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who is your strongest pokemon

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SoulSilver ftw!
My Blaziken lv.100 and my Skarmory Lv.100. I recently sent my Skarmory to my Pearl for my online team in the making


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for some reason, on any emerald file I always have a very strong Pelliper
My Metagross, Salamence, and Aggron, all at level 80, are my best Emerald Pokémon. All EV-trained, but not exactly bred to perfection, but they're still the best Pokémon I have.


In 3rd gen, probably my old dragonite (since transferred to Diamond) - good IVs and quite adept at sweeping.


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some of my level 100s that i have
possibly corsola =)


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Strongest POKéMON is definitly my perfect Starmie!! Perfect IV's in Sp Att and Speed!!
Starmie @ Modest
Natural Cure @ Shell Bell
252 Sp Att/252 Speed/6 Sp Def
~Ice Beam

status atm: Awaiting the other 2 members as seen in my sig, and awaiting the National Dex on the FireRed I did a speed run with.......


Master of the Ground
Nidoqueen, because of versatility
My strongest was Charizard in FR, I just love my Charizard *mine* Oh and he was lv 100


burning it down
In Emerald, Swampert. It also has the best moveset, but Manectric is a close second.

maxx unlimited

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Linoone on LVL 100, gets me lots of Rare Candies.
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