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Who was your first Level 100?

The Burnt Shadow

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
Venusaur back in Red. Lol, I still couldn't believe that my Venusaur pwnd that Charizard with solar beam...


Master Trainer

My first level 100 Pokemon was a Rayquaza I obtained in Emerald. It is one of my strongest Pokemon now!


ican has cheezburger
Hmmmm I believe my first lvl. 100 that I can completely trained on my own, was my Altaria in Pokemon Ruby. :)

I got really close in Pokemon Blue when I was like 7 or so with a lvl.86 Blastoise at least.


I <3 Shaymin
Mine was a blaziken in diamond


Hoenn Obsession
I think it was my femlae infernape in pearl.... always was really attached to my starters!!


Water FTW!
My first was a Swampert I think. It took a long time and I still have it.

Tezuka Kunimitsu

Supa pika 3 trainer
my first lv 100 was my pikachu off of yellow version


Is Billy Corgan
My first level 100 was a Starmie, that I got as a level 24 staryu in red version. I leveled it all through red and then when I got silver, it hit level 100 on Red in the mountain. :]

Xx Flare xX

Well-Known Member
Pokemon Blue: Blastoise (my first ever lv100)
Pokemon Gold: Totodile
Pokemon Sapphire: Mudkip
Pokemon Diamond: Piplup

See a pattern? :p


Trust..Bond of heart
It was my Feraligatr in my first Crystal game. But since I killed Suicune in that game, I restarted, though I transferred Feraligatr and many other Pokemon I didn't want to lose onto my sister's Silver. In my current Crystal, Feraligatr is on lvl. 60+.


I hate Ringo...
I think my first lvl 100 was Venusaur in Pokemon Blue.