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Who thinks that training pokemon to level 100 is more rewarding than hacking?


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Well I've never successfully raised a Pokemon past level 73 [and that was a Raquazza caught on level 70 ; P], nor have I ever hacked a Pokemon. But, I'm going to go with raising your Pokemon to level 100, because then you actually did something. Lol.


I think it's worth something training your pokemon without hacking. I feel a sense of accomplishment. xD; With hacking, it's just gets easy and boring. :/
I Think Its more rewarding training your pokemon its a lot funner than just pressing a button and then having hundreds of Level 100 Pokemon.


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I Think Its more rewarding training your pokemon its a lot funner than just pressing a button and then having hundreds of Level 100 Pokemon.

I know how that feels.

Although I don't support hacking to Level 100, Rare Candying is a different story. Sometimes when a Pokemon only need 600000 EXP to Level 100, I won't use Rare Candies.


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I just train my Pokemon to Lv. 100. Tedious yes, but I just usually battle trainers and Gym Leaders by seeing who wants to have a rematch with my Pokenav and fight them.
I think it's apparent to everyone that it is more satisfying to raise pokemon to lv. 100 without cheating, but cheating is good to use if you don't feel like spending the time. ^_^


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Its so much rewarding I love to say I trained this guy for 30 hours and he's a lv 100 with hard work and I feel good I rasie him myself and Have a bond with him
Yep so its good I hate when people hack to train there pokemon


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Of course it is more rewarding. You can actually tell people how hard you worked to get them to level 100. Also, if people ask if you hacked, you get to say no :p


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You feel better when you achieve something with hard work, it's like you can take the world, so it's of course more rewarding. Also you get to know your pokemon better.


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I used to hack the game until it was nearly permanently frozen. But, it wasn't fun, because I was all powerful, but no one wanted to battle me.

Oh, and my game kept freezing.


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i think it is more rewarding because my pearl team is Level 100 through training and it was very fun and it does good to prove that u don't need to hack to reach level 100.


the most i trained a pokemon to for in game purposes was my palkia to lv 94. then i beat the game and i just traded it cuz its stats sucked due to not ev training it. but when i ev train, i just rare candy them to lv 100 AFTER i put ALL 510 evs into my pokemon. i have almost 100 ev trained pokemon. but to answer the question....... i dont think i have to answer the question since its pretty obvious whats more rewarding.
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I never use hacking to get lv. 100 pokemon. It's much more fun to train them, simply because battling with pokemon i have had for long time is fun :p

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i always train my pokemon to lv 100 without hacking. It gives a sense of accomplishment for me


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Training Pokemon to Lv. 100 is more rewarding in the sense that you don't have to worry about your game crashing just in case you do something really wrong like inputing an erronious code that the game's program couldn't handle.
Oh lord, definately. I remember feeling so proud when my blaziken finally hit level 100 in emerald. Unfortunately, in D/P, I used a freind's AR to get rare candies. I leveled up most of my good pokemon to lv. 100, and not until AFTER that did I find out that that will really mess up the stats. My poor empoleon...:(

But yeah, NEVER USE AR!


It's worth it… If you hack, you could just change the stats to your liking… Training is way better… It's like you have a bond with that Pokémon… And that, my friends, is the best reason for training… The bond you'll get with your Pokémon.