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Who's gonna be your starter?

Who's your starter?

  • Chikorita

    Votes: 844 20.4%
  • Cyndaquil

    Votes: 1,905 46.1%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 1,380 33.4%

  • Total voters
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Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
I'm using Chikorita. It's my favorite Grass starter, and while I like Totodile a bit I don't really care for Cyndaquil, so I'm using my favorite of them. =P


Well-Known Member
Chikorita in SoulSilver I don't know I just felt like having a Chikorita, I still managed to beat the gym leaders who most of them had a huge advantage at it and the E4.

I was originally going to use Cyndaquil in HeartGold but I kept reseting the file for some reason so I went with Totodile for some reason. (My signature is obvious in HeartGold)
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Trainer of Champions
I started with Totodile the first time, Cydaquil the second time and Chikorita the third time. Totodile was a fairly good choice, but because of the Red Gyarados you get later in the game, I wouldn't choose it. Cydaquil was just a boss for me and I finished the entire game in <24 hours. Chikorita posed a challenge to begin with, but I liked it and I finished Johto in 48 hours.


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I usually choose totodile, but on my current playthrough I chose chikorita.


Slowbro Lover
This would definitely have to be Totodile. I loved Cyndaquil in gold in silver but Totodile was awesome. Normally I would do Cyndaquil but with GTS I'll probably get him with that. Another reason to do Totodile is I love Feraligator (Probably my favorite water type besides Kyogre). Sorry Cyndaquil but I really want Totodile. :)


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I used Cyndaquil, because I've always used him in Johto. If I ever decide to also buy HG I guess I'll go with Totodile. But I'll probably pick Cyndaquil in the beginning and then just breed a Totodile in my SS >_>


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I picked Cyndaquil, but I put it straight into my pc as I was going to use pokemon that i have never used before.


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I wavered a long time between chikorita and cyndaquil. Finally I chose cyndaquil because I like his evolutions better. And then it was pure pleasure leveling him up at the Sprout Tower and the Azalea Gym :)


i choose chikorita from now on. when i first got the game i chose cyndaquil, but i had to restart due to issues balancing my team. i didnt want to have two fire types in my party(ho-oh).
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