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Who Looks Better Contest

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Back I guess??
Shell Is Invited To The Dungeon!

And they accept! :D


Welcome to Season Five of this Face-Off. Five sets of three Pokemon have been lost on an island in the middle of a massive ocean; rough waters and all. A Goddess has cursed them to the island and will only allow one set to leave, depending who looks best... The sets, or teams are:
Team Wind: Lapras, Xatu, Mew
Team Wave: Poliwrath, Lileep, Psyduck
Team Rock: Charizard, Walrein, Jirachi
Team Sand: Donphan, Croconaw, Treecko
Team Shell: Zubat, Shelgon, Krabby

In order to get off the island... the teams will have to compete against each other in several hard events... The past events are:
- Team shell went to the dungeon
The current events are:
- You shall each have to vote-off one team from the bunch... the first team to 10 vote-offs will be thrown in the dungeon of no escape...

Team Wind VS Team Wave VS Team Rock VS Team Sand

-Start Voting-

Let´s eliminate more one!​

Baburu Zenigame

very nice high five!
WOW my idea actually was accapted! Yayyay for me^^

umm....I will go with Team Wind, being my second least favourite after Team Shell...


~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Team sand(Im going to kill if team wind is voted off! It has some of my favs in it)


Coal Trainer
I vote for Team Shell.


Back I guess??
Team Wind: 2
Team Wave: 0
Team Rock: 0
Team Sand: 1

Ash_Pikachu, Team Shell had already been eliminated before.


Nido Trainer
I vote for team wave.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Team ROCK ftw.

Baburu Zenigame

very nice high five!
It's daily isn't it?

OK, Team Wind again^^

blaziken's_charizard, are you going to be back? I mean, are you too busy now to do the face-off now or something?

I've thought about this alot and twas very hard... but I have decided to close the thread... It's 1 year+ old... memories... memories... memories...
I had fun and new friendships were formed in all of it. I don't know if I will ever re-open/start over... but I do know that I am very busy with school and other stuff. I already PMed MondoTR requesting that she/he close this thread :(
Not open for further replies.