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Who will you play as?

Who you will play as?

  • Boy

    Votes: 76 58.9%
  • Girl

    Votes: 46 35.7%
  • Dunno yet

    Votes: 7 5.4%

  • Total voters


Fact: PS5 is a unicorn
If theres a thread of this, I'm sorry. Anyways, I havent think of it yet.


Zangoose Lover
Probably the girl... I really don't like the look of the guy.

Metal Force

The boy of corse, because well I'm a boy, after completing the game many times I might choose the girl due to the fact that I want to change a little.


if i get both versions, i'll be the guy in diamond and the girl in pearl

but if i don't get both, the guy because i am one!


Fact: PS5 is a unicorn
Well, I'm a male, so..i'll play as the boy for Diamond. I'll may get both, so i'll play as the girl for Pearl.
Girl coz she'ss hotttt... ^^
But if I think of it, I'd pick the girl coz all others have been guys... Plus I already have Brock, Ash and Richie as trainer names... lol


Thunder Trainer
Both Boy in Diamond and Girl in Pearl


Boy 'cause I'm a boy, and the diamond/pearl boy look is very cool!


Silver Smashers CO
The guy. Hey, if we're enjoying the WiFi battles and trades, we won't be seeing that hat too often. And hey, I kinda disliked Ash's hat in FR/LG. I got used to it.

Moonlight Locust

Wait, am I back? Wow
Male for two options:
1.I'm Male
2.If I'm teh Female on Pearl(I wanna be) my bro may watch and insult me. @_@