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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?


I remember buying Blue/Red when they were released with my brother. I had Blue and he had Red, so we decided to go with the theme and pick Squirtle and Charmander respectively. Those were the days.

My favorite aspect of the game is compiling dozens of different teams that are all diverse and varied enough for competitive battling/discovering new and effective strategies and movesets for those Pokemon.


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My mom was getting her hair cut, and barbershop had a drawer full of Game Boys. I thought "Hm, might as well check this out...". I popped a Pokemon game in, and the rest is history.

I love the strategy of the games, all the thought that goes into making the perfect team, and traversing a region and getting to do so many things.


At first, I dont really like it coz the lover somewhat Mock my game. But I find out this is very interesting RPG. And then I happen to accidentally read the manga and it was awesome

The Love relationship between Human and Pokemon. Neverending Interesting storyline. The Manga.


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All the way from rby with blue version...
I love stall so my favorit gem was 2 curselax,skarmbliss were nearly unstopable those days.


The Anime was what got me hooked then i got my mates hooked onto it and we started buying the T/C's and then when i was old enough my dad bought me my first Gameboy and i saved up for Yellow.


How I remember first coming upon pokemon was that my cousin had the game in 2000. All i could remember to start was seeing him play the game and to me it looked like he was chasing little candies. I mean those little suckers that look red and yellow and are all chalky. He never let me play the game though. He had gold. Yet when I saw commercials for the crystal release I knew I had to have it! I can rember it was a rainy day and I was in target, Crystal was at the tip top of the display case, almost mocking me with its height compared to me when I was nine years old.Wthmy little bit of money saved I purchased crystal and waited till i was home to play. I then remember being on the top part of my bunkbed and playing it. I chose cyndaquil and only trained that little mouse until it was the most powerful thing in the world. Yet none of the other pokemon got as much respect as cyndaquil. I was even able to make it all the way to red yet could never beat him. Then ruby and sapphire were released and the rest is history. I can always remember my parents getting on me about playing it too much though. That never stopped me! I guess my passion about the game and its series is that I was able to stick with it. I loved the games that much. Other childish acts of grandeur were cast aside over the years yet pokemon has always stayed there. Even when others abandoned it I still kept playing. I guess my true passion of the game is that it never ceases to amaze me. Sure some of the story stays to the kids heart but the pokemon continue to appeal to me. Such as zubat. When I was little I never wanted it and thought it was lame. I told myself why do I want a blind bat! Now that I'm older Crobat is one of strongest and best pokemon. All should fear the power of CONFUSE RAY!!! Plus its the only flying type I ever like to use. But yes my journey into pokemon began from the jealousy I had from my cousin who never would let me play. Now I secretly thank him. For if he did let me play I may have never caught on to pokemon the way I did.


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I was introduced by my older cousin who was about 8 when it came out. He gave me some of his old cards and i just went with it. And still am. Although he doesn't play any more i do. Alot in fact. And i am most passionate about how dedicated some people who really enjoy the game can be. Including myself


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I didn't get into pokemon until later, sometime around DPPt my friend showed me some of the cards and i thought they looked really cool, she then showed me platinum and i loved all the battles and pokemon that you could find. The next week i went out and got the only pokemon game i could find, mystery dungeon explorers of darkness. My first main game series was Soul Silver and i have loved the series ever since, but my favorite game to this day is still explorers of darkness

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I first heard of Pokemon through the anime. The first Pokemon I heard of was Pikachu, then it was Squirtle.​


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I remember I found my older cousin's pack of pokemon card's. He had all original 151 Pokemon card's (at the time I didn't know that was a rare collection indeed), with some repeating. Of course this was 1999 and I was only three year's old at the time, yes my memory is accurate. Then I left the pokemon scene after that because of that fact I didn't know what exactly it was yet, only that they all looked like unique creature. Sixth grade I was introduced to anime and manga, the whole Naruto scene. I had a group of friend's that would talk about Pokemon, and I asked them to teach me the rope's. One of them gave me a Pokemon Emerald, but I traded it for a Sapphire (stupid decision on behalf of the fact that he tricked me >_>, and I didn't know any better). Fun fact: I used my master ball on a Pelipper, which I was supposed to use to catch Kyogre lolz. But after that I was fascinated by the world of Pokemon, and ever since have done my research far and wide.


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My friend introduced me to Ruby, she gave me the game and I have never looked back since!

We are massive Pokemon fans now, and often battle/trade with each other.


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I first got into pokemon because....well, because it was all the kids at the time were talking about XD It was the moment's big thing so I really couldn't have stayed out of it. But while almost all the others forgot about it after a while, I never got tired of it. And neither I am today.

The thing I mostly enjoy about pokemon...are the games, of course. Though I recently tried to get into competitive play I realized that I just like to use the pokemon that look cooler to me. And I also recently got SLIGHTLY obsessed about shinies XD

But I really don't care about the anime or the TCG. I should read the manga (adventures, not reburst) as I think is quite enjoyable and well written.


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Back about 05/06 when I got my GBA... and Emerald *Sniff*
twas my first GBA game and the only one I played xD


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Well, I remember everyone on my block had LeafGreen. And I loved it, so I decided to get my own, but I got FireRed instead cause I wanted to have a different one. Yes, I came in at Gen 3, but at least I got hooked into it when it was still good.
I started watching my Cousin play her Pokemon HeartGold. Then I started watching the Anime online. That year, my parents got me HeartGold. When Black and White came out, I got Pokemon Black- and thats how I got COMPLETELY hooked. I joined 2 forums, I joined a club on one of my other forums, I got a handbook.. I even worked to get 1,000 tickets at an Arcade to get a Pikachu Plush. :D
My older brother has been a fan since the 1st generation games and growing up, I watched him play the games and I began to watch the show with him. When Ruby/ Sapphire came out, my brother said I should start playing the games and bought me Ruby and I have loved pokemon ever since. I was 9 years old when I got Ruby. Now I'm 16. My brother and I still play pokemon together c:


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When I was little, I used to watch the old anime with my brother, and it was my favorite show at the time. I guess you could say that my brother introduced me to Pokemon. He also had a few Pokemon toys and a Gold version, so I looked at them with curiosity as well.

My greatest passion about Pokemon is merely having the imagination of it all. Sometimes, I imagine how it'd be like if the Pokemon I cared for were real and traveling around the world with them by your side. It would have been a neat experience.