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Who is your favorite Pokémon of these?

oskar M

Zoroark Master
Who is your favorite Pokémon of these?

  • Gliscor
  • Magmortar
  • Electrivire



Odd thread.


Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
Im gonna have to go with Gliscor, cause he acts as a great lead in today's 4th Gen OU Wifi battling.
Electivire is pretty good as well, But I do prefer Gliscor


Magmortar. Although i like Magmar more, Magmortar just looks a little like he was just created for the sake of Magmar having an evo (same with Electivire), when they didn't really need one.


Magmortar and Electrivire.

Just because they're in my team.

They really need an evo for Jynx to complete the trio.

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.

Weird you'd ask.


Ultimate Mew Fan
Well, this odd.

Probably Magmortar, for no apparent reason...?


Wut are you saying?
Ackward... Gliscor FTW
Really don't care for any of them.

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
Electivire.However they're below my 20 favorite pokémons

Silent Murderer

Shadow Trainer
magmortar,electivire is almost as equal in my opinion and i just don't really like gliscor that much

Sea Swampert

being piratey
It's all about Gliscor