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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W and reason why. Is this person your favorite because they were easy to beat or is it because they look cool?
My favorite is Grimsley. Who's yours?

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Have fun!!
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zekrom 4

mine is drake because he is hoens dragon master and he doesnt need a shirt he just whips on a coat. lolollolololololol
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I don't have a favorite B/W Elite 4 member because I didn't feel for that game, it might be due to I played it in Japanese, then a patch and THEN English(Thats also only in black, I also played White).... Soooo... BUT if we were talking all the Regions it would be Sidney...


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I am not going to be harsh and say which one is my favourite...although I do hate Caitlin the most.


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I'd say grimsley,as i feel he's a bit out of place and has no real story to him.
wha i mean by this is that all the others have some sort o story to them (ie. Caitlin and the battle factory and beach house, or Marshall as alders student)
Even the ghost member has a story, even if t's only a slight one.

Grimsley's sort of,well, just there.


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I really like Chauntal, and how she references different parts of the Pokemon universe :3


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I really like Caitlin. She looks awesome, all that hair and floating hair clips XD Her room is cool too, especially in BW2 with that flower entrance thing.

zekrom 4

hmmm lets chang topic to get arcros mad lol jk but i also like iris because she is dah dragon mastah


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Shauntal because I like her pokemon and I quite like most Ghost types. I also really like how she's a writer and the various things she can say before battle.


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It would be Shauntal, but I cannot stand to look at that giant, gaudy cat head she wears around her shoulders. It makes her look almost as ridiculous as Drayden with his awful looking beard.

I suppose it would have to be Caitlin, then.


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Caitlin was the only one I like


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What's his name...? The Dark guy. He's got cool quotes.


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Well I hate Karen the most. She did nothing in Platinum/HeartGold and as for B/W she's shown absolutely no characteristic's of her pokemon's typing at all besides besides sleeping all the time and owning a Musharna.


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Grimsely was the easiest, Caitlyn was the weirdest, Shauntal was the hardest (and when I say hard I mean harder than the others), and Marshal was the coolest. I'd saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy...
Marshal. Or, anyone BUT Caitlyn. That, sleeping freaky weirdo. XD


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Well, as far as the 5th gen goes, I suppose I like Marshall the best. Why? Well, you gotta have blue lips.

Or maybe it's because I'm way too amused by the presence of racial ethnicity in a disturbingly white-prominent game series. Power to the people!


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I'm all for Caitlin the sleepy head. Sorta like me.
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