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Who Looks Better Contest

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Welcome to Season Five of this Face-Off. Five sets of three Pokemon have been lost on an island in the middle of a massive ocean; rough waters and all. A Goddess has cursed them to the island and will only allow one set to leave, depending who looks best... The sets, or teams are:

Team Wind: Lapras, Xatu, Mew
Team Wave: Poliwrath, Lileep, Psyduck
Team Rock: Charizard, Walrein, Jirachi
Team Sand: Donphan, Croconaw, Treecko
Team Shell: Zubat, Shelgon, Krabby

In order to get off the island... the teams will have to compete against each other in several hard events... The past events are:
- [none]

The current events are:
- You shall each have to vote-off one team from the bunch... the first team to 15 vote-offs will be thrown in the dungeon of no escape...

Team Wind VS Team Wave VS Team Rock VS Team Sand VS Team Shell

-Start Voting-
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Yep, I corrected it
Thanx for noticing
So far the scores are:

;370; Luvdisc:1
;333; Swablu:5
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Nido Trainer
I vote Swablu.

May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
Swablu defnetly luvdisc I hate make that another point for swablu!
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