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Who would you save?

Who would you save?

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Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
A house is burning down in front of you. There are only two people inside - the person you love the most, whether it's your mother, father, spouse, or child, and someone who has the mystical power to heal any ailment or disease upon contact, which includes diseases that don't have specific cures yet (he's the only one in the whole world with that power) - however, he can't use that power to heal himself. Both of them will die if they are not saved. You can only save one person; there isn't enough time to save both, as they're at different ends of the house. And you're the only one around who can save them.

Which one would you save, if any, and why?
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Leafeon Lover
As much as I'd love to say I'd save the Magical Healer, I know that in the heat of the moment (excuse the pun) I wouldn't be able to resist saving the person that I love the most. I think it's human nature to protect those that you love so I hold some scepticism for any that say they wouldn't save their loved one in this situation, no matter how rational they are.

Weedy Spyze

Well-Known Member
Why couldn't the magical healer...you know, heal himself?

Anyway, I'd be more interested in saving my loved one of course.


I would save the magical healer and then use his powers to heal the loved one.

Both of them cannot die if the healer can heal the burns rapidly while the loved one escapes.


Shade in Shades
My loved one.
Because it reality, magical healers don't exist and the world is doing fine without them.

Or, I'd make someone else save the magical healer

But, most likely this would happen


smell ya!
The magical healer can save himself

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I don't know the guy with the healing magic, even if my loved one knew him, unless they don't know him either and he was the one who set the house on fire, or vice versa. Either way, I'm saving my loved one, simple as that.


Well-Known Member
**** the magic healer, I'll choose my family over anyone everyday.


Black & Yellow
My loved one, because what good is magic without having the ones u love around you.