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Who is your team's 'flyer'?

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Ever since I got my dream dragonite over the GTS, it has always been my flier.


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I use my Togekiss. But I also use Mew sometimes.


Bibarel's adorable.
I'm using Crobat in Platinum as my Fly Slave.


Staraptor in Diamond & Pear Togetic/Togekiss in Platinum


Blizzard Battler
Emerald- Tropius
Pearl- Staraptor
Heart Gold- Honchkrow


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I just got my own Platinum version last week and so far I've gotten 4 badges. I had just gotten fly and taught it to my Staravia, which is close to evolving into a Staraptor.


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I use my Giratina-O, just because it's level 100 and EV trained. If I was in a real match, thought, I'd change it to another move.


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In my hg I used ho-oh lugia 3 birds and dragonite.. DONT JUDGE ME!!!


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Diamond: Staraptor
Pearl: Staravia (flying slave)
Platinum: Togekiss
SS: Lugia


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In Platinum I like to have a Tropius. If it has fly, defog, cut, and strength you only need a Bibarel for the other 4 HMs, freeing up space for other pokemon.


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I love Honchkrow. Best friend pokemon nuff said


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In HeartGold, I use Dragonite or Ho-oh, and in Soulsilver I use Skarmory. Platinum sees use of random ones. I don't remember Diamond, and I use random ones in the Hoenn games.

Sapphire Kirby

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In Pearl I used my Staraptor Star for flying. In Platinum I used my Crobat Marx. In Soul Silver I used my Fearow Albatoss. White will be my first game since Emerald where I don't have a flyer as part of my main team. (Hoenn isn't much of a pain to walk through, barring the rocks north of Mauville)
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