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Whos getting Explorers of Darkness and Time?

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Team Pheonix

New Member
It comes out on April right? Yea im getting it, i just want to know who else is getting it.


I'm getting it on the 22nd, because that's when a book comes out. You see, I rather read my favorite series before starting PMD. ;D
I'm probably getting only one of them: Time.


Similar thread. >__>

Dark Arceus

Worst. Name. Ever.
Whenever I can. Probably a week after it comes out, then going to try order it off ebay (that might take a few days) and then a week for it to arrive. I'm getting it, but it may be a while.


.:~Silent Strength~:
Because Japan doesn't really care about Australia I'll be getting Time (cooler name) about two months later than everybody else. Celebrate, guys.


Piplup Master
Ill be getting Explorers of Time to, sounds and looks much better!
Also its called Explorers of TIME, does Time remind you of anyone? Celebi and Dialga!


<= Sabrina!
I can't wait i'll get it as soon as i can. I'll be getting Time

Ghost Dialga

Master Trainer
I pre-ordered Darkness :D I plan on getting it the day it comes out.
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