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Who Gets To Keep Togepi? (050)

Blue Snover

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I think it was unfair on Togepi, the way they all battled over who should get to keep it.

They should have just let Togepi decide from the start.


I think it was unfair on Togepi, the way they all battled over who should get to keep it.

They should have just let Togepi decide from the start.

yeah but but on the other hand togepi was still a baby back then and
as far as i know most babies can't take care of themself yet.


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The first egg to hatch on pokemon EVER. If Ash had togipi, it could have gone in a pokeball, and no one would see it again, until a battle, where it would have developed a releationship with Ash like a real pokemon, and it would have evolved sooner. However, it was given to Misty where it was babied, where it won't evolve for YEARS. However, it would have been left at Oaks latter.


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What bugs me (like, after I'd actually watched the thing, which didn't hit on me during the episode) was how Jessie and James weren't allowed to compete for it, because they did nothing, while Misty stayed in for doing the same amount of nothing. What gave Misty the right to compete for it anyway?

It would have been even funnier if Togepi had gone to the one who didn't even do anything, but whatever.

Ah, the old meowth vs. onix fight. I remember my little sister's reaction: "Meowth should have evolved, like, right away! It beat an onix!" 'Course, I know by know the thing's apparently, level 100, so there's the reason.

Yeah, Brock's got happiny now, who's better for him, because she can actually fight. I still loved ol' toki though. I think I'm the only one who liked the little guy.


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True, but it had imprinted on Misty, so she was in by default.


This episode was really great because Ash, Misty, Team Rocket, and Meowth face each other to see who would keep Togepi because they did all their jobs raising and caring for it.


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i really hated misty in this episode. ash won fair and she insisted on pushing him out of the way while togepi was hatching. i HATED her for that


Queen of Sppf
This episode was one of my all-time favorites because of Togepi's debut and how the story just morphed into a tournament near the end. I was surprised by how motherly Meowth could be to Togepi's egg and then to Togepi during the tournament; as seen when he fought bravely for it. I liked the tournament that decided Togepi's fate but I was sad to see Meowth lose against Pikachu so easily. At least Misty got to keep Togepi, and I think it fits in with her so that was a good ending. 10/10.
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Great episode.
I loved the "tournament" that they did with Meowth, it was funny, especially with Onix.
And i loved Togepi's first appearance.


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This was another great episode. I always liked Togepi and for some reason I felt that it was going to be with Misty anyway because it didn't look right with Brock, I couldn't see Ash with it, and I certainly couldn't see it being blasted off with TR every episode, so that only left Misty to take care of it. I actually felt bad for Meowth when it lost to Onix because he actually fought really hard and it showed his soft side and he seemed like he really cared and wanted the Togepi. Overall awesome episode.


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One of my all-time favorites because of Togepi's debut.

I was surprised by how motherly Meowth could be. I liked the tournament to decide Togepi's fate but I was sad to see Meowth lose.


I think that everyone was surprised by Meowth in this episode! I like how a new generation pokemon debuted in this episode, but when I was a little kid, I could have sworn that Togepi was a Kanto pokemon.

It's not fair that Meowth lost. I think he should have won.


A pokemon can't own a pokemon :)


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This episode was very interesting to me. The fact that Togepi (a 2nd generation pokemon) hatches back when we all thought there were only 150 pokemon tells me that nintendo probably had a pretty long roster of pokemon all along.


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Ash should have won Togepi, and Misty knew it. He won it in the battles and also found its egg, but Misty got it. Never mind, Misty's personality really fits it much more than Ash's lol.

Hikari Paradise

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Meowth using those buckets of water was cheating, he should have been disqualified. I'm glad Misty got to keep togepi due to how well she would raise it.
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I liked seeing Meowth being all nurturing and motherly for a change. I do think Misty was the best candidate to take care of Togepi though. Between Togepi and the Ho-Oh appearance in the first episode, it was pretty obvious they were going to bring out a lot more new Pokemon.


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This episode always makes me laugh at those nostalgic fools who always say "I miss the good ol' days of Pokemon back in season 1 when there were only 150 pokemon!" when clearly episodes like this, and even the very end of the freakin' first episode alone had proved that the series was always going to go on (& that there were more pokemon out there beyond that of the 151).

Common sense says that even though he found it the writers couldn't give it to Ash because if Ash had it then he would've inevitably trained it. And through training Togepi would've learned moves - moves that couldn't be seen yet in the anime due to the obvious reason of the GSC games not being out yet. So logically Togepi had to go with either Misty or Brock; sidekick characters who's pokemon weren't seen trained as much (if at all) on screen compared to Ash's pokemon due to him being the main character. If Ash had Togepi then being a brand new pokemon of the main character it would've taken up ALOT of pokemon character development screentime being an unknown new pokemon that had possessed unknown new moves, and this pokemon character development screentime had rightfully belonged to Ash's Kanto pokemon - pokemon that were already established & well-known by that point in the series & also pokemon that the children watching this show could actually catch & train in the games available to them at the time. By giving Togepi to a sidekick character that had allowed for the writers the opportunity to promote the upcoming GSC games without having to spoil all of the new moves that the new pokemon from those games could learn as well. It's silly of anyone to even think that Meowth should raise & train it given that he's a pokemon himself!


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When I first watched this episode, I thought it was really unfair that Misty got Togepi. Ash won the tournament fair and square!