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Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? (390)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. GoldenNoctowl77

    GoldenNoctowl77 Back in Business!

    They won't ban the episode guys. A Poached Ego still played even when the Poacher had some heavy artillery...
  2. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Exactly. I wish people would quit assuming banning's used as the first and only step. x_X It was one scene, not an entire episode. Only difference between Ryo and the Safari Zone Warden is that Ryo never fired his gun whereas the warden did. Several times. And at children.

    So Nyaasu pulled out a cannon that fired out electricity, big whoop. o_O As if we haven't seen electricity for the entire showings of both series'.
  3. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    *looks over the posts in the thread* Good GOD. I was just kidding around. o.o; I obviously don't think that that scene is actually an orgy, instead of the Pokemon just playing around. I said it LOOKS like something dodgy. LOOKS. The Pokemopolis site is based on that frikken idea. (Seriously, the amount of pictures take clearly out of context on that site is unbelieveable. May bending over for example... it LOOKS a hell of a lot like Brock and Max are staring at her a*s. Ritchie with his hand in a very dodgy place, and Ash looking shocked, as another. It kinda LOOKS like Ritchie is feeling up Ash's a*s. -_-)

    Lighten up. :p

    Edit: Oh, and The Big Al? I find it funny that you choose to comment on me when I KNOW that you go to AGNPH. Don't think I didn't notice your name when you replied to that person commenting on the Max x May doujinshi. Oh, and before you say it, YES I went there myself but I'm willing to admit it.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2005
  4. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    And it's not as if kids are going to go out and purchase a hi-tech beam weapon and follow meowth's example...
  5. This episode looks quite good, I'm going to watch it later on. It's the first time in the anime when a human has seen a Wynaut ^_^
    I like it when Drew makes appearances, I like him.

    [SPOIL]PM me for you know what (if you want it that is).[/SPOIL]
  6. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    No, not allowed... I'd suggest that you remove the link ASAP.
  7. Yeh, it's not allowed.

    I just saw this episode and it was great! The artwork was better in this episode and characters didn't just stand around like they usually do *coughbBrockcough*.
  8. Space Skitty

    Space Skitty Hoenn Champion

    So Shuu had called Haruka just by her name instead of "Haruka-kun?" That's interesting... Did Haruka address Shuu any differently on this episode, too?
    BTW, what does it mean when someone doesn't use honorifics at the end of a person's name? Does it mean they're familiar with eachother or something? I heard Satoshi-tachi don't use honorifics when they address one another. I'm so full of questions! ^.^;;
  9. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Something like that. >.> *hasn't really thought about it much himself* It depends on the honorific, really. Using and not using -kun is obviously going to different than, say... using and not using -chan, or -sama/-dono.

    Although, I'm not too sure on -kun. I've usually only seen it used between boys (Shinji and Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, eh... that's the only example I can think of. XD) or by people 'above' the other. Roxanne used the -kun honorific with Ash, for example.
  10. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    That would be correct. The one exception would be that Masato always calls Haruka "onei-chan" (sp?), never her real name.
  11. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    what does onie-chan mean? Is that Japanese for sister?
  12. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    It's "Onee-chan", and it's a Japanese term for 'older sister'.

    In general, using someone's name without any honorific is a very familiar form of address.
  13. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Sorry, that must have been another Big Al (there are many of us you know). I seriously don't know what your talking about.

    EDIT: However, i can be pretty six minded as well. I will admit that.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2005
  14. ;360;Who ;360;What ;360;When ;360;Where ;360; Wynanut:

    Do you think that ;202; and;360; will chat??????
  15. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    I thought this episode was great. The Wynaut seemed so happy, it was actually kawaii. Jeesie worrying about Wobbuffet for a change was funny. Also, it was hilarious when TR were talking about hearing Wobbuffet and it was just standing behind them eating leichi berries.
    One question, though. Both May and Drew helped save the leichi berries. How come May was rewarded with some of the leichi berries and Drew got nothing??????
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2006
  16. Akane

    Akane Well-Known Member

    I just seen this great epsiode. And it was so awesome. The Wyanut were so cute! ^^ And when Drew and May worked together to get the Lychee berries back...totally awesome! And they seem to get a little more friendier to each other. ^.^ But anyway, and of course Ash and Pikachu was great. XD

    So I give this 10/10
  17. ghost master

    ghost master the kawaiist thing

    this was good. There were alot of pacifidlog references which made got me frustrated that they're not airing it. Drew's voice kinda annoyed me occasionally. The episode was good. May has an interesting definiton of having fun with the wynaut. I believe cybercubed had a sig about that as well if you catch my drift. One minor thing noted May called her pokedex dexdette. Also Roselia is only a little over 1/2 Drew's height in this episode. [SPOIL]So I wonder what happened to make it grow so big since the last episode in japan roselia was as big as Drew.[/SPOIL]
  18. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Same thing as May's Pokemon: Age.

    The longer he's had Roselia, the bigger it is. Compare Ash's Bulbasaur to May's.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2006
  19. Drew barely played a role in this episode, sadly. Brock could've taken his place easily. Still, he's a cool character, and an episode with him that doesn't involve Contests is cool.

    Speaking of which, considering the lengths KidsWB! is going to to avoid the 5th Contest, why don't they remove the abundant references to May's next Contest? At first, I thought that some of the less intelligent viewers wouldn't notice the skipping of the Pacifidlog Contest, but with remarks about it popping up left and right, I expect a lot of people are going to realize that something's amiss.

    Epsiode about Mirage Island is an instant win IMO ;).

    The Wynaut were cute, but the little Wynaut party struck me as odd. Not the Wynauts themselves, because the Dex says they do that, but May's invite. She seemed honored by the invitation, like the Wynauts could give her no greater a gift 0_o. Interacting with wild Pokémon is certainly a treat for most Trainers, but being that pleased about it is just strange.

    Masquerain's voice was adorable, as always. They reused the same Silver Wind scene a lot, however.

    Leichi Berries look cool in the animé, and I liked the various reactions to them by the characters.

    Wobbuffet balloon, eh? Never saw why Team Rocket used it in the first place, but I'm glad they did :D

    Jessie's reaction to Wobbuffet, though far from being as poignant as James's devotion to his Pokémon, was still rather nice to watch. It's good to see she has a bit of human affection in her.

    Meowth's cannon was kept. I expected it would be, but after the 5th Contest news, I wasn't sure how KidsWB! would react to it....Meh, still looked great.

    The animation in this episode was pretty good. It's nothing compared to Showdown at Linoone, but it was still great, especially in certain scenes.

    Roderick was a cool character, and pretty unexpected.

    TR was smart about the Leichis. They are extremely rare, so selling them would get them loads of money.

    Overall rating:
    9.2 out of 10
    Perhaps Showdown at Linoone just got me excited, but this episode fell a bit short of my expectations. It was still a god May/Drew-centric episode, though, and a quality Hoenn episode.

    The 8th Champion
  20. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    "Wynaut episode"

    This was the better of the two episodes, and a nice set-up episode for the Grand Festival. We haven't seen Drew in awhile, and it was nice to see him have an adventure with May.

    Just what WAS May doing with those Wynaut anyway? Looks like they were all rubbing their bodies together and enjoying themselves. :sweat:

    Jessie's concern for Wobbufett was amusing to say the least. Meowth gets a super laser gun from nowhere, and May plays the damsel of distress at the end.

    Some of Drew's lines in this episode really made me laugh, such as "You don't get out much do you?" and "We'll see about that next time I beat ya." :D

    Drew is the only person who can make a Roselia look good with him. Sheesh, I can't imagine any other male character prancing around with a Roselia as their lead Pokemon....except maybe James and Harley...but the list begins and ends with them.

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