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Who's Better?

Who is better/cooler, Dialga or Palkia?

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Queen of Ice
Dialga cuz I like how it looks better then the other guy


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Missingno. Obviously.
i to vote for messingno. He's pro

out of dialga and palkia.. i voted dialga but thats pretty biased cos in my pearl game ive only just got the 4th badge lol.. so dialga cos hes the only 1 of the 2 ive used. still.. messingno ;)
Dialga, because it looks cooler than Palkia, has many type resitances, and has roar of time.
Dude, Roar of Time is one of those Recharge moves, those are Awful.

Palkia is much better. It has more Sweeping potential, Greater speed, and could probably take down Dialga in a fight. Spacal Rend beats Roar of Time. However, lets not forget, Dialga is still powerful, a 150 Base Sp Atk, paired with Specs and Stab, when this thing uses Draco Meteor it's not showing any Mercy. Of course...Palkia can do this too.

Black Charizard1168

Shiny Pokemon Lover
I like Palkia more, but I think Diagla looke cooler. :) I picked Diagla.


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I say dialga cause he's sexy and he listens to me in SSBB


Show Me Ya Noobs
Palkia is so better than Dialga!!!!!!!!!!!

Palkia has only one weakness, Dialga has two.

Palkia is cooler and stronger than Dialga.
dialga has 12 resistances, palkia has 3.
out of dialgas weaknesses, only one uber can majorly exploit them-groudon.
out of palkias weakness, well:
palkia itself
10 pokemon that can exploit palkias one weakness( and its lower defenses) against one for dialga.
dialga is so much better than palkia!


That guy.
Palkia kills Diagla competitively.

Looks? I dislike them both.

So I go with Palkia. After all, I got Pearl.


I like dialga, the steel type is nice.


~Deity of Valleity~
Dialga because he was the first legendary to have control over time after celebi.


Im still lonely
Palkia is so better than Dialga!!!!!!!!!!!

Palkia has only one weakness, Dialga has two.

Palkia is cooler and stronger than Dialga.

They made palkia flee to the town in the movie so the movie would be better life threatening situations
palkia has one weaknes but dailga has tons of resistince which makes him just as good
I think it's a toss up, I voted for palkia since I have pearl...
Diagla looks cool and is "better" at tanking I guess, but palkia is a beast when combined with kyogre on a team.


Bringer of Doom
Palkia of course. It is way better than Dialga in the game. It looks much cooler too; Dialga looks like a cross between a disgruntled blue horse and a trash compactor. Plus, distorting space is way more interesting than controlling time. That time travel stuff is too overdone. Palkia all the way.