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Who might the unknown members of Masters 8 be?


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I feel like Cynthia and Steven are shoe-ins.

I bet you at least one other Galar gym leader will get thrown in if it isn't just champions. Probably Piers tbh.

And maybe one of the conference winners, (not John Dickson or that random guy that won the Indigo League).
Guessing Piers or Kabu. Would be fitting and would give some additional Galar representation other than Leon and Raihan considering we're in Gen 8 right now.


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Even though i did say i could see some champions choosing not to participate, i do hope it really is just the champions.

For all the hype about them, we never get to really see them go all out in the anime. Since ash is going after leon anyways, no better time to show off everything all the champions can do as well.


Let's not forget that one of the 8 will be Ash. I can see him replacing Raihan


Shirona most definitely since she's incredibly popular and powerful, then there are bound to be other Champions such as Daigo and Carnet most likely, and Mustard too for good measure. I'd love to see AZ since he never appeared in XY, but maybe that's a pipe dream.
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Don't see why not. In the anime he might of had the number 1 spot in Master Class before Leon came and knocked him down a few spots
Because I assume that he retired from being a champion and would just want to focus on running his dojo and spending time with his family. Also Leon trained and learned under him so there is nothing for him to prove. Just my opinion


They will probably mix important character with some OC they have ideas for. At least in my opinion.

For some reason, I can see a relevant Gen 9 character eventually being a part of it to hype up the next games.


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Hopefully they mix it up. Make an excuse that some Champions or E4 are busy to attend/participate in WC.
Well Satoshi cant fight them all, so naturally ppl are going to be dissapointed, but hope they can balance it a bit'

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I think Wally is very possible as he is the only major character from RSE never to be seen or mentioned in the anime beside Brendan but he was just a rival and didn’t play that much of a role in the games besides being a rival. Wally is memorable and he does have good a team when you battle him on Victory Road. Virgil pretty much is a given now that Sylveon exists and his main theme was getting every Eeveelution there is and it could be that his Eevee evolved or he got another Eevee and evolved it. Alain is practically a given although Mega Charizard might not be a thing to happen in the tournament. Wallace needs more spotlight and at least shown having one battle in the anime to show why he is Hoenn’s alternate Champion. We barely got to see what his skill were in the episodes he was in and he didn’t feel fully fleshed out given he was acting like a special guest Contest Judge and we all know he’s much more than that. I want to see Wallace battling with Milotic and having each attack look like some Contest display while still being effective at causing damage while still looking elegant.


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They will probably mix important character with some OC they have ideas for. At least in my opinion.

For some reason, I can see a relevant Gen 9 character eventually being a part of it to hype up the next games.
I don't expect that unless the Gen 9 saga is an exact copy of Journeys but with Gen 9 content thrown in, and that would just be even more repetitive than the old formula.

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Why not? There is probably no rule saying that you cannot use Mega Evolution (or Z-attacks) during PWC. It is possible that all buffs can be used in fights outside the stadium.
I believe he's referring to the end of XYZ where Alain gave up all of his mega evolution equipment to the police.