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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

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Caitlin. I like her hair and the Pokemon she uses

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Shauntal, if only because she's a writer and a bookworm, and I did like the atmosphere of her room. I thought it was the most clever of all of them. She's got some good taste, in my opinion. Though the thunderclap freaked me out o_O...
Marshal, he was a great character, his attitude, design and overall apperance was just more original than the other three.
He was no means hardest to beat though, as a fast flying type will destroy his whole team =P


I used to really like Grimsley when the games were first released, but not so much now. I usually battle him first since he seems to be the easiest Elite Four member though. My favorite Elite Four member is probably Shauntal based purely on her design. Caitlin would be next, then Grimsley and finally Marshal.


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Grismley, he looks fabulous and train Pokémon of my favorite type. Shauntal comes in a close second. Marshal is cool, he has a nice and refreshing design. Caitlin is the sole member of Unova E4 I don't like that much...


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I like Shauntal because of her ghost pokemon, one of my favorite type with Dark, Psychic... and a lot of others.
So, because of that fact, I also like Grimsley and Kathelyn (the one who I never can remember her name...)


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Definitely Shauntal. She had the most interesting design and the Ghost type has always been one of the most intriguing to me. I love her!
Caitlin come in close second with Gimsley taking third.
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Grimsley definitely. Caitlin comes next, followed by Shauntal, and Marshall coming last.


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Grimsley, he talks like flippin' Tetsuya Noramu!
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