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Who's Flying Now? (360)


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Who's Flying Now?

Finally in Fortree City, Ash & Co. find that they have arrived in time for their annual feather carnival. Ash & Co. enjoy the festivities however Team Rocket are in and trying to capture all the Flying Pokémon. Will they succeed?

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Factory Head Noland

This was such a cool episode, Skarmory's Sky Attack was awesome!!
I wonder why Winona never used it in the Gym Battle, it would have been a great opponent for Ash.


Since I haven't seen this episode... I'm going by the pictures... I'm just stunned that Swellow managed to hang on after being zapped with electricity about three times... brave little guy!


They ALWAYS succeed. I HATE Liza. She always makes bad comments about me.


Team Awesome
I'm counting down the days to Chimecho's debut. I can't wait until we finally get to see this episode!!! :D :D :D Chimecho is so adorable, and I'm glad that James got to fulfill a childhood dream by capturing one. Plus, at least we get to see the magickarp salesman again. :D

We still have 22 episodes to go before we get here. :p I don't know how I can wait till spring to see this episode.
who has notice that in hoenn the gym leader always appears one ep before the battle or appears once after the battle. so gym leaders always appear twice.
-Roxanne- gonna rule the school and the battle
-brawly -ash losing and ash wining
-wattson- watt's with wattson and the rematch
-flannery- going going yawn and Poetry Commotion
-norman- ash losing ash wining and a few others.
winona- this one and the battle in the next ep.

It also happens with liza and tate. ;358;

and i thought of a dub name

-listening to a chimecho- (pun on the words listening to a chime) ;358;
-listen to the chimecho- (pun on the words listen to the echo) ;358;
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Oh, I wish I could see this episode... it would be so cool to watch... not just this episode, all of the other episodes of the Pokemon Series from season 7 with May on it... well, that's all for now, and if you're wondering why, Pokemon is not aired in our country...


Well, Chimecho is another pokemon I mispronounced. The best part was that dub music while the pokemon were on the rides and all Chimecho appearances. Dang Team Rocket ALWAYS mess up Gym battles!!


Yeah, ok!
Today's episode was a basic set-up episode for Ash's 6th GYM match.

I was surprised to hear one of the pikachu Jukebox songs during the episode, they haven't played those in YEARS.

James must have really traveled around the world as a kid, he's been to Johto, Hoenn, everywhere. And seeing the Magikarp salesman trick James again makes it all the more amusing.

And wow, May really enjoyed her ride with Winona on the Skarmory, that was....arousing.

I still never expected James to get a Chimecho though, how can that cute thing blast off with TR's other Pokemon?


Contaminated KFC
How did Chimecho sound, may I ask? I'm hoping that, if they did dub over its voice, its voice sounds like a ringing windchime~


*swoons for Noland*
For a filler I really enjoyed this episode. I was so happy for James to get his Chimecho. I was hoping it would be pronounced with a "k" sound not with a soft "ch" (like in chop).

Though it did annoy me about how complacent TR became whenever Chimecho used Heal Bell.

"We're blasting off again! Oh well, at least Chimecho is using Heal Bell." That'll get annoying fast.


Yeah, ok!
Gravy said:
How did Chimecho sound, may I ask? I'm hoping that, if they did dub over its voice, its voice sounds like a ringing windchime~

Well it's a very cutesy voice, it's a bit different from any other dubbed pokemon voice so that's good. (It doesn't sound like Whismur or Jigglypuff for example)

It did say "Chime chime!" so I assume that's a dub voice. I think they did pretty good with Chimecho myself.


I was also surprised to see them play "You & Me & Pokemon" (correct me). Makes sense though if the original version had a song in there.

Chimecho's voice didn't disappoint me. It sounds like... well I'm not good at describing Pokemon's voices but it's filled with charm and echos.

Did that Hoppip sound like a Skiploom when it was flying away?

And did that Dusclops said Duskull or something? My ears are definitely getting bad. :(

Ash pulled Brock's ear away; but that didn't last long as Max "steals the glory" with Winona.

Did anybody beside me enjoy Winona's voice? I thought it sounded quite right.

Ah, enough nitpicking. I enjoyed this episode just as any other set-up episode. :)


Do you hate pink?
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I thought that this episode flowed nicely into next week's gym battle. But I have some nitpicks, good and bad, about this episode. Overall, though, it was quite a joy to watch. /\ _ /\

Also, has anyone noticed that the announcer on the Pokemon commericial called Winona WHY-no-na? I was like, "WTF?!?" but then, they said WIN-no-na in the episode, so it calmed me down. i know, there is not much difference, but WHY-no-na? Good thing the episode said WIN-no-na. Phew.

-GOOD NITPICK: Chimecho's voice was cute. Nice. Calm. Cutesy. Different. Very unique.

-BAD NITPICK: Winona's voice. It sounded to teenage girly for me. I expected Winona's voice to be deep, mature, and elegant, sort of like Roxanne's voice with even more elegance and calmness. Well, at least the voice was different (I had high hopes for Flannery's voice, which sounded awfully like Shawna...)

-BAD NITPICK: Have you noticed that the Hoppip in the Chimecho "costume" didn't say a thing. I expected a peep or a voice, but nothing. Silence. Utter silence.

-GOOD NITPICK: The music when Pika and his pals scouraged the park. I never wouldv'e seen a PokeJukebox song to be played. Surprised, yet pleased.

-BAD NITPICK: It's not that major, but the Trainer's Choice. I thought that Solrock would be a more logical answer. Not that Lombre was right, but I was thinking a little differently, but you could all say that Lombre was right, too.

It was a good episode. Nice transition to the gym battle, and we got to know more about WIN-no-na.

And praise to Ash for the ear thing. Now, everyone in the gang has done it (except for Pikachu and all the other Pokemon)


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Crap. Slept through the first half.

What I saw was good. Chimecho and Winona both had fine dub voices (I'm glad they didn't give her Clair's VA). Trainer's Choice...eh, Solrock would've been better. Lombre is part grass, canceling out its fire resistance.

As for the Magikarp salesman, he wasn't very funny this time. Except when he said Chimechos can predict winning lottery tickets. LOL.


This was a great episode. I really enjoyed it, I needed a good episode. Chimecho was cool, I glad James got it after his touching story. Winona looks like a good gym leader, she will promise a good gym battle. I can't wait until next Saturday, the gym battle.



X-Men/Pokemon Fan!
~Bayleef~ said:
This was such a cool episode, Skarmory's Sky Attack was awesome!!
I wonder why Winona never used it in the Gym Battle, it would have been a great opponent for Ash.

It wasn't Sky Attack, It was Steel Wing. :D
Also I'm glad she didn't use her Giant Skarmory in their Gym Battle with Ash, because it would've been unfair, because her Giant Skarmory would've wiped out all of Ash's Pokemon with one swipe.
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I was very pleased with Chimecho's voice--sounds almost exactly like Chirean(there's a small difference in the voices, but it's there)! Gotta be one of the best Pokémon dub voices ever.:) 'You and Me and Pokémon' playing...haven't heard that in a while(I have a strange urge to get my 'Totally Pokémon' CD out and play the karaoke version.^_^; )! Skarmory gets spotlight--yayness! Though I'm very sure that was Sky Attack and not Steel Wing it used... I highly anticipate the dogfight next week...where you see why Swellow are so awesome(hey, they are)!:p


Not a bad episode, but nothing hugely original. Again, we see the gym leader introduced an episode early. Again, we see the crew have a good time until TR screws it up. Again, we see the salesman trick James. Again, the gym leader shows how powerful they are by defeating TR. Again, James has a Pokemon that likes to annoy him in one way or another. I liked the flash back involving James. Again, I didn't hate it, but I wasn't completely satisfied...