i thought that Togepi was soooo cute and it still is.

Koffing Breeder

I felt so sorry for Meowth in this episode! Though if Togepi went with Team R it would probably be quite a threat around now...

♥Princess Ketchum♥

#1 Ash Satoshi Lover
i cried cause ash did not get togepi,cause its his not mistys

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Why, Ash has nothing soft and comfortable to rest against. That's why Togepie chose Misty. Frak, that's something Alfonso would say. x_x


LOL, you have no idea how annoyed I was when Togepi ended up with Misty...
oh well. I guess it's a non issue now..

Personally, I think that Brock should have got it, he is the breeder,afterall...though I did see how much Meowth wanted it also..

the part where he fastforwared their motto was funny! (it did happen in this episosde right?) *sigh* it's a pity he dosen't do that more often...
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♥Princess Ketchum♥

#1 Ash Satoshi Lover
i think ash should of had it and would have been trained well ^__^


Well-Known Member
Togepi was kool. I remember going through my pokemon handbook trying to work out what was gonna hatch. I still think ash should of got it.


Well-Known Member
aaaaaw its so coot and one of my fav pokemon
2 bad it had to leave when it evolved into a togetic......i miss it


little punks!
I liked this episode alot. Togepi was the first Johto pokemon we've ever seen (besides the glimpse of Ho-oh in the first episode). I thought Ash did deserve Togepi, but it wasn't like it was able to even win battles (until it became Togetic). As much as I loved Togepi, it kind of tainted Misty's arrogant character which entertained me alot and turned her into more of a mother figure later in the series. Highlights included:

- Scenes of how everyone took care of the egg

- The fake dud eggs from TR's basket

- Togepi's hatching when everyone tried to save the egg

- The tournament, which provided laughs (especially Meowth against Onix)


To know the unkown
I only saw the promo for this show before it aired, so I never saw Togepi's birth until years later on DVD. Otherwise, I first saw Togepi on the web. Rad. And Ash already had Pikachu as his out-of-Pokeball critter, so he couldn't keep Togepi.
Meowth against Onix? If it were the games, Meowth would be flattened.


Ash fan girl! Cute!
This episode is halerious, I have it on video in fact, but I think Ash should have gotten that little annoying egg no matter how much I dislike it. Ash did battle fear and sqare and won it, freakin Misty annoyed me in this episode. I felt bad for Ash getting scratched by Meowth for trying to catch the egg at Team Rockets hide out LOL. Over all I give this episode a 10/10

Ash's Pika Pal

some have to let go
This was a pretty good episode. Poor Meowth wanted to mother Togepi so bad. But, if you think of it this way if Togepi would of went with Meowth insted of Ash the Pokemon world would of ended. Because, remember how Togepi saved Ash and friends countless of times before the 2nd movie? Well, if Togepi would of been with Meowth he couldn't of saved Ash's life. So, that means Ash couldn't of saved the world in movie 2 if he would of been dead.