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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?


Well, My mom bought me a pokemon blue,I was very young so I never finished that game,same with Gold.Then I watch the very first season of pokemon,When I got my Pokemon emerald.It was the first game I ever finish so I played it over and over it again and that's where I have full interest in Pokemon.Gen 3 will always be my favorite.


Lookin' for Shinies
I have liked Pokemon for as long as I can remeber. But when I was younger I didn't have a game and I didn't know what time the show was on so I didn't see Pokemon very often. Then one chirstmas when I was about 7 my grandma got my cousin and I a gameboy color and a Pokemon Crystal(both of which I still have and are still working). I was very happy to finally get a Pokemon game but I didn't know that there was a second generation of Pokemon,becuase I didn't watch the show much. I was going to pick a Charmander but when I got to the lab there was no Charmander so I picked Cyndaquil becuase he was fire type. My cousin also picked Cyndaquil and named it Dog for some reason. And now my favorite Pokemon Typhlosion becuase it was the first Pokemon I got.
I remember watching the first show of the anime on TV, and from then I was hooked. Loved the show, remember buying theme decks when the cards came out from Woolworths, buying Pokemon Blue and getting a Pikachu N64 + Pokemon Stadium for Christmas.

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Watching the Anime. After watching it, it became my favorite show and then some time later my parents bought me and my bro our first Pokemon game which was Pokemon Stadium. After that I have enjoyed Pokemon a lot. So happy! :D


Electricity Trainer
It was around 1996 or 1999. I was sick and stayed with my grandparents house while my siblings went to school and parents to work. My cousin was into Pokemon at the time while I still had not discovered it yet. He had left some of his Pokemon VHS tapes and my grandfather thought I would enjoy them since he did. He would never have imagined what a simple act did. My mom still blames him for all the years she had to listen about Pokemon. I think my greatest passion about Pokemon is to be able to collect as many creatures with different abilities and stats, to watch them grow, within a interactive world and story. Also the extra stuff like to catch all the Pokemon to complete the pokedex, find rare and shiny ones, and to create the best fighting Pokemon.
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Optimistic Geek
I was born in 1997, so I was around 1 or 2 when I first saw Pokemon.

I watched the first generation anime, and I only knew about Pikachu, then I grew a little bit older and the second generation was released. I have a slight memory of my dad telling me about new Pokemon, and I really wanted to see it.

I still only knew the name of Pikachu, but I learned about Jigglypuff and Marill and didn't know their names.

Eventually, I got older and my parents got me GBA because I saw a "left foot" poster with a green "horsy" on it, and they got a big paycheck and decided to get me one. Left foot was what I called Super Mario Bros, it was because of the overworld theme in SMB3.

A while later, two new Pokemon games for the GBA were released, I saw them at Wal-Mart and my dad knew I liked Pokemon, so he said we could get them. My brother went with the one with the "giant dinosaur monster" on it, and I went with the one with the "blue fish guy" on it, because I wanted to get the one different from my brother.

When we got back to the car, we went through our usual routine of searching for the plastic wrap bubble thing on the side of the box and tearing through it with our teeth. :p
I started playing and eventually I got to choose my starter, I sat there confused at which one I wanted, me and my brother went with Mudkip, because he was the coolest out of them.

We heard about them evolving and scurried about trying to level them up to see the final evolution, I thought all Pokemon had three stages so I ended up thinking Sharpedo evolved into Wailmer.
My dad printed out an evolution chart and read the evolutions to us, and I was disappointed that some didn't evolve at all, while others only evolved once.

Needless to say, I was a huge Pokemon and still am.

My favorite Pokemon has to be Ludicolo, but I also like the Duskull family, too.

Well, to be honest, I don't think there's a Pokemon I DON'T like. :p

Darth Revan

Coming Out!
1999 My brother got it for christmas. I never got it till i was 5 tho.


Eldritch Abomination
I borrowed a Game Boy Color with a Pokémon Blue cartdrige, of a friend of mine, in 1999.
It was my first contact with a Pokémon game.

This franchise is probably one of three things I like the most in my life.


My best friend introduced it to me when I was 9 in 4th grade. I used to see the pocket pikachu commercial on tv, but had no idea what pikachu or a pokemon was. Then, he told me Pikachu could shoot lightning and I was hooked. Up until 6 years ago, Pikachu as my favorite poke until I realized I loved Minun more. I watched the shows when they came on on kids WB, and my first game was blue. my cousin borrowed me his blue version and his gameboy pocket and eventually gave me his blue version. My first official game though was silver my mom got me with my gameboy advance for christmas in 2001

In my elementary school, it was huge. Every where you looked, someone was playing some version o you saw cards. People even went as far as stealing money from they're parents or stealing cards from others for Pokemon. It was crazy. I even remember, that there was a guy who had the only gameshark in the school and used to charge kids money to put pokes like the starters in their games or wild eevees so people could have all the evolutions and the starters
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오션 마스터
I remember in second grade pretending my friends and I were Suicune, running across the schoolyard at recess. Then when Pokemon Colosseum came out, I got that and started liking the series.


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About 3 years ago I was just getting into video games. My old friend gave me her GBA and a couple games for it. When the Nintendo DS came out I really wanted it. Then I saw the commercials for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. When I was younger I always thought that Pokemon was for boys, but in the commercial, there were girls playing it and girl characters. I was hooked. I ended up watching the commercial and longing for a DS and Pokemon Diamond for a couple months. Then in November my parents gave me a Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond, and some other games that have been sold.


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Well I had been aware of pokemon for years (you'd have to be living under a rock to not of heard of them) I'd scene a few episodes of the early shows, knew of pikachu and the main starters, I knew of the games and the cards, my two nephews where obsessed with Pokemon. I never really payed it much attention I was always more into games like Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Then one day several years ago I was at Good Will thrift store when I saw an old yellow gameboy color with two games for $3. I figured for 3 bucks why not grab it and have a back up in case anything happened to my GBC. As it turned out the two games that came with it where Pokemon Gold and Silver. Then a few weeks later, middle of summer to hot to really do anything and was a little bored and well looking through my game case I saw the Pokemon games and figured why not give it a try and see what all the hype was about...

I was completely hooked! Within days I had purchased a gameboy advanced and Leaf Green and then Emerald. Several months later for Christmas I upgraded to the DS and Pokemon Platinum :) I kept showing the "cute little critters" to my one friend and quickly got her hooked, and then she got her daughters hooked on Pokemon. LOL I'll give the franchise one thing, Pokemon's very contagious. ;) LOL Thier now my second favorite game's (Zelda's still number 1) I love the fact that there is such a variety of pokemon to catch and decide who you want in your team.


not the color
My greatest passion about Pokemon is the world it's placed in. Pokemon succeeds where rival series' like Digimon fail. In Digimon, there's a Digital World, but humans don't belong there. When you're a human in the Digital World, you can explore, yeah, and you mostly just fight. That's great.

But in Pokemon, you're set in a world where humans and Pokemon coexist. Many people battle with Pokemon, but just as many keep them as pets or companions. And besides battling, there's a ton of other things you can do in the Pokemon world. You can be a Coordinator, a Stylist, a Ranger, a League trainer, an actor. You can also just do little things that resemble real-world occupations. You go to school, you watch TV, you do your job, you play--and all of it is just like in the real world, but with a twist of fantasy to make it all Pokemon-oriented. It's great. It gives the Pokemon world a culture of its own.


Honshu Wolf
What introduced me to Pokemon? A severe streak of sickening Migraine headaches.

I remember-- or really for as long as I could remember -- even when I was to young to understand it. I absolutely loved the anime. At my time though, it was the very first anime. I'd watch it every morning with a bowl of cereal. My father used to pick on me for watching it (but he picks on me for everything) I didn't care though. I was technically in love with the show. I can still remember the first time I saw the add for Pokemon Blue, Green, and Red. I was so hyped, I couldn't wait to head out and get it! Tough the only problem with the whole system was... we were running low on cash because of bills, and my grandmother was a little needy at the time. Plus, my birthday was about... I think six to seven months away at the time. So I was very upset. But to my luck (and somewhat demise) I caught something at my school. That spiraled me into a string of migraine headaches so strong, they'd make me sick.

My parents quickly took me to a urgent care where I remember rolling around on the examining bed in pain. Crying out in agony. The doctor actually sent me off to get some brainwave scans done, and a cat-scan for the good of my brain's sake. Afterwords, I was stuck at home, watching Pokemon and just blandly laying on the couch while receiving my orange medicine. I had a Gameboy, and I often played it, but the only games I had were 'Dora's Adventure Pack' and 'Tetris'. It really wasn't to a child's liking... until my father came home from his job holding some bags from Wal-mart and such. I blinked at him a few times before he smiled and walked into our kitchen. I ignored it simply because I thought it was just food. Until my dad threw a box on my stomach from the kitchen door. "Enjoy your Pokemans, dear," he had cried. That's when I looked down to see a box with a Charizard on it. Pokemon Red.

Even today, I love Pokemon. Not so much of the anime anymore, but more of the video games and community to talk about it and find new fans. Although people at my school shuns upon the word 'Pikachu' or 'Charmander'. I embrace them. I will never let go to my love of the tiny beasts. They'll always be a part of my heart, memory, and soul.

Howie Cheeto

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As it says in my profile, I actually wasn't a fan of Pokémon when i first heard of it in 1998. I remember this big craze for these things and everybody at school was trading Pokémon cards and playing the GameBoy games and it was becoming a problem because kids would fight over them, lose them, or not pay attention to other extracurricular activities. I couldn't understand why these things were so popular, i just thought they were these silly cartoons that people went crazy for, i used to laugh and say "what the hell is so great about these things?", so i went against getting involved in it.

One day, in my gr.5 classroom, my teacher had put up Pokémon posters on the wall for the students to look at during break. I was hanging out with a classmate during recess and i started asking him what the names of the Pokémon were on the poster, it was like a "Where's Waldo" kind of poster. I remember eagerly looking for and repeating the names like "Koffing", "Jigglypuff" and "Electabuzz". My older cousin picked me up for school and looked after me for couple hours before my folks got home, and she liked cartoons so she decided to put on the animated series, i remember it was the Lighthouse maiden episode with the Giant Dragonite. The show made me interested in the concept a little bit more. Then a close friend had this Blue-version emulator thing on floppy disk and had me play it on my computer, and i noticed that i would get up early on weekends just to play it. Don't know what happened but after that all of my best friends started trading Pokémon cards, and started a figurine collection (which i still have today). I got my first GBColor in '01 for xmas and had both copies of Gold and Silver and the rest is pretty much history.

Over the years however, i released that i wasn't into it as a craze or childhood fixation. Instead, i was fascinated by the concept of it being originated from the creator's childhood past of collecting critters and establishing that idea into a franchise that focuses on players training creatures for accomplishing tasks, battling and becoming their trusted partners. The games required you to make decisions to play through the game efficiently and the way you wanted to. It involved imagination and strategy. Also, the design and the artwork of Pokémon is also what i most like about the franchise, as visual art is my hobby. It still inspires me to draw my own creations to this day. I always look past the fad-like, comical, or the "it's-for-kids" perspective of Pokémon, and I focus on the art and innovation, like character art concept, strategy, game mechanics, etc. It's definitely one of those things that can have something to appeal to everyone no matter what age or background. When i have kids, i will be introducing them to two things: Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. Whether they want to take up their own adventures and have fun ideas with them is up to them.


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My best friend got me into Pokemon, I saw him trying to capture Mewtwo while playing Red version, he then asked if I wanted to play and I said hail jess. Anyway it turned out he was my cousin, we had no idea until my mom told me we were 2nd cousins, it's a small world after all.


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My best friend introduced me to pokemon when I was 5. She collected heaps of little Pokemon figures, got the Pokedex toys and also got tons of Pkmn trading cards. After seeing her collection, I also wanted to collect, but never really got around to that so I've only got cards and the games. What I love about Pokemon is that Pokemon are cute :3


My favorite memory was when ooops I had installed a GBA emulator and decided to try out Ruby. I hadn't played since the originals and after playing those game's and having my nephew ask amillion question's about Pokemon I had to get my DS Light and a copy of Pearl right when they came out. And needless to say Pearl turned into Platinum, Emerald, Leaf Green/Fire Red, Ruby, Heart Gold, and Black and White. So basically i'm hooked all over again and I do regret not playing the original games on the game Boy Color and GBA since I didn't think it was cool enough but now I don't care and will play Pokemon anywhere in front of anyone!