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Who Here Plays An Instrument?


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I play the bassoon, as indicated by my signature. And I've been playing it for five years now.

Don't we already have one of these somewhere buried in Misc.?

I'm sure we have several. =P
I've enjoyed playing the trumpet for around 6 or 6 1/2 years.

I also got an ocarina last summer to play when I'm bored. I'm not great at it, but I'm competent enough to play Ocarina of Time songs. :)


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Been playing the Piano since I was sixteen; was really bad at it but eh I'm half decent now. Can also play a Xylophone pretty decent.


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I play clarinet and have been playing for about six years. I'm in 9th grade and I'm the second chair first clarinet in my school's Wind Ensemble.

I used to play piano, but...I wanted to start clarinet instead, and with the number of things my head is full of these days remembering base clef as well would probably just confuse me. I do a little guitar and I've wanted to learn bassoon for the longest time, but apparently the fingerings are confusing and with the number of projects I've taken on right now that's probably not the best idea. xD


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Alto Sax :)

I'm in my final year of high school band. First Chair.

I also play Jazz music, and in our school's elite wind ensemble. First Chair for both.

Additionally, I can play the piano and guitar, as well as all other saxes and clarinet.

Squiddly Dee

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*waves arms around like a spaz* Ooh! Me! I do!

I absolutely love music, and I play two instruments: Piano and trombone. I'm not too good at either, but they're fun to play anyway.


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I play a lot of instruments, but my main two would be Bass and Piano. I've been playing bass for about two years and piano off and on since 5th grade. Learning an instrument has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the entire world. If anyone is reading this and hasn't at least tried playing something, give it a shot. It might just be your thing.


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I've been doing piano for half my life. And I've gotten pretty good at it. I just don't like practicing, but I love the competitions and such.
I played the Trumpet in elementary and middle school, wasn't really fun.


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I have played the piano since I was in fifth grade. I have been in percussion since I started the sixth grade. I really enjoy both.


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I play the guitar and it has not been an easy instument to master. But once you get pretty good at it you cannot stop playing it because its very rewarding hearing yourself playing a song. In school I also played the trombone and I was first chair too.
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Trombone in school-second chair, guitar-lead,rhythm, drum set, tenors, percussiony things, piano (not the best but eh.)

I've played trumpet and baritone horn for 6 years, and I'm also learning how to read bass clef so I can learn the trombone.

It's easy. Trust me. It's only... 2? Notes above treble. Treble is what I've had trouble with.
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I tried flute in 5th grade, but didn't really work on it that much, so I never could play anything.

I had a class for acoustic guitar and bass guitar in high school. I put in more work for those, but didn't really get very far.

Currently I don't play anything.

Mike Breezy

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I'ma percussionist for my school. I'm the drill leader of the marching percussion section, and I play Snare Drum (moving to Tenors for my senior year) I also play set for the jazz band.


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I play the triangle

I've been taking piano lessons for a few months now, but my piano teacher recently had an adorable baby named Maylee who's consuming her free time. So, that's on the back burner for now.

I have a small six-hole Alto Ocarina, but since it can only play 8 notes, it isn't very fun. I'd love to get a 12-hole or a multi-chambered ocarina, but they cost money...

..and I have none.

I also like percussion, but my says that a drum set would take up too much space. Bongos would be awesome, tough. :D

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I play piano a bit, but I think it'd be cool to learn to play flute.


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I play lead Guitar like a boss. i have only been playng for less than a year but i am really good at it.