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Who was your first Level 100?


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I searched around for a thread like this, couldn't find one, thought I should make one... it would be interesting to see the responses. Couldn't decide which generation to post it in, so I just put it in general. So...

Who was your first Level 100? Mine was a Kadabra. I wanted an Alakazam, but I didn't get the concept of trading to make evolving. I was like, 7.


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Mine was my Typlosion on Gold. I spent forever in that mountain at the end of the game to get it. Took forever, but it was well worth it!

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Mine was my Pigeot, it knows Fly so I always carry it around and it levels up quick! O and it's in my FR


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Blastoise on the original Red. Although I did use the Missingno. cheat...

Not my fault I have no patience! (not to mention a short attention span...)
My first level 100 was from using the Rare Candy cheat so my Raichu doesn't really count. Without using the cheat, my first level 100 was Venesaur On blue version.


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My first level 100 pokemon back in the day was squirtle. (Well, he was Blastoise by the time he reached 100) Ahhh, Those where the days.
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My Charizard in LG was my first ever to become lv 100....it took me quite a while

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Mine was my Kyogre in Emerald (ev-trained, yeah I had never trained a Pokémon until Lv100, that was my first time xD)
It's one of my "Old Army" from RSE, now in DP still making its way.


Although you may find it unbelievable my first level hundred Pokemon was Charizard, on pokemon red of course, he was called Salem and on pokemon stadium he was a dark reddish colour.

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Well mine was Charizard in leafgreen, and slalamence in emerald.
in diamond it was torterra!


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A Ditto back in Blue lol back then at lvl 100 if it turned into the foes Pokemon it would almost if not always 1 hit the other Pokemon so it was my fav back then but once the 2nd gen hit Ditto got screwed thanks to breeding and the stat issues it had after. I miss you Dittotoe <--- lame name but I was 6


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I feel stupid but mine was a blastiose but I used rare candie cheat to do it, then it was a leafeon but again i used the extra EXP cheat to do it, BUT when I get platinum I will get back to this thread with my first level 100 thinking it will be a Lucario or something else lke my starter dunno.


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My first level 100 was my Zapdos in FR
Took me a while to level him up but it was worth it at the end.Zapdos has been one of my fav Pokemon that i use for battles.I luvs him (huggles my level 100 Zapdos)

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Hmmm that will have to be a swampert on my ruby game although its in my diamond now ha ha.
Typhlosion on Gold.

And it leveled up when I fought Red as well ^^


Alakazam on Blue. Yeah, buddy, I thought he was the greatest ever. ^^'


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Rayquaza on Sapphire I could never be with the earlier games by attention span was too short