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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?

Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?

I remember it was Christmas of 1998, and I was seven years old. I was really hoping for that one Barbie doll with the brushes and everything.. Little did I know my parents had decided I was too old for "dolls" they wanted me to move on to other things. They never knew what hit them.

As I opened the present that contained a very violently purple Gameboy colour, and a copy of Pokémon Red Version, it started a passion in me that still exists today. I will be twenty-one years of age on April twenty-third. If there is one thing that I love more than anything else about Pokémon, it would be that a Gym Leader shares my name. It made me wonder at the possibilities of coincidences. I remember when I was in middle school, and my earth science teacher spoke of the "Theory of Infinite Reality" something of which my young mind latched onto the instant I understood it.
I dreamt and hoped that some how Pokémon might somehow be real. My dreams led me to writing short stories about Pokémon, and other related subjects. My mind constantly invented new, and very far-fetched ideas. (No Pun Intended.) Such as explanations on how Satoshi came up with the idea of Pokémon. I can almost guarantee that everyone who is reading this has seen the movie: "Pokémon Forever" That blockbuster gave me an idea for yet another script, (And another "excuse" if you will.) Satoshi is the main character in the original Japanese version, (Ash over here.)
And you know how he meets Samuel Oak as a child? In my script, I made it as if Celebi had not just the power to travel through time, but space as well. Samuel meets Satoshi trying to catch bugs in Japan after his attempt to save her from the poacher. They are both little at the time, and Samuel wonders at his new surroundings, and asks Satoshi were he is.
They become friends soon enough, and Satoshi thinks that sam is crazy with all his tales of "Magic Creatures" as he calls them. Eventually Celebi shows herself to Satoshi, after seeing his kindness and sincerity, wherein she transports them both back to the world of Pokémon. After a few days there, Satoshi is brought back to his world by Palkia because he had caused a major distortion in the dimensions, for he does not truly exsist there. Upon returning, Celebi lets Samuel retain contact with Satoshi. When Satoshi became older, he wished to somehow share his experiences with the world, thus creating the Pokémon video games.

I know I branched out farther than my topic originally was... but Like I stated before, I am a writer, and when I begin, it is hard to stop. I wish to hear anyone's thoughts on this subject, and feel free to email me at: flanneryluemoore@gmail.com with any questions.

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It was my seventh birthday. One of my presents was from a friend of my brothers and I, it was about ten Pokemon cards. They were all fakes but still, I was intrigued with playing the game. Then, we sort of lost the cards until the summer when we found them again. I still have the ten thousands cards we collected when we were young (though all the rare cards are gone).


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I didn't get into Pokemon for a long time. In fact, it wasn't until 2006, when my family moved to live near my cousin who played Pokemon that I finally got into Pokemon. I was first hooked when we did free battle mode on Pokemon Stadium 2, and I have enjoyed that thrill of battling in Pokemon to this day.

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I got into Pokémon when a primary school friend of mine (who is still my friend even to this day) introduced me to it. And I guess my ultimate passion about Pokémon would be the very act of thinking about the world of Pokémon and the innumerable concepts within it, and appreciating the beauties and wonders of the designs, behavior, nature, characteristics, powers and abilities of various Pokémon, as well as the way such creatures interact with each other as well as all the other aspects of the Pokémon world. In fact, I believe that all of my activities involving Pokémon, such as playing the games, watching the Animé, viewing artworks of Pokémon-related concepts, listening to music from the Pokémon games, participating in battles on Pokémon NetBattle and Pokémon Online, writing Pokémon fanfiction, and playing with various Pokémon figurines that I own, are all ultimately merely a means to what I have described as my ultimate passion about Pokémon.


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I first got into pokemon through the anime in 1998 or 1999, can't remember then. I started watching episode 4 midway through and after seeing a few episodes began to get hooked. I didn't get into the games until months later. I then started collecting the cards for the original TCG but then got bored of that. I hardly even see cards now even if I wanted them. Now that I have the intenet, I am a regular reader of pokemon fanfiction and I still try and watch the anime when I can. Now that I have a DS, which I got last week, I will try and get some pokemon games in the next few months or so once I've paid off my DS money.

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my cousin gave me his pokemon emerald and his old gba, since then I've been hooked XD
Quite an array of Pokémon lovers we have here. =)

I have played (and beat) every Pokémon game in existence. Honestly... I was quite appalled when the Hoenn Region Pokémon were released. I thought there were quite odd looking. It took me over two years just to get off my Gameboy Colour, and onto trying Pokémon Ruby. After riding in the back of a moving truck, hearing that my dad was a gym leader, and getting a set of running shoes, I was hooked. I don't know what it is about Pokémon, but they seem to capture the hearts of old, and young alike. Just imagine if they truly did exist in our world.

Cant wait for the sequels to Pokémon Black and White.....

@ ChuPika, I'd love to talk emerald with you. If you need any advice, (or anyone else) on that game, or others, I will gladly oblige.
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My introduction to Pokémon was the most magical thing to ever happen to me. *squeals with nostalgia and begins to take a trip down Memory Lane* Here's my cheesy story...

T'was a stormy morning in the town of Sierra Vista, and a young boy sat quietly in a scarlet beanbag chair, eying a box marked "Pokémon Emerald." He stared at the mysterious object his mother gave him before opening it. The shiny game cartridge laid inside. With a rising feeling for adventure, he popped it into his Gameboy Advance. The opening scene already had him hooked, and he sat entranced all through the introduction. When his character came into the vivid overworld, the game's hypnosis only pushed him further. The small, pixelated protagonist settled into his new home, and the boy was amazed at how real it felt. Right as he wondered when the mysterious creatures would come in, one was suddenly right there, harassing Professor Birch. But the negative first appearance didn't faze the player, for he couldn't resist paying attention to the fact that the professor begged him to grab a Pokéball from his bag. His intuition was correct that the one he'd use would become his own. The gecko, chick, and fish all impressed him, and the boy didn't know which one to pick. After some time, he realized that the Pokémon named "Treeko" seemed to call to him louder than the others. He picked Treeko and automatically knew he made the right choice. When the whole fiasco was over, the player nearly fainted in joy when told that the Pokémon was indeed his. Thus began their life-changing journey. Along the way, he collected enough Pokémon to fill all his party slots. With his trusty Treeko by his side, they dominated all the Gyms with ease. They traveled across harsh deserts, cruel seas, and the infamous Victory Road. When the team of Sceptile, Linoone, Mightyena, Beautifly, Aggron, and Wailord reached the Pokémon League, they were ready for anything. Alas, even with Sceptile being higher than level 70, they couldn't best Drake. Trembling, they went back to the mainland and trained day and night. Months later, they came back to Drake and made sure Sceptile Leaf Bladed the consciousness out of the evil Salamence he possessed. Their cries of victory were cut short when Darke spoke of the Champion. The boy was not aware of that in spite of its obviousness. He silently shrieked when he saw that all his Revives were gone, and a tired Sceptile was the only member to remain capable of battle. Sceptile had nearly all of his PP drained, and even the first-time player knew the lizard couldn't fight long enough through a battle against the supposedly strongest of all trainers in Hoenn. However, he believed in himself and his partner. He had to try. Once Sceptile was healed, he faced Wallace. When Wallace sent out Wailord, Sceptile knocked it out in one turn. Then came Milotic. The boy's mouth curved into a smile when it clicked in his mind. Juan mentored Wallace. Juan is a Water type specialist. Wallace's first two Pokémon were Water types. He could sweep the Champion's team. Now filled with newfound courage, the trainer plowed through Milotic, Ludicolo,Tentacruel, and Whiscash. One Leaf Blade brought Gyarados to the yellow zone of health. Cue a Dragon Dance. While he didn't know exactly what was going on, he knew the move did something in Wallace's favor. After some consideration, he figured out that Gyarados could now hit faster and harder, beyond its already incredible stats. Time slowed down as the sea dragon fired a Hyper Beam directly at Sceptile. The starter's health dropped a little. And then a little more. The boy realized with horror that Sceptile's health continued to drop into the yellow. The bar then turned red. Jus as he was about to give in, he saw that no weak cries filled the air. Sceptile had survived, and then proceeded to finish off Gyarados. They were now champions. On the Fourth of July, the boy watched the credits roll while fireworks exploded outside. The team continued to travel Hoenn. One day, they found Steven and battled, losing miserably. The boy made one final pledge to his Emerald game: he swore to defeat Steven. They trained, again day and night. The two trainers had even tied once, but the game insisted that it counted as a defeat. Finally, Sceptile scored that one hit on Metagross, bringing down the demonic powerhouse that kept Steven confident. With the robot out of the way, Sceptile could safely finish off the others. Walking out of Meteor Falls with more cash than before, the boy felt at peace with himself. As he saved the game and closed the console, he absent-mindedly stared into space. He felt that there was more to do. And he was right as more of the Pokémon games were discovered, along with the very site this is posted on.

This memory alone is what fuels my passion. *continues to bathe in the nostalgia* Ah, I remember the good old days of sticking Hyper Beam on random members and special attacking with Aggron and Linoone...


I just saw a few episodes of the TV series when I was either 7 or 8 years old, and then the insanity ensued. XD Haven't been able to give the franchise a break since, and I doubt I ever will. What I love the most about Pokemon is the collecting, and not just completing the Pokedex, but also obtaining as many rare events and shinies as I possibly can. So yeah, I truly do follow the age old slogan that is "Gotta catch em' all!" :)


I don't really remember quite well how I got into pokemon (it might've been the TV show) but what I do remember is playing pokemon silver on my porch as I tried to see the screen, it's at least been a part of my life for about 10ish years, and frankly I still love it. One of the great joys I get out of it is becoming attached to my pokemon, I remember I had this Gengar that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to beat the Elite Four for the first time, as he was able to not only put one of the pokemon to sleep for 4 turns, but he was also able to do it for 3 other pokemon (I was terribly underleveled) so yeah, still love pokemon, and probably will for a long time.


My friend got me into pokemon 3 years ago when D/P were new, and I havent stopped playing since. Im not sure what my greatest passion about pokemon is though
In 1999, when I was 5, I saw the anime for the first time. It was the episode "Challenge of the Samurai". It was funny, tense and Ash's Metapod evolved into Butterfree. I love that episode! From that moment, I am totally obsessed with Pokemon. Pokemon is my life. I started with the anime, and I also love the games, figures, TCG cards, plushies, fanfiction writing and fanart drawing. But the anime will always be the most important to me.

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It all started in the summer of 2008 on my visit to South Korea, when my cousin dragged me over to the TV one day for some reason that I still don't know to this day. But after a while, an episode of Pokemon came on - I think it was the episode when Dawn exploded because Paul couldn't remember her name. I was interested in it, so I kept on watching the anime until I returned to England. Once there I got Pokemon Diamond, because it was Pokemon, and I was immediately hooked. I kept on watching the Anime until about the autumn of 2009, when I eventually got bored of it. I never stopped playing the Pokemon Games though.

I only really got into it in about November 2010, though. It was then that I discovered Serebii, and I learnt about many things about Pokemon, such as EVs, IVs, the previous gens of Pokemon, Hoenn, and the upcoming 5th Generation. I got even more hooked then, and I joined Serebii two months later. Since then my love for Pokemon has carried on, and I'm sure that it will be in my heart until the day Pokemon dies. /cheesystory

But really, I never felt the same passion for the OS as I did for the newer gens of Pokemon. ^^;


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Either watching the anime, playing the TCG in primary school or borrowing a game my sister borrowed from a friend. Ever since then I started collecting the games, plushies, figures, cards, even decorated my bedroom in Pokémon colours - and still in that colour to this day (blue and yellow). Truth be told I was more in love with the games before I learned of EV training and stuff, but otherwise... I guess I'm just passionate about Pokémon as a whole, I love everything about it really.


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My long lost childhood friend gave me a Rapidash-Card when I moved. That is how it began.


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Well...the TV...I was about 9 or 10,turned on the TV and the first episode of Pokemon started...I'm hooked ever since...I'm almost 21 now.

I love the stories behind each pokemon,what they are based off etc...I find it fascinating


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I'm 15 and I have loved Pokémon from before I can remember. I have an older sister who is 18 now and she obviously had her interests before I was born so, when I came along, I naturally was introduced to her interests. Of course, one of these was Pokémon. I have photographs of myself clutching onto my Pokémon toys when I was about three years old. I remember watching my sister play Red/Blue/Yellow when I was too young to do so. It's just been a part of my life since I was born, it's like my safety net. I have always loved it and (this sounds pretty sad) there hasn't been a day gone by since I was very young that I haven't thought about it every day. I love everything about it. Idk, it means a hell of a lot to me.

I sound like Pokémon is my lover or something, hahaha


My Great-Grandma gave me one of the very first DVDs that my family got, the DVD with the very first Pokemon episode on it. Ever since then (when I was 7) I've been playing the games.