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Who's gonna be your starter?

Who's your starter?

  • Chikorita

    Votes: 844 20.4%
  • Cyndaquil

    Votes: 1,905 46.1%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 1,380 33.4%

  • Total voters
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Totodile is one of my favorite starter Pokemon.


Epic Trainer
Cyndie! If you choose Toti, Silver gets Chikorita, (who is slightly feminine) And NO one should choose Chicky as a Starter due to overdose off Grasstypes.


Pokemon Trainer
Totodile for old times sake, and cause hes cool.


I've changed my mind. Cyndaquil will not be my starter. Instead, Totodile will be my starter because I've never made him my starter, and he's the one I don't have yet. I've got all the other ones, plus their all evolved. I only need totodile to complete the collection.


La Reine de la Nuit
I'll get Totodile because my boyfriend is picking Cyndaquil and his friend picks Chikorita. ^ ^


Queen of Charizards!
I'm gonna get both games but soul silver is first and the starter im chosing for soul silver is cyndaquil


Veteran Trainer
I'm transferring a level 5 Larvitar over from my platinum to use as my starter I almost never use the normal In-game starter
Wow. I had no idea so few people used Chikorita. I find the grass starters the best of the three types personally. Hmm, odd. Ah well, each to his own.


When I get totodile fully evolved, I'm going to prepare him for battle against both his weaknesses. Ice fang to crush grass types and dig so he can squash electric types. Oh, and he'll have shadow claw and crunch handy for Morty's ghost types. Also, ice fang will eliminate Clair's and Lance's dragons. This time, I don't plan on losing to anybody in my new game. HEH!
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I will be doing it like i have every other pokemon game. FIRE FTW. yay for fire. I just just try and hurry through. FIRE TYPES FTW

Silver Fang

New Member
I'm going with Chikorita. Cyndaquil makes the game easier than it already is. Totodile would be my second choice, but there are plenty of other water types in Johto that are pretty good.


Quite ze breeder!
Because it's Fire and good to have.

That, and it proved itself totally useful on the Gold playthrough I did last summer to celebrate HGSS.
Damn I still need Tin Tower and Whirl Islands. Keep forgetting about them o_O

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted. For the US release I'm getting HG, and I'm going with Cyndaquil this time. That was my starter on the original Gold. I'll be transferring a Bulbasaur and a Mudkip to join him on my start-out team.

Pearl Parukia

Intermediate Battler
In all my pokemon games, I've always taken the Grass pokemon, except in remakes (like Emerald, and Platinum). Although these are remakes, this will be the first time I'll be playing in the Johto region, so I'll choose Chikorita.


From Zero To Hero
I'm gonna use each of them, one at a time, but for the first playthrough it will be Cyndaquil, then Chikorita, and then Totodile.
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