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Who's gonna be your starter?

Who's your starter?

  • Chikorita

    Votes: 844 20.4%
  • Cyndaquil

    Votes: 1,905 46.1%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 1,380 33.4%

  • Total voters
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the elite trainer

Warrior Of Darkness
Chikorita, it's so under-rated as a starter. Plus it's my favourite.


Crude mother fxxker
My Johto starter will always and forever be totodile.
this is getting me all excited >u<
Definately Cyndaquil. Especially since being a stupid child during my Silver days I released my Quilava because I thought that by "release" it meant "let it out of its Pokeball so it can follow you around". Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.


<--will be mine
I will probably get both and pick Chikorita in one and Cyndaquil in the other.


I'm probably gonna go with Cyndaquil. I've always been a fan of fire-types so it's kinda a no-brainer. However, I may change to Totodile....although it's not very likely.


Well-Known Member
Cyndaquil all the way! It was soo awesome is G/S and i can't wait to use it again. I also want to see the johto region redone.


Riddle in an Enigma
Cyndaquil hands down. It was the first pokemon I got in my first game (Crystal), and I definately have to get Cyndaquil again.


Well-Known Member
Totadile. I have chosen the water type pokemon ever since Red version and Im not stopping now! Totadile was one of my favorites (I liek mudkipz the most) so this should be fun!



Well-Known Member
I look forward to going on new journey with Chikorita...I always pick Grass... (except for platinum when i tried something new))

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Rikudou Master
Has to be Cyndaquil for HeartGold and Chikorita for SoulSilver.


Well, when I first played gold, I used Cindiquil...
Of course, then again, I abandoned my starter and focused all my efforts on my umbreon and togetic...

Now, over the years, I've grown to love chicorita... don't know why, but that shall be my starter. (Maybe It's because of my awesome and cute Meganium card...)

So, If you are pwned by a HeartGold user (Though I kinda want SoulSilver, I'm getting HG for memorys sake) with a meganium, umbreon, and togetic, with a name begining with S, chances are it's me.

See Ya!


Well-Known Member
out of all games this is the hardest of all starters to choose, although chikorita has a lot of problems in the first to gyms, and totodile makes it so easier to pass the game with ice punch, cyndaquil is pretty much the neutral one
im not gonna choose totodile coz i already have a shiny ev trained feraligatr so theres no point in raising another one
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I might play through once with my old school Silver team starting with Cyndaquil but since I got him as a team member on Diamond and used Meganium in Platinum...I've never used Totodile so I'll probably grab him...


Oh, I'm a star.
I'm gonna use Totodile.

I mean, Silver was the first Pokemon game I ever held. It's got like, sentimental value on me. I STILL play Silver version now. And since I started with a Totodile then, like, 10 years ago, I'm gonna go back to basics this time. Actually, I really wanted to use Cyndaquil. Typhlosion is awsome. But Totodile was the first Pokemon I ever had, so since I've finally gotten a chance once again, I'm going to star with Totodile.
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