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Who has actually encoutered a shiny pokemon asides the freebies in games?

I don't really care about shinies, but anyways:
- I caught a Shiny Bellsprout in LeafGreen, but that file was corrupted, so it's gone...
- I once encountered a Shiny Drowzee in LeafGreen, but I didn't have Poke Balls with me...
- I once encountered a Shiny Seaking and a Shiny Dratini in the same Safari Game on LeafGreen, but both of them fled...
- In Emerald, I once caught a Shiny Trapinch, it's a Shiny Flygon now.

All legal, I don't use RNG and stuff like that.
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Well, back when the stars aligned into the shapes of Nut Bars and the planets became one, I encountered a good few shinies on some of my ancient and otherwise deleted save files back in Gen III. Thanks to my infallible photographic memory, I can still tell you which ones they where and exactly where I caught them, so my only regret is having been stupid enough to delete them in the first place.

- Back on Leafgreen, I encountered a shiny Slowpoke on the south portion of Six Island, and to my recollection it either evolved into a Slowbro later on or fainted during the encounter.
- I encountered at least three on Emerald, but they were all on seperate save files. One was a Zubat, the other a Tentacool, and the last was a Banette. I still have the last one in theory, but I can't transfer it since I lost the original cartridge nearly four years ago, and the battery's probably dead by now. If I can just find where that cart went, I can get all of my cool stuff back.

As for my current experience with the Shiny Charm, I've been trying to hatch a shiny Poochyena, but to no avail. I hear from a greater authority that a minimum of 200 eggs should give me a fighting chance, but I don't even have the patience to hatch 80 in one day.


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I have found a Shiny... after waiting six years.
I guess it was just becoming inevitable, and that was why I found it. My luck is strange that way.


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one, only one a shiny Seviper in white. i was over the moon.

i have been playing since i first got blue that was long ago

Liz Azzimagica

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org gold: golbat, org silver: magby, platinum: ratacate, missed cacthing it >>, ss: swinub, white: Tranquill, Black: Cleafariy


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Millions of people have. They're not super rare if you know what you're doing.


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Shiny Golbat. Shiny Weedle. And shiny Charmander. Oh. Can't forget about that shiny Chinchou.

That's it, I guess.
When I played my first pokemon game(Pearl), I was training my Piplup as soon as I found a shiny Starly level 3. I thought my DS was broken or having weird glitches and I was afraid that the coloring was getting broken so I quickly turned the game off. I forgot to save. Anyways, I learned my lesson.... LOL that was depressing when I found out it was just a shiny....

Ditto B1tch

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Rhyhorn at Pokemon Safari in FireRed

Tentacool at Route 199 in Emerald (while looking for a Feebas. It was worth as much as a Feebas!)

Voltorb at Power Plant in FireRed


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Shiny Drowzee in Silver or Crystal, Shiny Banette in Sapphire, Shiny Shellder in Soul Silver. Shellder was the only one that I knew what a Shiny was when I hatched it (wasn't even trying for a shiny).
- Shiny Zubat in Sapphire
- Shiny Golbat in Heart Gold


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I have encountered two by chance. A linoone in Sapphire (Orange) and a golbat in Diamond (Brownie).

I think I gave the linoone away. The golbat, I believe I still have.