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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

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Shauntal. I liked how she was simple and very poetic. I like her style, too. So it's definitely her, my favorite. She's followed by Caitlin, but again, no one beats Shauntal.


Hard one. Either Caitlin due to her battle frontier apperances. Shauntaul, coz she writes stories and has an awesome team or grimsley coz I love dark types and he looks epic. The only thing they could do to his team to make it better would be to stick an absol on it.


My List of Favorites (From BEST TO least):
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Psychic but I love Gothitelle EVEN more! I also like Sigi.
2. Chauntel
Easy, fun, and I love Jellicent and Chandelure!
3. Grimsley
Dude, he is weird. He just irks me. I do love Scrafty however.
4. Marshal
I don't necessarily hate him, I just found that he was difficult and stubborn. I also don't like, in fact I Hate Throw.


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My favorite would have to be Caitlin. It was interesting to see her in Gen IV's Battle Frontier than re-appear as an Elite Four member of Unova!


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Shauntal. I love her story's about trainers she has battled!

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Grimsley hands down. He's not only cool, but I love Ghost-Type Pokémon too. =D (He does have Ghost-Types right? I'm too lazy to check at the moment...)


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Loved his design and his little room to battle.

Unova's elte four members are my favorites.
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My favorite is Grimsley. And on the second place is Caitlin. :D
Grimsley looks sooo cool. *sigh crush sigh *


None of them. They all lost to me and I suck at battling.

Therefore, they must suck even more. If I had to choose then maybe Shauntal.


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Caitlin because to me she's the most memorable Elite Four trainers in B/W. I don't even remember what the rest looked like... But Caitlin is rather funny since she acts like princess. But this time she at least battled herself and not let her butler to do the battling :D

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Caitlyn because she's actually quite beautiful and I just don't care for the designs of the other 3.


Caitlyn and Grimsley most probably. It's been forever since I beat them on Black (2 years?) and I'm just now coming up to them again for a second round in White. I'll see how my opinion changes once I rematch them.


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Grimsley because he was the easiest to defeat for me by spamming Emboar's brick break lol
But other than that, I would say Caitlin because she was so dedicated to the Elite Four that she slept there waiting for challengers.


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Mine has to be Caitlin. I like her design and she is more familiar compared to the other E4 members.


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My favorite is either Grimsley or Marshal. I like their types better than the other two, and they seem cooler and stronger to me.
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