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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?


My brothers got me into Pokemon with the original anime I was around 4 at the time so I liked almost anything my brothers liked. My eldest brother bought the first pokemon game that I ever played (pokemon stadium) from his job, as a gift for me and my other brother I was so excited to play it but we couldn't because it needed something for the Nintendo 64 that we didn't have. A couple years later after my nintendo 64 stopped working I stopped playing pokemon and fell into the "Pokemon is stupid" crowd, but then my brother found a FRLG strategy guide around 2005 and I got acquainted with pokemon 1-251. Soon after, I went on a vacation and went to the local game stop I noticed that a used pokemon sapphire was only $8 so I bought it. I've been playing pokemon ever since.


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I don't really remember the exact details but it was first the anime that got my interest. I believe I was around 10 or so at that time.

Then I had a few friends in elementary school who knew about Pokemon, and we'd spend our rest time to play Pokemon with each other. Like, choosing a Pokemon and "fighting" each other. Childhood times :p

I first played a Pokemon game when I was 12; I believe it was FR or LG on my friend's GBA. It wasn't a very long game however, I got to Viridian Forest or just somewhere around that since the GBA is his :p

Then at 14 I started playing a whole game of Pokemon; it was Crystal. One year after that Diamond/Pearl came out.


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All of you guys with your stories of starting to play Pokemon in Gens III and IV is weird to me. I don't know how I originally discovered that Pokemon existed, but I do remember being 8 years old on Christmas of 1996 and my parents gave me a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Red. From the minute I started that game and heard those glitchy little 8-bit Pokemon cries I was absolutely hooked. I must have played Pokemon Red dozens of times, and when Gen II came out, I was ecstatic and it was just as engrossing as Gen I. I love all of the generations, but Generation I will always be my absolute favorite. It didn't need fancy graphics and music to be an addicting game. It was enchanting because it was imaginative, adventurous, and made you wish that Pokemon were real.


I believe I started watching the shows back when I was a little kid. Like Season 1 and I was hooked.

Then one day in 2003 , my aunt bought me a Ruby and I was hooked for life 8D

I loved Hoenn ever since and I still do ^__^


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You know, I don't even remember how I got into pokemon...but it was during "Poke-mania" here in the states. However, I shall never forget the day that I got my first pokemon game.

My mother promised me, on my birthday, that she would save up all year to buy me a gameboy and a copy of Pokemon Blue. However, when Christmas Eve rolled around, the tree was barren. There was nothing. Dejected, I thought: "Perhaps next year..." and went off to bed. I awoke to a biting cold, slipped on my housecoat and sauntered into the living-room. Inside, I found my parents stone-faced and as silent as the grave, staring at the tree. Underneath, wrapped in newspaper, were two small parcels. Inside one, was a lime-green gameboy colour--in the other, a copy of Pokemon: Blue Version. Elated, I thanked my parents for their sacrifice and began a journey that, as of yet, has lasted 13 years. As I sat, huddled next to our small space heater, I was a million miles away--just me and my Bulbasaur.

I would say that my "greatest passion about pokemon" is the versitility of the teams you can create. Personally, I am a Fighting Type Specialist. This was born out of spite. I was the only girl in my group of friends, and as such, was always told "You are a girl. You have to use Jigglypuff and Clefairy, since they are pink." Ever the defiant one, I decided to use the exact opposites of those highly effeminate pokemon. I raised a team made up of Hitmonchan (my all-time favorite pokemon), Hitmonlee, Machamp, Primeape, and Poliwrath. Though I began using Fighting Pokemon only out of spite, I quickly grew to love the type and now, would not have it any other way. So, you could say, my greatest passion in pokemon--which is, that that I am most passionate about, are Fighting Type Pokemon.


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I was introduced by my cousin and some friends at school. I'd have to say my greatest passion is to collect anyhting I can within reason to do with it, mainly merchandise such as figures, and of course the TCG Cards.


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I was introduced when I realized that I had Pokemon Ruby since I was born XD and no one I knew had ever beaten it so I decided to play it and I LOVED IT!!!!!! :D after that I got Pokemon Pearl and I have 300 shinies on there now :D

My greatest passion about Pokemon is Pokemon Breeding. I like to treat my Pokemon as if they were real and I don't like to take Pokemon I had with me for a while out the party because I don't want them to feel alone but if I have to I make them a nice family in the box ^_^

The Benmeister

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My friend back in Year 3 (when I was about seven) told me about the Anime. It just exploded from there. As for my friend, no idea what happened to him, haven't seen him in about ten years.

Greatest passion? I've always loved the gradual progression of team building and variety.


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My older cousin got me into it.

I started with Pokemon Leaf Green...my name was Kristy (I'm still not sure why...), and I had a Venusaur at level 87, and a Fearow at level 44. And I went to the Elite 4. And I almost won. I ran out of PP and was Struggling at the Champion, but I didn't know not to waste my Ethers/Elixirs.

Then my next team was a Blastoise, Fearow (With return...I loved that Fearow like a brother who could fly and fight for me in a video game sense), Venomoth, which I caught in the Safari Zone, a Hypno (the very one that stole Lostelle away), and a Flareon (with overheat, it's attack stat was high, but not it's Sp. Atk), and a Machamp (which I traded Machokes for with my cousin...I was not going to trade because his was a level lower ._. but he convinced me because he gave me a protein)...

Then I lost the game. In Virginia. With the GBA.

Then I got a new one!

Oh, greatest passion is going through the games multiple times with almost every available Pokemon. That's fun. And now with B/W, I can collect all the TMs, which I liked to do too.


Forever now

My friend, started from emulator. From there I try to work my way out to get the game like borrowing to almost stealing. But now I can buy my own.


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For me, liking pokemon around 10-11 when i started with RBY was something to keep hidden because where i live, only babies were into that sort of thing. Then once it became popular and all the kids in school started playing it, pokemon gave me the first way i ever had of fighting back against bullies. I was the chubby kid so i got picked on alot, but it was nice to have a medium of competition where i could beat people by being smarter than they were. Schoolyard fight? No problem, gameboy colors + link cables go!
side note: twas a sad day for me when i go to battle someone, i whip out my gameboy and he whipped out a deck of cards and we both looked at one another like "wtf?"


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My brother got me the Blue game for my birthday. True story.


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After a few good years without PKMN i got back from it coz of these lil juniors at high school became my friends and I was like 4 years older. I was carrying a Meowth/Pikachu folder xD Now, I'm back in action last year, nya~


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My cousins gave me their old N64, and they owned Stadium 2 and Snap. I was about 7 then. About three years later, my parents got me XD Gale of Darkness along with a couple other games and a gamecube. About a year later, I decided to try Pokemon Ruby. From there, I bought a whole bunch more games. I currently own:

Gen 3:
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon FireRed
Pokemon Colsseum
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire

Gen 4:
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon SoulSilver
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

Gen 5:
Pokemon Black

Stadium 2
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