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Who Shot Brendan Birch


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Who Shot Brendan Birch?

Who Shot Brendan Birch?

Latest Chapter (updated 6.4.06)

Anyways, this is a mystery as you can prolly tell from the title. This is on a few sites already but their all different versions and this one will prolly be different too. So. . . enjoy!

Also, this story is based on the characters from the Ruby/Sapphire game series (Brendan Birch, Wally, Steven, May).


Chapter I:

The crowds were on the feet, stamping and roaring like an stampede of wild Tauros. Posters were held up high proudly and people were whistling and clapping. The sun already set and the bright stadium lights were turned on, shining on two Pokemon and their two trainers.

Brendan Birch turned his head to his right where people were chanting his name and holding up colorful posters. He blinked twice and smiled his pearly white smile, causing many of his girl fans to blush or faint. He turned back to the battle and observed his opposing trainer carefully. She was maybe around the same age as him and the same height, if not a little bit shorter. Her bandana that covered the top of her head swayed gently in the night time breeze. She too glanced at her side of fans which was to her right also. Even though she was far away, he could see her smile, causing the crowd to go in uproar. He also noticed that most of her half contained most of the opposite gender of her while his side held most of the female population in the Hoenn region. He rolled his eyes and focused back to the battle.

He took in a slight intake of breath, a nervous feeling sprouted in the pit of his stomach. His hands shook because he realized. . . it's over. . . he was going to win!

"Muddy! Finish her off! Iron Tail now!" Brendan shouted over the roar of the crowd.

Muddy, a Swampert with a stupid yet humorous personality, quickly flicked his normally blue and orange tail upwards, causing it to glow with bright, silver light. He then spun around once and whacked his opponent with his hard, steely tail. The Pokemon flew across the battlefield, splitting open a few boulders with her body because of the tremendous power of the Iron Tail attack. The Pokemon's back rammed into the wall and she skid down, tired and fainted.

"Blaziken is unable to battle! Brendan Birch from Littleroot Town is the winner!" the judge announced

The picture of the Blaziken faded off the screen and Brendan's picture took the rest of the screen up.

"Everyone, please take notice because from this day forward, Brendan Birch from Littleroot Town is hereby the new Pokemon Champion of the Hoenn Region!" the announcer cried.

A mixture of boos and pleased screaming rang through Brendan's ears as he returned Muddy and thanked him. He then turned to his side of his audience who were all giving his standing ovations and screaming at the top of their lungs, making Brendan's ear ring with annoyance. He felt his stomach surge with pride and pure bliss, not even noticing that the other half of the audience was booing him and giving him rude gestures. He couldn't help but smile but then it hit him- how was the other trainer feeling? He just squashed someone's dreams in at least a hour! Especially since. . .

Brendan flashed his fans a quick smile before running over to the other trainer. He stopped a few feet away from the trainer who was busy tending to her fallen Blaziken and giving her a few words of gratitude and praise.

The trainer injected a needle into the Blaziken's arm which Brendan saw as a Revive shot.

"You did a great job!" the trainer smiled as she rubbed her Blaziken's arm to soothe the pain. "I'm so proud of you! You couldn't of battle any better or harder." The trainer got out the Blaziken's Pokeball, "Return."

Brendan coughed slightly which caught the trainer's attention. The trainer quickly turned her head and looked up. Seeing who it was, the trainer evaded Brendan's eyes and stared at his shoelaces instead.

"Erm, I'm up here," Brendan laughed a little as he held out his hand.

The trainer looked at his outstretched hand and took it. Brendan used his arm to pull the trainer up.

"Look, I sorr-"

"Why is the Hoenn League Pokemon Champion apologizing to the understudy instead of making some speech about winning and bull like that?" the trainer retaliated sharply, her eyes quickly averted to Brendan's eyes. "Why is the League Champion here to make sure that I'm alright? Or are you here to say, 'I told you I would win,' because I feel bad enough ok?"

"Whoa, calm down," Brendan replied. He bit his lip in a nervous habit before he started talking again. "We've been really good friends right?"

"Right. . ."

"And I hope that friendship never ends because of this. . ."

The trainer sighed and held out her hand, "It won't. I promise. But you want to know something Brendan Birch? I'm proud of you. Your Pokemon, strategies, everything, were great. . . just. . . great."

Brendan looked at the trainer's hand and pulled her into a hug instead. "But do you want to know something too? I'm more proud of you May Maple."


"I. . . I can't believe May. . . lost!" Wally Wood, a green-haired trainer that took fifth in the league, said to May's dad, Norman, in disbelief. "She was assured to win! I BETTED MONEY ON HER!"

"Well you can't win them all Wally," Norman replied, glancing at the trainers that surrounded May, congratulating her for making it into the top three trainers of the Hoenn League. "This goes to show you, gambling is wrong. . ."

"But I betted like. . . two hundred dollars on her!"

"Holy shi-!"

"Norman! There are kids around!" Mrs. Maple clucked her tongue in disapproval.

"Sorry honey. . ."

"But still. . ." Wally cast a dark look towards Brendan, "still. . ."

"Brendan old buddy!" Steven Stone, grandson of the president of the Devon Company and former Pokemon Champion of the Hoenn Region, pushed his was through the crowd of people and patted Brendan on the back. "Good job today! Intense battle! How does it feel to be a Pokemon Master of the Hoenn region?"

Brendan smiled, "Well, its more different than I expected," he said, glancing at the window that showed tons of people holding signs that stated 'Brendan we love you!' and other random sentences like that. "Are you mad at me because I kinda took-"

"My title?" Steven finished the sentence and laughed. He patted Brendan on the shoulder again, "I'm not mad. Maybe a little sad that I'm no longer the newest League champion in Hoenn at first, but if I had to be replaced, I'm glad it was you. Good job once again buddy."

Brendan nodded and took a sip of his soda as Steven walked away.

"Am I mad?" Steven whispered in a harsh voice, "Of course I'm mad! I was one of the most admired Pokemon trainers in the entire damn region and then POOF! Its gone! My title, my glory, my everything!" He clenched on his plastic cup causing it to crack under the pressure. "Out of all the damn people too! The most arrogant and the most idiotic! That little bast-"

"Ugh!" May flopped onto the couch besides Professor Birch, Brendan's dad. "Brendan is getting all the attention! I mean, yah, he is the Pokemon Master but I'm in the top three! THE TOP THREE PROFESSOR! Doesn't that count for anything?"

Professor Birch sweat-dropped and patted May on the shoulder reassuringly, "Time will pass May, and people will stop hassling Brendan. Then you two can finally hit that Kanto region! You two still are going to the Kanto region right?"

May glared daggers at Brendan's back, a frown emerged on her face.


She flattened a cup with her right palm.

"Riiiiiiight. . . I'll take that as a yes then!"

"But Professor Birch. . ." May started to whine, "I mean, I know it sounds prissy, snobby, whatever word it is, but can't I get at least a 'Congratulations' from one person?"

"Erm. . . Congratulations!"

"Ah! Its not the same when you tell someone to say it!" May slapped her forehead and ran her hand down her face. "Just once, I would like to be the center of attention. When Brendan and I fought against Gabby and T.Y. a bijillion and a half times, it was always Brendan they interviewed! And now. . ." she sniffled.

"Now, now, don't cry," Professor Birch stated sympathetically.

"Its my party and I'll cry if I want to. . ." May sniffled again, "Wait. . . its not even my party! IT'S BRENDAN'S!"

The Professor couldn't help but sweat-drop again. "I believe someone is feeling jealous. . ."

"Am not!" May retaliated even though she knew it was rude to argue with an adult. "Why would I be jealous? I got second for crying out loud! There's no reason for me to be jealous! Right?"

"Look at May over there dear," Mrs. Maple pointed to the depressed looking May. "She should be out there with Brendan, talking about their incredible battle today and not sulking with Professor Birch!"

"I know. . ." Norman frowned and looked at Brendan from the corner of his eye. "He made my little girl sad and that Birch boy is going to pay!"

"What was that dear?"

"Nothing honey!"


"So anyways," Brendan was leaning on a tile counter top, one arm resting on it, the other holding his soda as he talked to the group of people that surrounded him, "Kapow! That Gardevoir is fainted ladies and gents! That's how I won against Wally and that's how he got eliminated!"

"Haha, your so funny Bren-dork!" Wally laughed sarcastically. Turns out Wally was standing behind the white-haired trainer. "Laugh of the night: Brendan and Wally's big battle! Latios!" he groaned and slapped his forehead.

Brendan chose to ignore him as he swirled his cup of soda as if it were a drink. "Hey Wallace," the white-haired champion said, trying to get the green-haired trainer angry, "since your back there," he shoved his half full cup of coke towards Wally, "can you refill that? I'm running kind of low. . ."

"Oh sure Brendan!" Wally said brightly, sarcasm clearly dripping off his tongue. "I'd do anything for the Pokemon Champion! Refill his cup, clean his room, wash his boxers with my tongue. . ." Wally walked towards the sodas and poured some coke into Brendan's cup, "shove a Pokeball up his bloody arse. . ." Wally looked up and saw different types of wine and drinks on glass shelves. Taking several, he poured some in different sized proportions, murmuring about other things he would do to Brendan, "Get him drunk, poison him, kill him with my bare hands. . ."

Norman opened the door and ran back over to his house.

"Honey! Where are you going!" Mrs. Maple cried out from the open window.

"Back home! I need to check something!" Norman yelled over his shoulder.

A few minutes later, a tired-looking Petalburg gym leader unlocked his house and walked inside. Looking back over his shoulder, he took out another key and went into his wife's and his bedroom. Holding the key in his right hand, he bent down and pulled out a small safe from under his bed. Not even bothering to remember the combination, he inserted the key into the hole and turned it. The safe opened with a heavy thud as the door hit the side of the bed. Reaching in, Norman felt something small but cold and steely. Pulling it out, he smirked. The object was none other than his trusty little old gun. . .

Back at the party, May was chatting up a storm with a trainer that took sixth in the league.

"I'm serious!" May complained. "That Birch can be so. . . ugh! Infuriating! He can be so arrogant too! Did you hear what he was talking about a few minutes ago? About him kicking Wally's butt in the pre-elimination round? He didn't have to make it sound like it was the best battle in the world either! Sometimes. . . I just want to take out a gun and shoot him in the head!"

"You don't mean that. . ." the trainer said with remorse. "He's your boyfriend for Latias's sake!"

"Still. . . a girl can sometimes hate right?"

"Whatever you say May. . . whatever you say. . ."


"Well thanks for coming!" Brendan smiled cheerfully as the last of his guests left. It was four o' clock in the morning and after a day of beating his girlfriend in a Pokemon battle, being announced as League Champion, and having a party full of people in his house sure could make you tired. . .

"Great party B boy," May was the last to leave Brendan's house. She kissed Brendan's lips lightly before heading outside, "See you tomorrow I hope? I mean, I know there's a fan out there hiding in your azaleas. . ."

Brendan laughed as he slid his hands down to May's waist, "I hope not. I don't need a stalker."

"Because you have me right?" May asked.

"Right," Brendan laughed again and reluctantly let go of May, "See you tomorrow then!"

"You mean later. . ."

"Well you said tomorrow too!"

"But I didn't mean it!"

"Whatever Yam! Love ya babe!"

"Love ya too!" May said cheerfully as she closed the door behind her. "But not today anyways. . ." she muttered under her breath as she walked slowly towards her house. "And did he drink or something? His breath smells really bad. . . but he didn't seem drunk so. . . whatever." May shrugged and walked over to her house.

Meanwhile, Brendan leaned against the door and sighed happily. Could his life get anymore perfect?

"Nope, it can't," Brendan answered for himself. Smirking, he pushed himself off the door and up the staircase. When his foot touched the first step, the phone began to ring. "Who calls at four in the morning?" Brendan asked himself as he walked over to the kitchen and picked up the phone, "Hello?"

The other person didn't have their Viv-screen on so Brendan couldn't see who it was.

"Are you alone?" the voice asked in a deep yet muffled voice.

"Err. . ."

"Yes or no!"

"My parents are asleep upstairs so. . ."

"No then! Next question! Are you Brendan Birch from Littleroot?"

"Is this a fan because I'm in no mood-"


"Who are you, you little-"



"Now answer me this then. Are you afraid of death?"

"Isn't everybody?"

"Then I suggest you duck," the voice advised as it hung up the phone.

"What the heck was that about?" Brendan hung up the phone and turned around. A dark figure stood looming from outside the window. Brendan squinted his eyes as if it were to help clear his vision. "Uh, yeah. . . you can go home because. . . I don't sign autographs this early in the morning. . ."

The figure stood there and Brendan felt shivers go up his spine. The form shifted a bit and Brendan saw it pull out something. Brendan used the moonlight high above the shadows head and he froze when he realized what the thing pulled out. A gun.

The gun glinted in the pale moonlight as the figure raised it. A thousand thoughts entered Brendan's head a mile per minute. His mom, his dad, May, his friends, Wally, Steven, May, the Pokemon battles he went through, the final battle, May, when he was a Magma agent, and lastly May. . .

Its funny how five seconds can cause so much unbearable pain inside and out. . .


I was going to kill Brendan but in the middle of it when Brendan was going to get shot I was like, "NOOOO! I can't kill my favorite character. . ." so I didn't lol. He's just hurt. . . and besides, he can help give off clues too. . .

Anyways, I must go, hope ya like the beginning!

LaTeR dAyZ!
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That is pretty impressive. I loved how you gave May the jelious feelings when she says Brendan is getting all the attention. I really like emotion and you did good with it. The ending is also mysterious and leaves you wonder what else could possibly happen. Description and length were good and I enjoyed it. Can't wait for more!


That story was good! Was it May who shot him? Cos' when you said about all the thoughts going through Brendan's head, you mentioned May 4 times.

I look forward to seeing the rest of this story! Good work!

Edit- It's a little obvious it's either May or Norman. For 1 thing, Norman is the only one with a gun, 2, May said that "there was a fan out in the azeleas" and, saying that, she probably checked it out as she went home, noticing it had a gun, then phoning Brendan on behalf of the person in the azeleas, probably her dad. then May said "She felt like shooting him in the head. Next, May was the one that was involved in the battle, giving her more reason to kill. (althought Wally was too, but still, she was most humiliated) Finally, Norman made a threat, and May said "See you tomorrow, I hope" which almost gave the plot away. Although, I could be wrong. With these sorts of stories they could go any way.
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Trancel and Mo

What about Wally? He did say he wanted to "poison him, kill him with bare hands, etc."

Great fic, though!

Read Impossible Impostor! Rayquaza in hiding!

;122; Is there such thing as a female Mr.Mime? ;122;


I liked it, good description, good plot, and good length... Also it had an excellent flow... I liked the way you wrote it, very good job. Keep up the good work!

Good ay!


Treecko 93

Man, this story is GREAT! Everything is fine; length, description, flow, plot...Although you said there were other versions of this? Well, if this is your version, it rocks!

Can't wait for a new chapter!


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Aighty, well, welcome back to my story lol. Thanks for responding to it. And. . . well. . . yeah. Enjoy as always!

Oh yeah, by versions I meant, I have different version of this story on other sites for some odd reason. But there all by me and. . . um. . . yeah lol.


Chapter II:

"Brendan Birch, Pokemon Master and one of the best to follow after the famous Red's footsteps, was shot earlier this morning after a celebration party. More details to come-"

"Brendan Birch, at the young age of fourteen, almost fifteen years-old was shot last night at 4:18 a.m. earlier this morning. Investigators say that-"

"The Pokemaster's Brunch today was cancelled due to the attack on new Hoenn Pokemon Master, Brendan Birch. Condolences to him and his loved ones out there-"

"The question on everyone's mind today is: Who shot Brendan Birch? While this question remains-"

"Detectives are still not sure who and why someone would attack young Birch at four in the A.M. If you have any information, please contact our hotline at (745) 9-"

"Brendan Birch is currently being hospitalized at the Chansey Hospital on Rustbaro. We are getting thousands of e-mail's from Brendan's fans who are trying to console their grief. Take this one for example. 'It saddens me that after one day of being master, people are already out to get him-' "

"Young Birch who just won the Hoenn Pokemon League was shot in the left arm by 'a dark, looming shadow,' May Maple, understudy of the Hoenn League this year and girlfriend of Brendan Birch stated. It was she that flew young Birch to the hospital on her Swellow earlier this morning. Doctors say that if Brendan hadn't ducked in time-"

"TURN IF OFF WALLY!" May cried in agony as she wiped her swollen red eyes with a tissue.

"What? Why?" Wally exclaimed, turning off the T.V. with the remote. "There just news reports!"

"But they keep repeating the goddamn awful news!" May wailed.

Wally threw the remote over his shoulder, making it hit a wall, causing the nurse secretary at the desk to shush them. He collapsed in an armchair and watched May blow her nose, being comforted by her mother.

"He's not dead May," he pointed out, "but you sure are making it seem like it."

"How the hell are you being so calm?" she blurted out. "He was your friend right?"

Wally didn't answer but instead stood up. "Your going to have to see him sometime," he stated quietly as he walked over to May. He held out his hand, "You are his girlfriend after all and you should be acting like one. Now who are you?"

May stood up slowly, "May Maple. . ."

"No! Who are you? Say it like you mean it!"

"I'm May Maple from Littleroot Town and my boyfriend is Brendan Birch who is suffering from a. . . a. . . gun. . . g-gun. . . sh-shot. . . WOUND!" she buckled back down to the couch and curled up into a little ball, sobbing.

Wally shook his head, "May. . . silly little girl. . . I feel like Winnie the Pooh. . . scary. . ."

"Give May some time Wally dear," Mrs. Maple said kindly. "She is feeling well. . . down that her boyfriend got severely wounded at the shoulder blade. She'll see him in time."

"When?" Wally asked stubbornly as he paced the rough carpeted floor. "He keeps asking to see her whether delirious from the medication or not."

"Tell Brendan that May isn't feeling up to it right now dear."

Norman rushed into the hospital, a flushed look on his pale face. "Tried to get here as fast as I could," he panted. "Heard the awful news from an old Viv-message from Professor Birch. Drove as fast as I could over here without running anyone over. . ." he patted the weeping May's head softly as if to soothe her before turning to Wally. "Where is he?" he asked sharply.

Wally, taken aback by Norman's sudden directness, pointed down a dark hallway, "The South Hall, Room 26."

Norman nodded as a way of thanks and walked swiftly down the dark hallway.

"Well that was. . . odd," Wally admitted.

"Oh, don't mind my husband," Mrs. Maple smiled. "He's just tense that a boy he considers one of his sons was shot."

Wally turned his back to Mrs. Maple and frowned. 'Is that why he's tense?' Wally thought to himself, 'Or is it because he was the one that pulled the trigger?'

Flashback. . .

Wally slammed Brendan's cup of soda into his chest, causing some of the liquid to slosh and splash all over Brendan's red, black and yellow shoes. Some girls gasped and one of them punched Wally in the back. He turned around quickly and glared coldly at the attacker.

"Leave us alone you. . . you loser!" she cried, punching Wally's shoulder again.

"Just go away Wood, you little fifth placer in the competition," Brendan said arrogantly, causing some of his groupies to laugh.

Wally, who had learned to stick up for himself finally, just shook his head and smirked. Turning around to Brendan's posse, he laughed mockingly, "You're a bunch of little wanna-be's you know that? Laughing at jokes that aren't even funny. . ." He turned his attention back to Brendan, "I would watch your attitude Birch because you never know when its coming back to bite you back. . . or shoot you in the head!" He marched off angrily, ignoring the laughter behind him. Sitting down in a red plushy arm chair, he sighed, hoping that this stupid party would be over. Why did the top ten have to come to a party when it was only celebrated for Brendan anyways?

Playing with an empty Pokeball by spinning it on his pointer finger, he observed the room with careful eyes. May was whining to Professor Birch, Steven Stone, former Hoenn League Master, was busy clenching his cup, his left eye twitching, Brendan, of course, was gloating, probably talking about his battle against May, and Norman. . . where was Norman?

"Oh, there he is!" Wally told himself out loud as he saw Norman enter the room quietly if not suspiciously. Wally eyed Norman carefully as he walked over to Brawly and Flannery, two other gym leaders in the Hoenn Region. He watched Norman very delicately touch the top of his left leg, right below the hip. A intense, silver glare shone from underneath the thin sweater Norman wore over his regular clothes and Wally, if he squinted his eyes just enough, could see a chrome gun glinting in the lamp's light. . .

End Flashback. . .

Wally shuddered slightly. 'Impossible!' he scoffed in his mind. 'Why would Norman want to kill Brendan? He has no reason too!' He looked over his shoulder and glanced at May who was crying on her mother's shoulder, 'Does he?'


"Dad, I'm fine!" Brendan groaned as he jumped off the hospital bed, his left arm bandaged heavily and carried in a dark-blue sling. "They got the bullet out of my arm and-"

"How can you be so brave?" Mrs. Birch carefully hugged her son and gave him a tight squeeze. She cried into his right shoulder, "You were almost. . . you were almost," she bawled, collapsing onto the bed.

"Its okay honey," Professor Birch rubbed his wife's back to soothe her. "Brendan is a brave boy. . ."

"Thanks dad," Brendan replied. "Now, I must go-"

"Wait a minute!" Professor Birch stated. "Just because I said you were brave, doesn't mean that you can go out. I want the doctor's evaluation before you are allowed to leave this room."

"Dad! You make me sound like. . . like a car or something!" Brendan complained.

"Vroom, vroom!" Wally joked as he entered the room.

"And besides, I want to see May!" the white-haired trainer complained. "She hasn't come to visit me yet and its already two in the afternoon. Did she even come when I was sleeping?"

"She's still out there. . ." Norman answered. "She hasn't left the lobby couch all morning and afternoon I've heard. She's just. . . shocked and scared I suppose."

Brendan ran his right hand through his snowy-white hair and sighed. "Where's my bandana?" he asked, noticing the emptiness around his head. "I won the League with that bandana. . ."

Before anyone could answer, the door flung open, almost hitting Norman in the back. There stood Steven in all his glory, his face shining with sweat, his clothes hastily thrown on considering the buttons on his shirt were in the wrong holes. He was calm despite the tension in the air.

"Brendan!" he gasped as he caught his breath. "Sorry I wasn't here earlier, I was at the Pokemaster's Brunch and I got over here as soon as I could. Are you alright?" he asked worriedly.

Brendan laughed, "I'm fine Steven, no need to get all worried over me!"

The wooden door flung open again, this time whamming into Norman's back with a loud thud.

"BRENDAN!" May cried in alarm as she dashed over to Brendan and jumped onto him, causing the two to topple onto the hospital bed.

Brendan's breath was caught in his throat as he felt May's hand push down his left shoulder blade. So much pain and torture; you could see tears forming in his ruby-red eyes but he didn't cry out.

"Good to see you too, Yam," he managed to gasp out.

"Brendan Birch! Don't ever scare me like that again! I've been worried sick and I was afraid to visit you!" May exclaimed as her head fell on Brendan's chest, her chestnut-colored hair tickling Brendan's face. "Latios Bread Head, you got me so freaked out when I found you earlier this morning! And all the channels on T.V were talking about how much pain you suffered, and. . . and. . ."

"Shh, calm down May," Brendan tried looking down at his girlfriend as he rubbed her back gently with his right hand. "Its alright. . I'm fine," he said softly. "Everything is going to be alright."

The room was silent if you ignored the muffled sobbing coming from May.

The door creaked open slowly and Norman flinched, hoping that the door wouldn't hit him again. The doctor that was tending towards Brendan swiftly enter the room, his white doctor's coat floating behind him gently.

"I hate to do this but I have to kick everyone out except for the parents," the doctor apologized. "I'm sorry."

"Quite alright doctor," Mrs. Maple said warmly. "May dear," she rubbed May's back, "May?"

"Sworry mwom," May sniffled as she got off Brendan's chest. She smiled wearily, "I don't think I've ever cried this much before in my life."

"Should I feel honored?" Brendan asked, smirking, ignoring the two salty wet spots on his faded green pajamas the doctor made him wear.

"You better," May laughed. "I got two red and puffy eyes because of you!" She turned around and smiled at Brendan, "I'll be waiting for you Birch. . ." she giggled again before closing the door behind her.

"Ok, let's see," the doctor took off the sling and unwrapped Brendan's bandaged shoulder carefully. He examined the gunshot wound with his gloved hands and frowned slightly. "Well, its not as bad as it could of been. I already told you what happened so we'll leave it there for now." He got out some clean and unused white bandage from a desk drawer in the room and wrapped it around Brendan's shoulder gently. "If your feeling pain, please let me know. And be careful even if there is a plaster cast around your arm. Even the tiniest push can cause a lifetime of pain," he chuckled. "Saw that May girl push you over through the door window. That must of hurt. . ." he chortled.

"Love hurts," Brendan said simply.

"Anyways," the doctor said, "you are able to come and go as you please from now on and congratulations on becoming Pokemon Master!"

"Thank you," Brendan replied before the doctor exited the room. "So. . . can I go now?"


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'TAKE US IN?' " May heard Wally's voice from down the hallway. She rushed down the dark hallway and was greeted by bright light.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"They think one of us tried to kill Brendan this morning!" he said through clenched teeth, gesticulating towards four large men in brown overcoats and wearing dark shades over their eyes. One of them had his arm out raised, a shiny badge from the Hoenn Pokemon Police and detective agency kept in a black leather wallet clutched in his hand.

"I'm afraid you have to come with us too Miss Maple," the detective said kindly.

"May wouldn't hurt a hair on her boyfriend's head!" Norman retorted angrily. "Right May?"

". . . Right. . ." May said unsurely.

"I don't see why were are being taken in!" Steven exclaimed. "We're family and close friends of Brendan, why would we shoot him for Rayquaza's sake!"

"At the time of 4:18 A.M., about ten minutes after the celebration party for the Top Ten finalists in the Hoenn Pokemon League, a suspicious, shadowy character came at the Birch's living room window as Mr. Birch says. He says that it had to be someone from the party for to shoot him down so fast or someone that lives nearby."

"And what does that have to do with us?" Wally retaliated furiously. "Anyone could of shot Brendan Birch for all you know. . ."

"But all of you were the last to leave the party," the detective stated modestly. "While you are right that anyone could of shot Mr. Birch down, Mr. Wood, you four are the most suspicious suspects we've got. And if you are so sure that you didn't shoot him down, why are you making such a commotion about being brought downtown for questioning?"

"I'm not making a. . . commotion!" Wally yelled. "I'll go down for questioning!"

"Fine, we'll all go and prove that none of us shot Brendan Birch!" Norman answered for all of them, "and I mean all of us."

"Very good then," a detective smirked. "Follow us. . ."


::shrugs:: I have no frickin idea what doctors do when someone gets shot in the shoulder so I'm just guessing here lol. Please tell me if ya know!

Now I'm rethinking. . . maybe I should of killed Brendan. . But he does tell some clues . . . speaking of which, I threw in a few clues in this chapter. Did ya get them?

LaTeR dAyZ!
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*jumps around excitedly*That's such a good story!!!Please hurry with the 3rd chapter!!!!Good description,good emotions,good spelling,punctuation,grammar,perfect!Its nearly flawless!!Please keep up the good work!


Ooohh! Cool! This story is different. Not just in the story but in dialouge to.
(latios bread head?) But seriously I want to see how this turns out.

-An eccentric and confused fanfic reader
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Okay, so let me list the clues here:

Now Norman, May and Wally have made a threat, which suspiciously all three contain "shooting"

Steven was having a fit at the party, so i guess he counts as a "potential murderer"

Lol, it could even be Mrs. Maple, cos' she had to put up with May's pain of loss and Norman constantly threatening...

Okay, now I'll take a look at their reasons:

May lost to Brendan, losing the title of Pokemon Master.
Steven had to 'bow down' to Brendan because Steven was the old Pokemon Master, and Brendan took his place.
Norman couldn't deal with May's pain of loss (pretty dedicated father...), and he was also the one with the gun at the party.
Wally lost in the fifth round, and was also being jerked around by Brendan at the party. Wally was also constantly making threats, and poured alchohol into Brendans drink.

Well, I guess it could be anyone now... Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!


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Hallo and welcome (again if you've been here before)! Here's chapter 3! You guys made some pretty good guesses... but don't worry, more suspects are coming ::laughs evilly::. Nah, just kidding. 'Cept about the more suspects part...


Chapter III:

The shady detective clenched roughly on May's wrist, causing his short yet sharp nails to dig into her skin and a slight growl to come out from Norman. The other three detectives pushed the others into the police department where they were greeted by an officer.

"I see you got the suspects," an officer known as Jacob stated. "Good job boys, I'll take it from here. I'm going to need your help though Detective Tony," he motioned towards the detective in the overgrown brown trench coat clinging on to May's wrist, "for after all, as you state, you are good at getting things out of people. . ."

"Where's Officer Jenny?" Wally questioned.

"Silence! All things can be used against you in court!" Officer Jacob barked loudly. "Heh, I always wanted to say that. Anyways, Officer Jenny deals with Pokemon or Pokemon-related crimes. I deal with the people crimes and such. Now follow me."

"Follow you where exactly?" Wally retorted angrily. "I'm not just gonna be taken in by some stranger!"

"Wally, calm down, please," Norman implored, his fists clenched tightly at his sides. "You don't want to anger them. . ."

" 'Them' Mr. Maple?" Detective Tony asked. "As in me? Oh trust me, even if you don't anger me, you'll be in for it that I can assure you."

Norman bit his tongue to steady himself from letting out a stream of cusses and curses.

"Shall we?" Officer Jacob said in a kinder voice then the detective as he pushed open the foggy clear doors. "We don't want the news reporters and the paparazzi bugging all of us like those two annoying reporters that interview trainers. Gabby and T.Y is it?" he nodded. "Yes, I believe it is. . . Anyways, let's go."

"How long do you think this will take?" May inquired, squirming her wrist out of Detective Tony's hand. "I want to visit Brendan Birch today again. I don't want him to make him worry about me," she rubbed her red wrist, "and I wanna check if he's alright."

"As soon as you are clear of all charges, Miss Maple, you are then allowed free to go," Detective Tony explained hastily, his eyes observing the busy streets. "Dammit, they found out already."

"Who? The news reporters?" Steven interrogated. Sure enough, as the silver-haired former Hoenn League Champion uttered those words, news reporter vans were speeding down the street in a straight line.

"Come on then," Officer Jacob pushed the four inside. "Follow me." He led the four trainers, gym leader, and League Champion down a well-lit hallway before taking out a key and unlocking the door. Pushing it open, he motioned them to go inside.

"This reminds me of those old detective movies. . ." Wally muttered to May as they entered the gloomy room.

Sure enough, the room did look like a classic old detective movie. A fan hanging from the ceiling went in circles slowly, one small and lone desk was pushed to the left side of the room, a few scattered papers littered on it. The room gave off that dusty and old scent in the air, making the room seem brownish-looking and antique. The only light in the room was the open door and the window where a pair of wooden blinds were partially opened. A light bulb swung from the fan but with all the dust on it, it looked like it could barely light up two feet in diameter.

"Well, have a seat," Officer Jacob gesticulated towards some wooden chairs and an old couch. "Sorry about the room, only one open you know."

Detective Tony closed the door behind him, giving a swift look towards the suspects. "Anyways," he started, "this morning at the time of 4:18 A.M. at the house of the Birch Family, Mr. Birch was shot in the left shoulder at least ten or fifteen minutes after the celebration party for him."

"It was for the entire Top Ten!" Wally yelled from his seat on the uncomfortable wooden chair. "Not just Brendan Birch you know!"

Detective Tony chose to ignore Wally's statement, "You four are the most likely suspects but if needed we can call in the other suspects."

"And may I question who are these other suspects?" May asked in a somewhat polite voice.

"Well, for starters Maxie, leader of Team Magma would be one considering Brendan Birch was a spying on them for the Police Force," Detective Tony started.

"And he was other things for them too. . ." Wally muttered.

"But considering we cannot find Maxie right now, we cannot actually question him," Detective Tony finished. "The next would probably the seven other gym leaders in the Hoenn Region for they, after all, were defeated by Brendan in battle. Third could be Professor Birch but we doubt it. The Professor was in bed when Brendan got shot. . . but then again, he could of stalled Brendan and then his partner could of shot him. Though, I do no see why the Professor would want to shoot his own son. Lastly, it could be Mr. Birch himself. Maybe he wanted even MORE attention. . ."

"Why would Brendan shoot himself though?" May pondered out loud. "Even I know he's not that stupid."

"You never know," Wally joked.

"Mr. Maple," Detective Tony took a seat from behind the small wooden table. "Where were you early this morning?"

"At my home, sleeping like a normal person," Norman said with a sharp tongue.

"Well that's interesting. . ." Detective Tony pondered, "for records show that you own a gun. . . for protection. . . do you use your gun for other reasons too?"

"No," the gym leader retaliated quickly. "I have no other reason to use my gun. If your assuming that I shot Brendan Birch, you are dead-wrong because Brendan is like a son to me! Trying to murder him is like murdering myself."

Detective Tony paced the floor in front of where Norman sat, his hand raised to his chin. He rubbed it as if it made him think. The detective then stopped and glanced at Norman, trying to read his face. Annoyed, angry, stubborn, but with a hint of fear was sketched on the gym leader's face. He sighed and walked over to the grimy window.

"Mr. Maple," he began, sighing, "how can we believe your telling the truth? You are the only one with a gun that lived a close distance from young Birch's house."

"Detective, I haven't had no need to take out my gun like I said before," Norman said tiredly, "in fact, I haven't taken out that damn gun for over five years! There are plenty of residents in the quiet town of Littleroot! Why aren't they here?"

"Because you're the only one with a gun in Littleroot!" Detective Tony snapped. "How many times must I tell you?"

"But like I said before, I haven't taken out that gun for years!"

"Except last night am I right?" Wally muttered quietly.

"What was that Mr. Wood?" Detective Tony turned towards Wally.

Wally sighed and looked up and the chipped plaster walls. "I remember last night at the party," he started, "that Norman had a gun hitched on his hip when talking to two other gym leaders, Brawly and Flannery," he leant back in the straight-backed, uncomfortable chairs, almost falling off. "Yeah, when Brendan was making fun of me, I told him off then went to sit. That's when I noticed that Norman was gone. When he came back, he went to the other two gym leaders with something shiny shimmering underneath his sweater."

Norman tried to hold back his snort, causing it to sound like an abrupt sniffle. He shook his head and laughed slightly, causing the others to look up at him with fearful or confused glances.

"That wasn't a gun!" he protested, smirking a bit. "I mean not a real gun!" he shifted up his sweater and pulled up a silver, chrome gun, causing the others to gasp and Officer Jacob to cast his left hand over his gun holder. Norman pulled the trigger and a flag marked with the word "BANG!" in red writing shot out, causing some people to jump up in surprise. "See?" he said, laughing as he shoved the flag back into the gun. "Its not real, it was suppose to be a gag! All Pokemasters had to go through some stupid joke like this I remember! Red, Gold and a few others went through a trick and now Ruby also known as Brendan! Isn't that right Steven?" he asked as he tossed the fake gun onto the wooden table.

Steven reluctantly nodded, "Its true. All Pokemasters had an idiotic prank pulled on them. . ."

"But then how come you didn't play your joke on Brendan, dad?" May asked.

"Slipped my mind," Norman said with a shrug. "It happens with old age I suppose."

Detective Tony rubbed his clean-shaved chin and walked over to the window, pulling the blinders to a close. He frowned, his cold silver steel eyes glaring at each individual suspect in the room. "Well. . ." he said slowly, "well. . ."

"Well what?" Norman asled, a hint of laughter in his voice. "I thought detectives were good with putting the pieces together."

The detective glared daggers at the gym leader before stomping off to the desk and sitting down in the black leather chair. Rubbing his fingers over his temples, he sighed quietly, "For now Norman Maple, I'll believe you. One of the rules under the gym leader's oath is to be honest. Hopefully your not breaking the rules. . ."

"I have morals detective and being honest is one of them," Norman retaliated coldly.

Detective Tony pushed himself up from his chair, "And what about you Wally Wood? Where were you early this morning?" he calmly strode over to the young green haired trainer and looked him straight in the eye. "You have been known for having a 'grudge' against Mr. Birch. Surely you aren't that jealous of him now are you?"

Wally avoided the annoying detective's question and got up from the wooden seat. He walked over to the dusty, red wood table and sat on it instead if trying to get far away from the detective. A few minutes later of uncomfortable squirming from Wally, (considering he was under the glare of the understudy of the Pokemon League, the former League Master, a powerful gym leader, a police officer with a gun hooked at his hip and a shady detective) he jumped up unexpectedly and reached his right hand behind to the back part of his hip. A click was heard and Wally raised a gun.

"Move and I'll blast your head off!" he said cooly, "and this time, I'll have better aim now that it's daytime. . ."


Don't worry, not the end lol.

LaTeR dAyZ!
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sherlock holmes would solve this in about 3 seconds. unfortunately he doesnt exist. but, according to my observation, wally did not do it, as he wonders wether norman is stressed because brendan was shot or wether norman pulled the trigger. i will leave may in the list as she was crying. two reasons: her boyfriend was shot, or she was shocked that she herself pulled the trigger. Steven has motive, but he is still famous. May's mom has absolutely no motive. so drawing up a conclusion of my observations so far,

Main Suspect: Norman
Other suspects: May and Steven
Eliminated suspects: wally and May's mom
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Once again another excellent chapter from the great writer,Breezy!The suspense,the description,and the wonderful use of every word in this story,only a truly great writer could have done so!I've read alot of great fan fics,and yours is one of the best I've read so far!

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Sweet Breezy. I remember that part Wally. LOL So funny. Of course once we get to the further parts of the story..... heheheheh...

Oh I can't wait till you post Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure. I love the funny personality of Muddy. and of course Flare and the others. The people here are going to wet their pants when they see the Norman battle.

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I love Roxas! ^_^
I already read and reviwed it on FF.net and you haven't posted all the chapters on this one... I rated your story excelent here! Dunno why nobody else is rating it though... To bad you can't rate on FF.net!


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Aloha! Welcome again I guess haha. Enjoy chapter 4! ^_^


Chapter IV:

Wally's fingers ran along the edge of the smooth redwood table, picking up some dust with it. His right hand gripped the gun tightly, his pointer finger drawing nearer and nearer to the trigger. A smile tugged at the edge of his lips, causing the others to think he was going insane.

"What wonders you can do when you have the power!" he remarked, his eyes flashing dangerously in the dim light. "What should I do? Send you all to a lifetime of hell sounds good. . ." The green-haired trainer smirked and pulled the trigger with his finger. A second felt like a lifetime as a ear splitting BANG was heard, causing everyone to wince and close their eyes tightly. It echoed throughout the room, sending shivers up and down everyone's spines.

"Now who did I hit?" Wally laughed mockingly. "Who is my second victim. . .?"

May gasped, horrified, "Wally. . . how. . . h-how. . . HOW COULD YOU!" she clenched her fists together and sprang up from her seat, angry no doubt. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS! How could you shoot that gun and . . . and . . . a-and . . . splatter ink all over my favorite shirt?!" She pointed towards the rather large black ink blob on her shirt, "I'm going to kill you!"

"AH! She's crazy!" Wally yelled as he ducked when May swung a punch at him. He climbed over the table, causing sheets to scatter to the floor. "MAKE HER STOP CHASING ME!" he cried as May followed, hot on his heels.

"Can't say you didn't deserve it," Steven sweat-dropped, watching the two trainers run around the room. "Honestly, pulling a prank like that in the middle of something serious!"


Wally collapsed to the ground in a heap, swirls in his eyes. "Wow. . . she can punch. . . hard. . . How did Brendan live when they were traveling together?" Wally took in a sharp intake of breath as May stepped on his stomach, "Ow. . ."

May huffed and kicked him hard at the stomach before stomping off to her seat, sitting down, and trying to wipe off the ink on her clothes. "You deserve all the pain you get today, Wood!"

Detective Tony rolled his eyes as the adolescence behavior before clearing his throat to get everyone's attention. "Thank you for quieting down. . . now as I was saying before Mr. Wood pulled the childish prank on us," he looked down and glared coldly at Wally who only smiled innocently and sweat-dropped, "where were you this morning Mr. Wood?"

Wally put his hands behind his head and looked straight up towards the detective. "Somewhere over the rainbow where dreams come true and happy thought love entering my head," the boy stated in a child-like manner.

"Seriously!" the detective barked. "The truth PLEASE!"

"You want the truth?" Wally sat up and stared at the door. "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Ok, well maybe you can. . . I'll admit, Brendan and I aren't the closest of friends. Sure, we helped each other out of sticky problems when we were around each other and one of us needed help but still, we're rivals! We disliked each other with a passion ever since day one! But I would never shoot him! He's. . . ugh! I just wouldn't alright?"

"Oh, very convincing," Detective Tony rolled his eyes. "Really. . ."

"I'm serious for once!" Wally protested, rolling on his stomach and pounding his fists into the concrete floor. "I would never shoot Brendan Birch! I never even thought about hurting him! I don't even have a gun! Hell, I don't even know anyone with a gun besides Norman. . . and he would never let me use it. . ."

"That's right," Norman nodded in agreement.

"You know Wally," Steven stood up and strode over to the window; he trailed a finger down the dusty window sill, "I heard you last night when you were pouring a drink that you wanted to poison Brendan. . . you know, shoving a Pokeball up his arse, killing him, you know, crap like that," he wiped off the dirt and grime off onto his pants. "You lied about not thinking of killing him, maybe your lying by actually trying to kill him also. . ."

"Poisoning him?" May exclaimed.

Steven nodded, "Yeah, and I believe I saw Wood pouring something into Brendan's drink and it wasn't soda. . ."

"So. . . so that's why Brendan's breath smelled like alcohol." May gasped and pointed at Wally, "You tried to get him drunk didn't you? Everyone knows that when your drunk, you don't feel much!"

"Exactly!" Steven agreed. "You tried to get Brendan drunk so he wouldn't feel a thing when you tried to kill him didn't you?" The former Pokemon Champion smirked in triumph, "You're trying to rid the world of Brendan Birch because you were JEALOUS!"

"Like you should talk idiot!" Wally retorted angrily, jumping back onto his feet. "You're the jealous Pokemon Master!"

"Jealous?!" Steven scoffed. "Why would I of all people be jealous?"

"Make yourself sound important if it makes you feel better," Wally replied sarcastically, "for all we need is another arrogant Pokemon Master appearing on late night talk shows and complaining that the diamond buckles on their shoes are too tight and one of their millions of fans weren't in the stands last night, watching you during the most important speech of the century about why grass grows!" He rolled his eyes, "For Latios's sakes Steven Stone, you were shaking with jealousy enough to score a ten on the Richter Scale! You clenched your cup so hard out of your anger that we can't recycle your plastic cup and now a family won't have their plastic pine tree for Christmas. . . ruin the holiday sprit while your at it huh?"

"Why I oughta. . ." Steven growled. "Are you going to believe this boy? I mean look at him! He has green hair and he's like what? Five years-old-"

"Correction!" Wally interrupted. "I'm fourteen going on fifteen soon! But I can be five at heart. . ."

"- And he's. . . arrogant!"

"Wow, word of the day huh?" Wally smirked. "You get one of those word-of-the-day-calendars for your birthday? Pity, I got you that too. . ."

May shuffled her feet on the floor and frowned. "I just remember something. . . when you were congratulating Brendan on his win and left, you were muttering something about being fu-"

"MAY!" Norman scolded.

"What? Just repeating what he said!" May smiled innocently. "Where was I? Oh yeah, Steven was muttering about being f-ing mad 'cause he lost his title to an arrogant and idiotic loser."

"And speaking of which, I need to ask, where were you coming from when you visited Brendan in the hospital?" Wally asked curiously.

"From the Pokemaster's Brunch like I said this afternoon," Steven retaliated through clenched teeth.

"That's what I thought. . ." Wally stated as he sat back onto the desk.

Detective Tony frowned, "Do you have to sit on my des-"

"You know," Wally interrupted, "when I was channel surfing in the hospital, they said that the Pokemaster's Brunch was cancelled because of Brendan and his injury. . . now, you said you were at that. What now? Are you so important that you got your own special little brunch?"

"Well, I. . . uh. . . um. . . er," Steven stuttered. "You see-"

"Arrest him Officer Jacob!" Wally cried in triumphant, smiling smugly. "He's the attempted killer!"


Hmm. . . well. . . yeah lol. Sorry chapter is kinda shorter than usual.

LaTeR dAyZ!

Edit: Got rid of the language. ^_^;; Or tried to anyways. And added a clue or two but I'm not telling. ^^
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hmmm... i dont think steven is the shooter... and im putting wally back in. maxie is out... archie? i dont know...

Top Suspect: wally or norman
other suspects: may
eliminated: steven and maxie

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Wow! I like how you made me think that Wally shot May...This such a suspensful fic! Keep writing new chapters!

Hmmm...I think Norman is the shooter!
Hmmm...I think May is innocent and awesome for kicking Wally's butt!
Hmmm...I think Steven is innocent!
Hmmm...I think Wally is insane! But innocent (runner-up shooter).