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Who Gets To Keep Togepi? (050)


I'll say this now: Misty didn't deserve Togepi. She usurped it from Ash who found the egg and then he won it fairly too. Even Brock usurped it which made me angry. Ash got ripped off.

In Takeshi's defense, out of the main cast, he was at least the most suitable caretaker of the egg since he was a Pokemon Breeder and he knew how to nurture Pokemon.


Unknown Member
When I was a child, I couldn't really watch the episodes in order, so I think I already knew Misty had Togepi when I got a chance to watch this episode. For this reason, I couldn't imagine anyone else getting that little egg creature. I was surprised when it wasn't Misty the one who won the tournament, but the writers still delibered a good explanation for her ending up keeping Togepi in the end.

And I can't understand when people say Meowth deserved the egg or are still salty about him not getting it lol He and the rest of Team Rocket kidnapped Togepi! Sure, he took good care of it and grew attached to it, but it is not different from a guy kidnapping a child and caring for them instead of their parents. Would the kidnapper have any right over the child just because they cared for them and even perhaps loved them? They still stole that child...
I'm actually surprised Ash & co let Meowth compete for the right to keep Togepi. Had it been me, I would've sent him and his teammates blasting off right away.

Anyway, I was so proud of Meowth for beating Onix! His love for Togepi gave him strenght! And it was equally fun to see Pikachu taking him out in a second hahaha.

Tough luck, Ash. No hatchling for you either!


Call of Fate
An alright episode. Meowth dousing Onix was sort of cheap, but since he stated he had sacrificed the ability to learn attacks of different types in order to learn how to speak, it wasn't that bad. I didn't like how Togepi chose Misty as its Trainer just because she happened to be the first creature it saw upon hatching, since the Egg was found by Ash and cared for by Brock.
What a fun episode this turned out to be. When it started I thought we'd only see teases of Togepi hatching, but then it did actual happen. I liked how Meowth suddenly bonded with the egg even though he never showed his motherly side before this episode. Ash winning the tournament but not keeping Togepi seemed unfair although I liked his Dex's new voice upgrade at the start of the episode.


FullmetalJackie said:
Ash winning the tournament but not keeping Togepi seemed unfair although I liked his Dex's new voice upgrade at the start of the episode.

I did find it somewhat frustrating that Satoshi won the mini tournament without getting to keep the prize. If Togepi was just going to stay with Kasumi, then I really think that she should've won the tournament in the first place.
Togepi's first appearance was one of those top moments of the original series because of how important it was to have a Johto mon in the cast for the first time even though Gold and Silver wouldn't come out until over a year later. I thought that Brock or Meowth deserved Togepi more than Misty since they actually put in work to care for Togepi's egg. The mini tournament was good even though Ash winning didn't matter because he didn't win the prize. 8/10
It's weird how Togepi suddenly bonded with Misty based on her being the first thing that it saw. Meowth deserved Togepi