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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?


Now on vinyl
Ooooh, back in the 90's when I was just a little kid, what got me started was my big sister's VHS videos of several Pokemon episodes when Ash was still going for the Indigo League! and i was only 2 at the time. Then, what got me into the games...I went to a mall when I was 7 and asked for those little tamagotchi pikachu edition toys, but got a game boy color with the Silver version instead. I kept playing the games ever since.


The Swamp Creature!
Many moons ago, my best friend played Pokemon Stadium in front of me.
That got me interested.

It wasn't til I got my own game and saw how much work I had done to beat the game, that I realized I was hooked.


Well-Known Member
when the first episode of pokemon premiered i thought "aw what the heck! why not?" and i watched it.....changed. my. freaking. life. FOREVER!


I need healing
When it was my birthday my parents took me to a store to buy me a gameboy color but I didnt know that. When they told me which game I wanted between pokemon yellow or some mario game I chose yellow. I dont know what would have happened if I picked the mario game. And I still have pokemon yellow, seeing it reminds me of that day I chose it.

Snivy Link

Active Member
I found out about pokemon on my own by turning on TV, but i got introduced into the games by my best friend on accident when he left his Gameboy Advance SP at my house, it was either LeafGreen of FireRed. I evloved his Jigglytuff and he got mad at me when he found out because it was only on level 10 or something. But i didn't seriously get into it until last year when my explained it to me and stuff, he's like a few years older than me. I love it because pokemon r so cute and u cant help but to have feelings for them


I'm tired
My uncle found a Gameboy somewhere in the public and picked it up with a few carts. Then he decided to give it to us (I was 4 at that time). Some of the carts were Pokemon, so I decided to try them out. Eventually got addicted.


Well-Known Member
I saw the Pokemon anime and I became a big fan of the series, bought the cards but never bothered with the TCG because I just loved the artwork and Pokemon designs. I got solidified into the series when my parents got me the Game Boy Colour and Pokemon Gold (to my pleasant surprise :) ). Turned out to be my favourite game of the series (HeartGold is especially up there for the same reason). Ever since then, I've been an avid Pokemon Gamer.


The magic of Pokemon
The time: Fall/Winter 98
The place: My house

I have just received my newest Disney Adventures magazine in the mail. As I page through the stories, comics, and features, an ad on the very last page piques me: a bunch of weird creatures about to be caught in huge net. One creature stands out to me: a little yellow mouse with a lightning bolt shaped tail. I keep him in mind as I put the magazine on the shelf.

The next day, at school, i asked my best friend at the time just what this "Pokemon" thing that was taking the school by storm was. He then proceeds to show me a figure of the mouse creature, which he tells me is named "Pikachu". After he told me about Ash, Misty, Brock, and the rest of the gang, I decided I would get my hands on one of the games or catch the show on TV.

I went and got Blue that weekend--and the rest is history.

I have since stopped watching the show (due to the voice change), but I still play the games--because there is so much we don't know about the Pokeworld, and there's so many possibilities to explore that the games, the show, and the manga haven't touched.


be your own guru
The anime was a hit at the time.


Active Member
Back when I was 6 years old, it was the 1st week after my parents divorced. I had a GBA and my mom promised to get me and my brother (4 at the time) each a new game. At the time I had no idea what i was picking, so i just picked the coolest box cover. Groudon caught my eye. Although I never actually finished Ruby, I remember 3 things. Catching the Ralts for Wally, Getting stuck beating May under Cycling Road, and never actually making it through Victory Road. Ruby holds a special place in my heart and I will be 1st in line for the remake.


X&Y Fan
Before 2005 I never played any games. Then I got a Gameboy Color with a few games from people in my street. One of the games was Pokémon Blue and I chosen to play that game first. I didn't knew how to catch pokémon and how to save, so I stopped with gaming fast. until a cousin of me told me how pokémon works. I played very much since then and my parents decided to buy a Gameboy Advance for me and a few games, so I went to the shop and saw Pokémon Leafgreen and bought those game. (I still have the charizard from leafgreen, btw) In 2007 I bought a DS lite and (ofcourse) Pokémon Diamond and I loved pokémon even more since then! In 2008 I got a Darkrai from an event (my first event pokémon ever!) and I played pokémon for weeks without doing anything else. Ever since then, I played ALL of the pokémon games. My little brother used to play pokémon too, but he don't like it anymore. So i'm the only one I know that plays pokémon now. (My cousin doesn't play pokémon anymore... he says: 'It's boring, because in ALL the games, you have to collect 8 badges and stop a criminal organisation.')

Lt Steel

The Steel Curtain
The anime and the commercials involved with it. I wasn't into Digimon or anything else, just DBZ and Pokemon. I asked my father for Yellow Version and... Here we are today some 10+ years later and still loving it.

I think the best thing about Pokemon is that no matter how old you get, you can just pick it up and play at any age. It's always great to see how good/bad you were as a kid, especially if you still keep those old cartridges. I've restored and played mine and it might not be the same as when i was a kid, but it sure is a blast.


My parents got a gameboy for me and one for my brother, as well as Ruby and Sapphire (though I deviously swapped them at one point) and I loved the music - especially Ky/Gr/Ra battle music, Archie/Maxie battle and the surfing music.
I'm only just 13 now so ive havent got any gen 1 or 2 games but what got me into pokemon was my brother (now 17)... His gameboy advance and his shiny green game cartridge. I first played it about 2006 and my brother played it from 2 years after i came out (so no uber rare event pokemon) but still the feeling of a whole world with these amazing pokemon and my favourite pokemon makes me keep it and i still sometimes play it from then on myself and my brother have got every game. all gen 4 (minus ss) and both black/white


Well-Known Member
My neighbor, he was playing red and blue, as well as the other boys on the block and i wanted to try it too. So I did! And I've been playing it ever since!


The Great Gublet
My mom gave me my first Pokemon game in 2001 ish. I already had a Game Boy Color and I was getting really bored of sitting through my sister's basketball games all the time, so she got me Silver to keep my quiet >.< I don't think she had any idea what it was, it was probably just the first game she saw haha.


Active Member
Well I had just got my Game boy advance and my cousins gave me a sapphire which I still have . Since then I have been playing pokemon .


False Swipe!
I watched the anime when I was little, but never was interested in the games. Fast forward to 3rd gen and the remakes of 1st gen games, and I got both Emerald and Leaf Green for christmas. I tried to play emerald but got bored, so a few months later I picked up Leaf Green and was hooked. I wish I would have experienced the original gameboy games and , but playing through kanto and later hoenn was great. Though I must say, Diamond version is what kept me on, with the addition of wifi via the ds.


Isn't that Dandy?
saw the anime when I was small, and got yellow for chistmas, remember the good old days when the named cities and areas (i.e. indigo plateau, evergrande city) were the pokemon league