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Who misses RSE and Hoenn?!


Spicy Nooblet
For me, it already happened with gen5. Most of it, at least.

Though if there were remakes of RSE, I don't think I would like them. I prefer GBA style games much better than the NDS ones, and two screens seem confusing. Also, I think gen3 has a quality that's good enough and remakes simply aren't needed.

If any, I think the 'special' games should be remade (like Yellow, Crystal etc.). Even if they were exactly the same as the non-remakes, except with better quality.

^^^ This!
I much prefer picking up the older GBA games for a quick playthrough than the newer ones. Mostly because the added extra bits and pieces make it difficult to chill out and breeze through, simpler layout always appealed to me more I guess.
But with that said, I'll still get any new game that they release regardless. :\

Kall El

Of course we miss RSE/Hoenn, everyone on here misses it - ignore anyone who says otherwise.
Hoenn is starting to bring the nostalgia that Johto did, it's been almost 11 years now that feels like forever.
Hope we do see RSE remakes soon! :]


Live out Loud
I'd really love to see a remake of it. :)


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Can anyone help me with a good hoenn team doing a tournament with friends need a good team and i need to know moves and i dont do ev training.
I miss it a lot. If I remember correctly, R/S/E was the first Pokemon games where a villainous team leader summons a Legendary Pokemon. And, since Kyogre is my favorite Legendary Pokemon, I would miss R/S.


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I don't miss Hoenn at all. I didn't like the region that much and I still have Sapphire and Emerald which I can play whenever I want to. Besides that RSE may look old compared to BW but the difference ain't nearly as big as the difference was between GSC and DPPt


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Im playing through emerald at the mo.... I like it but if they brought it back they'd have to cut out all the water HM's. I'd prefer it on DS, I think they could make it a lot smoother graphically, the hideouts could be awesome. and imagine the kyogre/groudon cut scene!

Call Me Frankie

Firered Fan
I've replayed sapphire recently, and I gotta say it's pretty decent except for the massive amount of water and water Pokemon.

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I kinda do, but I kinda don't...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with RSE & Hoenn, it would be cool to play remakes though.


Crobat Master
I miss them. They had so many things to do. I miss Emerald the most though. I still have the game but I lost my extra copies and I don't want to erase my current file.
Catch Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza. Catch the Regi's. Beat Team Magma and Aqua. The new Battle Frontier.
Plus catch a Latias/os. And the elusive Feebas and Mirage Island. Good Times... gooood timesssss...

Definately the most underappreciated region.


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What's to miss? These games are compatible with all of the main series games that were to come, so theres not much to miss. But I'd love to see them remade.


Golden Sun 4?
I miss it soooo much, it was the generation I grew up and started in. Team Aqua and Magma and the legendaries were all epic :)


Pika The Espeon
You all say how you'd love to see the RSE remakes.
..Well, I'd love to see it if all other games (Except Red/Green where this already happened) were remade to gen3 quality. (Yes, including the new ones)

And yeah, I miss RSE.. Hoenn was also the region where I got the most shinies, among other things. And Emerald copy was the first Pokémon game I ever played.

But most of all, I miss the times when RSE were still the newest games, when generation 3 was still THE newest generation. Not only because of Pokémon. Also because of GBA quality.
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I'm stilling playing my pokemon emerald a lot! It's my favorite game. In fact, I just got a milotic yesterday. I'm working on completing my pokedex. I really want a cyndaquil!