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Who's Flying Now? (360)


it has been a while ago, if i'm not mistaken this was the episode where there was story about james's past with his chimeco i thought, it was a fun episode.


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Oh shiny swellow was so cool ^_^
i love it =3


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Very swell episode to watch, and Winoa was like awesome. And yeah, I liked it when James got a Chimeco, I presume.


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I just watched this episode and loved how they included the Magikarp salesman.
He has got to be the greatest recurring character ever.
It's great how James falls for the trick everytime.


So Ash and friends arrived in Fortree City. I disliked that the city wasn't protrayed much, at least not it's unique treehouses. We got to meet Winona at the festival and she looked awesome riding on a Skarmory. The highlight of this episode was James buying that fake Chimecho from the Magikarp Salesman and then finally getting the real one near the end. Anyway, I was a tad disappointed that we had to have this episode right before the battle though. 2-part episodes make me lose interest. 6/10.
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Great, i loved how Skarmory beat TR with his powefull moves.

And I loved to see all the flying pokemon.

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I like Winona because I like flying Pokemon too (Pity she didn't have a Pidgeot, or aleast I think anyway since Gym leaders seem to have tons more Pokemon we see or are mentioned). Nice to see James catch Chimecho.


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Winona should have used her Swellow so it will get two appearances...
Loved how the the Magikarp man has appeared again and James' fake Chimecho. It's funny as usuall...


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But I really liked Winona and I'm glad James got a Chimecho.

Good episode.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Gym Leader Wyonna for the 1st time. Skarmory's Sky Attack was really cool. It was funny to see the Magikarp Salesman once again tricking James into buying a Chimecho when it really was a Hoppip. It was great to see James catch a real Chimecho. It was interesting to see TR have Chimecho use Heal Bell after blasting off.



Oh Magikarp Salesman. There isn't a single episode that you are in that I don't find funny. Winona was a pretty interesting Gym Leader I suppose. It's around this time where I forget things about AG so I'll hopefully enjoy a few episodes before Thunder Armor Pikachu arrives.

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I've always wondered if Winona had any relatives who were in any Air Force anywhere like the Hoenn Air Force for example.

A great episode, would have been even greater with references to a Hoenn Air Force


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Magikarp Salesman appears again! If anything, he's probably one of my favorite minor recurring characters. I also loved Winona and how Brock - as always- fluttered all over her. The other thing I find quite surprising was James capturing a Chimecho - I saw that Pokémon rarely unfortunately ;(
The Magikarp salesman appeared again! It must be my birthday!
Neat to see some backstory on how James has always wanted a Chimecho.
Glad he finally got one in the end. :)


I loved the carnival setting here, especially seeing Meowth and Jessie eating corndogs and hamburgers and such. I liked that James's sob story about missing out on getting a Chimecho as a child was good foreshadowing for him catching Chimecho here, although I wish that the disguised Hoppip had been kept by James. Alas, it was an average episode.

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Well Fortree city wasn't as cool in the show as I had expected cuz we hardly saw the tree houses. I liked seeing James buy a fake Chimecho however and I was glad that he eventually found a real one.


James and Chimecho were the best parts especially how he got tricked into buying a fake one lol. Winona was just kind of meh.


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I loved this episode.I liked Winnoa.It was cool to see the carnival.James's childhood flashbacks were very sweet.I laughed when he got tricked and ended up buying a hoppip but I'm glad that he got a chimeco for himself.It's very cute! :) 8.8/10.


Good that James captured Chimecho after he was tricked by the Magikarp salesman. But to me Chimecho was too boring. 6/10