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Who was your first Level 100?


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Either Blaziken or Kyogre on my Sapphire. I forget which.

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I rare candy'd my Charmander to Charmeleon to Charizard to level 100 back on Pokemon Red.

My first level 100s without the use of 20 rare candies were Typhlosion and Suicine on Pokemon Crystal.


Mine is my Blastoise on Firered and i have nearly got my second lv100, my Empoleon on lv96


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Charizard on Blue version, followed by Gengar and Mewtwo. My powerhouses. :cool:

On the 4th gen games, my first was Salamence.


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typhlosion in silver
My Mewtwo on red version back when I was 6-7 ,then my friend traded me a Lv. 39 Victreebell for it, one of the stupidest things I've done.
My first level 100 was my Empoleon my second will be Shaymin ;492;.
I might wait untill I get pokemon platinum before I get my Shaymin ;492-s; to level 100.


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My first was actually a Polywrath in FireRed, even though I've had blue, red, and crystal before it.


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I actually know someone who got the missingno. pokemon with a master ball, the tried levelling it up past level zero with rare candies, but gave up and saved and turned off her silver version, then she had limitless master balls and rare candies. She leveled up poke's to lv.100 all the time but they were weaker than normal Lv.100's.
Blastoise in Blue.
My second was Charizard. The rest of the 1st gen don't count because I figured out the Missingno. glitch after that.


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My first Level 100 was Charizard, the starter I used for FireRed when I first got it <3 I loved that little guy. He was my favorite xD But unfortunately, when I was forced to restart Diamond I didn't realize I didn't transfer him over... R.I.P. T_T


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The first ever level 100 I had was Blastoise in Pokémon blue but my first level 100 I actually leveled up without exploiting the missingno glitch was Raichu from the same game.

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Mine was my Absol, Aiu, from my Ruby version. It would have been my Zangoose, Shiyaa, but the game I had him in was stolen ._.
I also had a level 100 Lugia, but I caught it at 70, so I don't count it.

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Mine was Venusaur on Red, it took me ages to get it to level 100, but it was worth it.

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Does the Missnigno Glitch Count. If it does I had my Yellow Bulbasaur (Trading cables can be fun) if not it had to be my Typlosion on Silver.