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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

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Charmander is best
Definitely Catilin. She trains my fave type of the group, and is just overall my favourite in design. So her.


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I'm all for Caitlin the sleepy head. Sorta like me.

The be honest the only time that was ever cool was when Jirachi tried it in mystery dungeon.

Savanny Killersaurus

In Another Castle
My favorite is Shauntal. I like the way she looks and her room in the Elite Four is just awesome. She was also kinda tough to beat my first time there.

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Me and My sketch pad
I'm having a hard time between Shauntal and Marshal. On the one hand Shauntal is a novelist and I love reading, but on the other hand Marshal is a Martial Artist and I do tae kwon do so I'd say both. Grimsley second because he's dripping with sauve ;)

Ditto B1tch

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Mine is Caitlin, the sleeping girl. It's so cute watching her upset for being waken up suddenly. She's unique!
Caitlin was probably my favorite. I liked that she had a continuity with the other regions.
Grimsley, I think. None of the Elite Four really stood out too much to me, though...


My favorite, Marshal. The apprentice of Alder.

Here are the reasons why I do not like the others:
-Shauntal mentions that her neck thing was in reference to something. I was thinking something Ghost-like, like Giratina. Bulbapedia told me it was only a cat T_T
-Caitlin only sleeps. Cooool. She should spend her time awake so she could come up with a strategy to come close to beating me.
-Grimsley has a gambling problem. I feel like he would eventually gamble his E4 position away.


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grimsley cuz he talkstalks about gambling and chance and whatnot


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Caitilin. I love how she mentioned that she used to go psycho when she lost and that she is only human so it is still possible for her to revert back to her old ways.
Marshal definitely, he uses fighting types, stands in the middle of a ring (with a cage), has cool pants, and has anyone noticed that Marshal comes from Martial Arts
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