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Who's completed the Kanto dex?

Who's completed the Kanto dex?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 56.5%
  • No

    Votes: 10 43.5%

  • Total voters
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I don't know!
Well, who has? I did yesterday.I could have finished 6 months earlier if i could like up. It's such a pain in the *** to go to my friends house all the time for the sole purpose of linking up. And i still need the National dex. It isn't too common for him to be home anyway :p Now back on topic. Who's completed the dex?


Well-Known Member
Pfft. Ages ago, Kanto 'dex was easy. I've also captured all the Johto Pokémon too (including Celebi, thanks to someone with a disc) and am on number 345 in my 'dex. Have everything else, just need everything after 345.


Fog Trainer
nice, ive completed the kanto dex. the only hard part was evolving rhyhorn, doduo and catching chansey


I don't know!
Chansey my brother traded me. When my friend was home of course :p and i eveolved it. I had no EXP. share at the time (long story) so it was tough.
i completed hoenn ages ago and kanto OMFG AGES AGO never did do JOHTO though-_-


insert custom title
Mew isn't exactly needed to complete the dex, iirc. I've completed mine ages ago. But having Mew in there would be fun. I only need Celebi, stupid super-elusive #251 pokemon, to complete the national dex.


Jade Star Trainer
i have all but mew bc i dont go 2 wonderspots or use cheating devices, and im pretty close 2 filling the national dex
I finished mine about 2 months ago, i got destracted by emerald, and then i had to work on evolving Ryhorn to get the last pokemon I needed


you amaze me.
I have and when I finally did I was so proud of myself that I accidently started over! T.T


Live Long & Prosper
I did. Too bad I lost LeafGreen... I have 374 on the national dex, needing only a couple of Hoenn Pokemon(excluding Jirachi and Deoxys... lucky me...)Celebi, Mew and something else...


The only TWO stinkin pokemon that i need to complete the national dex are MILOTIC and ATTACK DEOXYs!!! I seriously have cuaght(and raised to a desent level) every other pokemon, including defense/speed/normal deoxys, mew, celebi, jirachi, the legendary dogs, and everthing else... I NEED TO CATCH THEM!!!




I have completed my kanto dex inclusive mew on red
Completed the johto inclusive celbi en mew

I get the celebi en mew from a china boy, but I don't know of the pkmn are cheated

(I'm dutch, and I can't speak english very well, so...)

Atomic Boo

Oddium Wanderus ftw
Completed Kanto Dex (without mew) but am very close to completing National. For some strange reason i dont have a stantler (i have collosseum though) and i havn't got round to catching Deoxys yet or catching Eon ticket Latios on sapphire to trade over yet. Apart from them, i'm almost complete.


Ray Tracer
I had pretty much luck with mine kanto dex , since it was soooo damn easy to fill it ;D And besides , my first Chansey had Lucky Egg attached to it aswell , so the training time was cut for me ;D
I am so proud of my filled Kanto dex, because Kanto pokies are my favourite ;D I don't know if I am going to fill everything else since I am quite lazy :p

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
seeing as I have done the national dex (except for some event pokemon) I can say yes, I have done the kanto dex

king krab kingler

I have completed the kanto dex,Only got solrock for the hoenn dex and I need to do a lot of breeding and work in my emerald game to complete my johto dex.It is going to be really hard to get ho-oh and lugia without cheating though.
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