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Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

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c l a r i t y
Shauntal, she made me love Ghost-types more.


Shauntal... Her outfit just awesome... it's the same palette, almost, as a Purrloin... She has ghost-type Pokemon... I read; she's a writer, for crying out loud! A few sentences that were said made an interesting story... I wanted to actually read her novels... but since it's a game, I can't. T_T Aw, jeez...


Well-Known Member
Mine is Mashall he is really strong and a good fighter.


I adore Caitlin because for some reason she is always the most
difficult for me, even when I have two ghost types and a dark
type...I must really suck. ;P Her Gothitelle, tho.

Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!
Grimsly because he was the most intresting elite four for me.


*hugs Absol*
None of them, really. I didn't find any of them particularly interesting, neither Pokémon-, nor personality-wise.


Master of flames
1. Caitlin, mostly because of her back story and appearence in the battle castle.
2. Marshal, I like fighting types and his design comes out furious and cool in my opinion.
3. Grimsley, I just like his design better than Shauntels.
4. Shauntel, definitely not keen on her design though I do love ghost types.


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Grimsley, his design is pretty ugh imo, but his team was the one that gave me the most trouble and the one I enjoy fighting against the most.


You got this, Sonic!
Shauntal, because I like her outfit, and I have a soft spot for women who wear glasses!


Xenlon Cavalier
I'd have to go with Grimsley. I always chose him to fight last. Marshall is by far my least favorite trainer associated with Fighting (I mean-compared with Brawly or Bruno or Chuck etc. he's awful).
I don't like Shauntal's design and don't like most Ghost types. Caitlyn is alright but kinda *****y.

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
Caitlin! ;D She is blonde, sleeps all day in an awesome bed, has a tsundere personality and has Musharna. <3

Shauntel is second since she's friggin awesome. XD


Graceful Elegance
Cattleya best girl <3
But I have to say that I like all of the E4 in Unova. I wish we could have them back in gen6... I want to poketransfer them ;w;


Call of Fate
Caitlin.I like her design,and she uses Sigilyph,one of my favorite Generation V Pokemon.Her debut in Generation IV games was also quite intriguing.
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