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Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?


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When I was six or five my best friend who is still my friend today let me play Pokemon Leafgreen, which was the best!! He let me catch, train and raise up a Caterpie which finally evolved into a Butterfree, That was one of the greatest moments ive ever had playing pokemon. About a year later and months of pocket money i bought firered and chose charmander as my starter.
The animé introduced me to Pokémon.
And my greatest passion about it is probably evolution, types or moves :p
I was 8 when i got my see-through purple gameboy color and pokemon red was the only game i ever had for it.
I stopped playing not after long and then when i was like 13 or 14 my friend got me back into pokemon by us playing an online pokemon game together xD
Been playing a lot ever since then because i hope to use every pokemon at some time in an ingame play.


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Back in '98 our neighbor's son gave me his old gameboy that he was bored of.
A month or so later a friend of mine brought this new game to school and showed it to me. It was Pokemon Blue version. Her parents had gotten it for her for her birthday.
We played for a while trying to figure things out (not that we could get beyond the basics since we were only 5 lol), and I fell in love with the game.
A couple months after that it was Christmas time and my dad bought me my first game: Pokemon Red version (since I loved Charizard so much).
And I've been playing ever since.


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The thing that got me into Pokemon was the anime and commercial in 1998.
in 2006 i was 9 my dad got me this game called Pokemon Ruby I look at the cover and the pokemon looket like Godzilla on the front so i opened it pop dat little game in my gameboy SP and boy i was happy.i did not beat the game because pokemon mystery dungeon and Ds's ceam out.I fell in love with Pokemon now and i can battle batter now


1 more day ^^
My brother introduced me to pokemon. When red and blue first came out he borrowed blue version from a former friend and was playing it, he let me play but I couldn't save a new game. I loved it so much that he got blue version and I got red version that christmas =D Of course he doesn't play pokemon anymore XD


Lover of underrated characters
I watched the show, and liked it. After my friend said it was a game I started playing


Casual Trainer
I've been playing Pokemon for as long as I can remember, it was so far back that I can't even remember getting my first which was Red, it makes me feel bad not remembering, but come on, I was probably like 4 when I got it, and I've just been in love with it since then, how people don't like I'll never know.
My greatest passion has to be the customability of your team, there is just so many variations of what Pokemon you can have and there stats, and it's hours of fun all in game.
I'm 16 now and still just so excited playing Pokemon!


I was walking in GameStop when I was 7 and saw this game with what looked like an orange dragon on it. I had just gotten a GBASP for my birthday,and it looked cool, so I bought it. It was Pokemon FireRed, my first Pokemon game.

Soon after, I was walking in Barnes and Noble and was looking in the manga section for Fullmetal Alchemist, and saw volume 1 of Pokemon adventures, 1st edition. I picked it up, read it, and then I had to go, but I've been reading it since XD


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I introduced myself i was 1 when I seen this they told me I was flipping through the channels and I seen it and it stayed with me and I'm a teen. I'm crazy I like have all the games and seen almost every episode


오션 마스터
in second grade some kid was always pretending he was a suicune when he ran across the playground at recess
because of him, i looked into the games, found pokemon sapphire and enjoyed the whole series from then on
I grew up watching the anime and got the first movie and 3rd movie on video. I got into the games when i saw my cousin encounter a shiny tauros my best mate also played alot too, now i do everything pkmn


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1st grade - got Red & Blue, played all the time. Watched the anime periodically with my bro. I wouldn't call it a "passion" but I do still enjoy the games and cards. (The anime is fun to watch if only so me and my bro can yell at Ash the entire time.)


Because I'm Happy.
My Uncle introduced me to Pokemon. he gave me his GBC, GBA, Sapphire, Red, Gold,ect.
No exact passion, maybe attempting to do well in VGC.


Shiny hunter :)
I grew up as a baby watching my brother play pokemon, so I was really exccited when he bought me Ruby version :D