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Who Gets To Keep Togepi? (050)


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Misty's Togepi reminds me of Brock because it had finally evolved when it was time for it to never be scene again.


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I didn't like this episode. Togepi is really cute! I just wish Ash would've kept it instead of Misty... It was his egg!. The battle ended up being a complete waste, cause the winner didn't win anything...



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I loved seeing Muk at the beginning of this episode. It was funny how it was climbing all over Prof. Oak as if it was trying to swallow him. :0

I also really enjoyed seeing a Pokemon hatch from an egg. I was hoping that Brock would get Togepi, though. It would have made more sense because he's a breeder and all and took care of the egg. Misty didn't do anything. :/
Still, I guess it was good that Togepi didn't end up with Team Rocket.
I sort of wish Ash had kept Togepi.


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I don't agree with wanting Ash to keep the Togepi. He already had Pikachu out so the poor Togepi would have always been in it's Pokéball. Besides I actually really enjoyed watching Misty and Togepi's relationship throughout the series. Meowth was really great in this episode, who would've thought he could be so caring and motherly! I'm glad that Togepi picked Misty in the end, it was funny to see how they had a whole tournament to determine who kept Togepi, yet Togepi just went to who it saw first! Misty makes a great Pokémum!
This episode is one of my favourites, a classic Kanto masterpiece, 10/10. Like Calamity mentioned, Ash should've never gotten Togepi, because Misty cared for it well and because of not having to stay in a Poke Ball all the time. Togepi is too funny for a Poke Ball.

Meowth defeating Brock's Onix was so epic, with the "false Water gun" XD

Misty had no valid reason to claim Togepi, but after all, it's good that she did.


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And now let the egg jokes begin!

This was a nice episode. I wish that the poached egg was handled better being outside it's Pokeball in all. Not only that but did we ever find out what gender the scrambled egg was? I'm not even sure. But it would have been nice if it was female. I liked that Meowth battled and bonded with the boiled egg in the tub. It was nice to se Ash win but I guess baby logic won this match.


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It's interesting how this hatching episode is the only one where imprinting with newly hatched Pokemon was shown. The battle between Ash and Misty was great to see.


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I can see why Misty got Togepi - considering Ash already had enough Pokémon to train and Misty was able to easily take care of Togepi. The episode for the rest was full of great moments. Meowth specifically with the battle and taking care of the egg. Yet again, the episodes between the sixth and the seventh gym were really solid in many ways.
I'm glad Togepi went to Misty. But, being under Brock's care would have been good as well too. It must have hurt when Staryu tackled Jessie. But, Meowth annoyed the crap out of me in this episode. "Myyyyy egg" Ew no. xD


I luv this episode! Togepi was to cute when he hatched & I liked when Meowth was taking care of the egg I thought it was adorable. Im so happy that Misty got to keep Togepi at the end of the episode because she needed a cute Pokemon and because she acts just like a mom to it. I wish Ash helped take care of it to so he and Misty could be like parents but to bad it didnt happen lol. Great episode.


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When I watched this episode for the first time, I didn't like Misty in the episode. I hated how she got to keep Togepi, Ash got the egg and he also won the battle fair and square, so I thought he should've been the one who gets to keep Togepi. But now I can see why the anime writers decided to give Togepi to Misty. Togepi suits Misty and she took good care of it throughout the Kanto saga and the Johto saga. Besides, Ash's Pokémon can battle better than Togepi.
I'll admit, I sometimes forget that Togepi is is a Johto Pokemon, not a Kanto Pokemon.

Anyway, Misty is the only one that really suits Togepi. It looks to be too much on the 'cute and adorable' scale for Ash and Brock. Then again, Brock dos receive something similar in the form of Happiny much later in the show...


How convenient that Oak upgraded Ash's Pokedex just before Togepi hatched from the egg. Anyway, I cackled at everyone's expectations for the egg's contents; Misty thinking it was a Tentacruel was consistent with past events, and Brock thinking it could be a Golem was funny as well. Team Rocket working at the restaurant was strangely funny too, and I liked their interactions at the cabin.


Meowth acting like Togepi's mother was hilarious but Togepi staying with Misty seemed unfair to Ash since he defeated Misty in the tournament. 7/10