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Who will be the Spiritomb/Drapion of Leon vs Ash if Ash beats Cynthia?


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The Spirtiomb/Drapion is a mon newcomer, Drapion was 1st seen in that league match, Spirtitomb was also 1st seen here, its also not seen in the anime often or uses in battles like Drapion. It adds to the element of suprise of what the mon will do. Or will it just be Rillaboom again?

If Ash beats Cynthia then Leons sweeper will one of the mons we have yet to see from him and one that isnt in the anime often.
This is Leons in game team if hes using Rillaboom
>Charizard- Seen in anime
>Rillaboom- Seen in anime
>Dragapult-Seen in anime
>Aegislah-Seen in other animes but not JN
>Haxorus-Seen on Iris
>Rhyperior- Not seen in Masters 8 yet


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Good topic.

Rillaboom would be repetitive, so I'll rule him out. Dragapult was shown and went 1-1 (I know the Gorilla did vs Alain too) but for this reason, I will rule him out. Unless the animators want to reuse some stock animations, Haxorus is also unlikely due to it already doing well in the M8 and getting some shine.

Charizard could but then they would have to justify how it doesn't sweep Ash's entire team, nearly, if it comes out first. Randomly recalling it after tearing up 2 or 3 Pokemon would raise eyebrows but I admit these writers aren't above doing something like this.

That leaves Aegislash and Rypherior. I would go for Aegislash since it seems to be way more plausible for it to sweep with it alternating between attacking and defensive forms and the right time.


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I really hope Leon uses Rhyperior, my boy needs some respect for once in his life. As for the question, if there's some kind of sweeper then it's either going to be Charizard or Rillaboom.
Like SerGolden said, Rhyperior hasnt gotten the spotlight yet so now might be its time to shine, but Aegislash swtiching formes could also be a game changer.
I hope Sesimitoad is a wildcard
I could really see Sesimitoad wreaking ash with a Poison Touch though.


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this poison touch, swift swim talk has me hoping it's seismitoad now lol

aegislash is also a good pick with king's shield and stance change. it can be a real problem. ash's team mostly relies on physical moves so they'd be constantly risking the attack-drop. limiting ash's options to electroweb, thunderbolt, the ineffective aura sphere, the not very effective draco meteor, and gengar- which is weak to ghost type moves

oh and water gun is an option too i guess lol


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This should be in the spoilers section

Put me on the Seismitoad train. That thing is by far my favorite Pokémon Leon uses and one of my favorites in general. Let it sweep Ash's team for all I care. Rhyperior or Rillaboom would be cool too though I'm hoping for at least one new team member to replace Haxorus


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Both beat several Pokemon and were shown to possess amazing strategy, alongside eliminating half of Ash's team.
Drapion - Buizel, Staraptor, and Torterra.
Spiritomb - Pikachu, Dragonite, and Gengar.
So that's where it ends then.

-Drapion lasted for 3 episodes
-Drapion poisoned Ash's team
-Drapion was able to attack from the front and the back and grab ahold of smaller pokemon with it's tail.

Drapion to me came off as more of a threat and was able to do more for Paul's team,a nice replacement for Ursaring.


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Tbh I hope he doesn’t just use his in-game team, I liked when they switched up Kukui’s

Samurott would be cool imo. Another unova water type that hasn’t battled much. It fits his weapons theme and fills out his starter trio, which is almost evenly spread out with Gen 1, 5 and 8