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Who's Flying Now? (360)

It was cool to see Gym Leader Winona for the 1st time. It was funny to see the Magikarp Salesman once again tricking James into buying a Chimecho when it really was a Hoppip ll. It was great to see James catch a real Chimecho.


I liked this episode, especially since TR got to add another new Pokemon to their collection. Gee, James reaction to Chimecho is downright shippy!


I thought the beginning of it was kinda funny, cause they actually went right by Fortree City when they went up those steps. Anyway, that was really funny how they had to keep walking back up and down those steps all those times. And I liked the part when Max took a ride on Skarmory and then May took a ride on it. I wished Ash would've taken a ride on it too. That would've been cool!


Hiwamaki City's festival seemed like a good way to introduce Satoshi to Nagi, but I thought that him, Takeshi, and Haruka letting their Pokemon run free there was a silly idea. Kojirou getting tricked by the Koiking salesman again was slightly repetitive, although at least he managed to catch his own genuine Chirean in the end.


I call you honey
I loved when they showed James as a child because I always love flashbacks. Chimecho should have had a more delicate voice though. Other than that, it was good.


As adorable as Kojirou's new Chirean was, I did secretly dread that we'd see Kojirou treat it as more of a mascot or pet than a battler, which was sadly what we'd eventually see happen.


Eh, Winona seemed too boring so I wasn't even interested in her in this episode. I liked the Team Rocket scenes more because of how dumb James was for falling for yet another Magikarp salesman scam. He should be more careful about deals that seem too good to be true.
Aww Chimeco is so cute!!! Chime chime!
They played You and Me and Pokémon. Love the scene of Pikachu and Swellow getting scared on the rollercoaster while Skitty is just :D