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Who was your first Level 100?


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pretty stupid- my empoleon in diamond. (well, its level 99 and shouid level up today.....)

K Train

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My First lvl 100 was Venusaur on Blue


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I didn't have a level 100 but the highest leveled pokemon I had was my level 96 Dragonite from the fire red/ leaf green series.

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My feral gator in Gold. Tyrant of Tar in Ruby. Both trained legitimately from level 5. None in 1st/4th generations.


Enter the Dragon.
Any game Dragonite is available is the first Pokemon I take to 100. He is probably my 1.5 favorite. The other 1.5 is usually the second, and that is the Fire starter (although I am not completely sold on these Fire-Fighters, made worse by the fact my favorite type pairing has yet to be released, ever).


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My first level 100 was a hacked cresselia I trade over GTS for a lvl 1 Growlithe.... They could have at least hacked in Ev's and a few good moves.... BUt my highest level pokemon I have fairly is my level 89, soon to be 90, Empoleon.


A Couple of Sparks..
My first level 100 pokemon was my Charizard on yellow version.. good times.


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Not counting those obtained by the Missingno. cheat, it was Charizard and Blastiose at the same time on Colosseum.


Blastoise on my old Blue game. Beat the Elite 4 with just him using Surf, Bubblebeam, Bite & Hydro Pump.

....yeah, I wasn't very smart in the early days.


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Probably Mewtwo in first gen, as it was the easiest one. But it might aswell be Typhlosion in Silver.


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Blastoise on red back when i only used one pokemon and no one else to battle lol took out everyone lol

My Feraligatr and Swampert got very close though i think they were in the 90's on silver and ruby

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My Snorlax on pokemon red but i used the rare candy trick on it, and a lot of others.
I have never got another pokemon to 100 but my Blaziken got close at about L90.