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Who Here Plays An Instrument?


Dath Scuba
In order from what I'm best at to what I'm still pretty good at...
Guitar, bass, drums, banjo, and piano.


Disney Trainer
Well Pianos at the end of that list, so i suppose you only know the tune to classical songs only.


Modern Genocide
I love playing guitar. I've been playing for about 2 years and its reallyy fun ^_^

I also know how to playy piano, though I hate piano lessons..

Lastlyy, I got a harmonica for Christmas, and I'm trying to self-teach. I liekk Blues Rock a lot, so my uncle got me one...

And lol. I had a guitar/piano concert a few months ago. My dad pulled me out though because the stupid people that planned the concert scheduled it on the dayy of teh Pacquio fight. xDD


Well-Known Member
Cello player reporting in


~The musical leaf
I first started with a bass two years ago due to being a major fan of Mio from K-ON! I got really into it at the beginning, but I lost interest after... two or so months? And then, last November, I bought a guitar after numerous times of being taught of the chords (I initially kept on forgetting them until I finally got myself to stop acting lazy and actually memorize them), and then being called a natural. Lolwut. Still a beginner and eager to learn my favorite songs. :3


Well-Known Member
I don't play any instruments, but my friend plays the french horn and my other friend plays so many I can't keep track


The Midnight Artist~
I play the Piano, Clarinet, and I can play the recorder.
A few little instruments I have around are a Ocarina, Penny Whistle, and a type of harp, though I'm not sure what type it is.


i have played classical piano for around 8yrs now and I guess I'm pretty good at it.

I also play trombone (jazz+in concert band), trumpet, baritone and bass guitar (heavy metal and stuff)

the only thing I'm missing is a good voice


But will it blend?
French horn for about 6 years now. Seriously considering picking up voice or sax in college


Where I shouldn't be
I've been playing piano for almost 11 years, and I am in my 3rd year of viola.



that depends, i mayonnaise an instrament (sry, coudnt resist xD)

but siriusly, i dont play any instraments, though id like to learm how to play the ocarina


Flame Trainer
I've played trumpet and baritone horn for 6 years, and I'm also learning how to read bass clef so I can learn the trombone.

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
I can play the piano, the violin, the viola, the cello, and the recorder. I'm only good at piano, though - just started viola, gave up cello, had to stop violin when I left primary school, and I never had actual lessons on the recorder - it was an add-on with my piano lessons.


Casual Shiny Hunter
I do, Drums.


I play the violin, but I don't really like it. I hate practicing and going to concerts, but surprisingly I'm not that bad at it.


I can play guitar, flute, drums but I did stop with them all and now mostly play piano, and I can play difficult songs :)


I play saxophone. First chair. Feel free to praise! haha


Not a tool
I play tenor sax for school, in band class and in two extracurricular jazz bands. I also play the drums at home since I got an electric drum kit for Christmas (I had prior experience so I actually know how to play it). I'm also adept at piano, though I haven't had any formal instruction. In other words, I taught myself. I can play a couple Legend of Zelda songs including Saria's Song, Song of Storms, and Kokiri Forest (the last of which I'm still learning- just started learning it about two hours ago)

I play saxophone. First chair. Feel free to praise! haha

I'm first chair saxophone. In three different bands.


peepee ding dong
Don't we already have one of these somewhere buried in Misc.?

Anyways, I've played trumpet for more than five years and am currently first chair. I would say I'm pretty dang good, just second to the senior trumpet players.

Other than that, I play the ocarina if that counts.