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Who Here Plays An Instrument?


Well-Known Member
I can play the Guitar, Piano, Recorder, and Clarinet.
I'm only good at the piano (it's such an easy instrument)


Water type Trainer
Behold moi i play in a steel band (steel pans) associated with jamaica but actually from trinidad and tobago. It is so much fun.
Panatical is awesome!


hey trainer
I play guitar and bass. I guess I kinda play piano, but it's mostly just single notes that I kind of tab out from playing it on guitar. I try. XD


Well-Known Member
I use to play the alto saxophone during Jr High, but haven't touched it since I graduated. I bought a 12 hole Ocarina early last year, but lack the motivation to really practice the scales and such.


Meme Historian
I've been playing trumpet for about 9 years, and guitar about five. I also sing.


The Ravager
I played the piano for 7 months and still learning :p


Well-Known Member
I can play piano. Im in band at my hs and just found out I made snare on drumline.


New Member
Trumpet for 3 years... Dont stink at it either
I've played piano for the past 15 years and just got a new keyboard about a year ago, and I also had some guitar lessons when I was in high school (my boyfriend just recently lent me his dad's Gibson SG Standard, so I have been playing it more lately). But I picked up electric bass two years ago and fell in love. I love bands that have good bass; mostly the classic rock bands, or 70's and 80's metal. It's alot of fun to learn.
I also played trumpet in school, I kind of miss that because my trumpet looked pretty sweet. lol