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Who was your first Level 100?

Maylu Sakurai

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I think my first one was my maganium I liked chikorita alot and i was surprised by its power
My Delcatty in my Emerald game. <3 It's now on my Diamond.
I luffles it. ^w^

Crypted Wolf

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My Blaziken back in the day. After i got Emerald... I never trained a Pokemon all the way to level 100 without using Rare Candies.


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Blastoise in blue version :D Though as that got deleted :/ my first one which still lasts is Zapdos in silver :D


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I don't remember my first in Gen I, because i just used the Missingno multiply Rare Candy Glitch all the time. and i started too many new games to get any in Gen II and III, but in Gen IV, the first I raised all by myself was my Glaceon.


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Mine was Typhlosion in Gold :)
thunderpunch works wonders in that game

next would be Deoxys-Attack in FR
then Mewtwo in the same game
followed by salamence
etc etc etc
too many to care
My first level hundred...
That would be my Alakazam. That really shocked me. When I migrated him, he was lv.74 compared to my lv.86 Hariyama. I decided to make him 'catch up' but ended with him being lv.100 first while Hariyama was alomst there at lv.98. Seeing as I caught Hariyama first, and technically Alakazam was a reaction to her (Hariyama) being that much stronger, I like to think Hariyama as my 'real' first level hundred.
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Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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My first ever pokemon - a Blastoise in Pokemon Red. Unfortunatly due to Missingno and a curious older brother, he never made it to the second generation.

My only other level 100s I've raised myself are Blaziken (Ruby), Rayquaza (Ruby) and Torterra (Pearl)


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My Umbreon from Pokemon XD on the Gamecube. Ahh good times


kiss my greens
Mine was the first Pokémon I captured in Diamond - a little lv.3 Starly =) I raised her all the way to the top, oh yes. She is my Staraptor, one of my best, who fills me with pride <3


Vintage much?
My first Level 100 was Magikarp, Jolteon in Pokemon Red


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I'm not sure of previous games but my first level hundred in Diamond was Torterra followed by Houndoom and a host of others.
My first level 100 was my Smoochum from Crystal XD. I was training obsessively in mt. silver for like 6 hours and i just looked at it an i was all like sweet! XD I didn't want it to evolve because to be honest Jynx may have better stats but it's UGLY imo (At least it's crystal sprite wasn't very plesant to look at, then again I'm not a big fan of Jynx to begin with)


*Gasp* He's back!
stupid enough a blaziken(emerald) but i deleted the save-file yea...

and a charizard(fire-red) which i still have(luckly)


Crobat Kid
My first was a Meganium in silver :) Don't have it any more though.
My second was a Raichu :p