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Who's gonna be your starter?

Who's your starter?

  • Chikorita

    Votes: 844 20.4%
  • Cyndaquil

    Votes: 1,905 46.1%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 1,380 33.4%

  • Total voters
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Beyond the Rainbow~

It worked really well against Red, with fighting moves, and it is pretty good in battle.


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I just hope that Cyndaquil can learn better move this time around. In the old games moves were a little limited.


Yes, I'm still alive
maybe i'll try totodile for a change.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Naturally, Cyndaquil. I mean I've always chose that adorable lil' thing in G/S/C, and it has the stats which I could easily work with.


I did use Cyndaquil the first time I played Gold, which was almost ten years ago. Since then, I've grown rather fond to Chikorita and am very excited to have an Aromatherapist on my team. :)
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I always chose Cyndaquil as my starter in Crystal, and I loved my Thunderpunch Typhlosion to death, but with new moves like Aromatherapy and Aqua Tail, the other two are looking more and more tempting.

Heart Gold

Ho-oh Blasts you off
i will get 2 starter *totodile and Cyndaquil* because they are my favorite starter of all EVEn better than mudkip *mudkip is cute okay?*


The Legend Of Dawn
HeartGold Version=Totodile
SoulSilver Version=Cyndaquil

I am getting both versions...

Armored Zangoose

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Same as ten years ago-
On Heartgold, Cyndaquil.
On Soulsilver, Totodile.

Also, I plan to get two copies of Soulsilver for no reason except because they were the best games and I feel like wasting money. So I'll get Chikorita on that and trade it over to Heartgold, as their's no room for a Chikorita in a game where every box is going to be filled with Smeargle, along with the main team, Daycare, and Pokewalker.


not the color
Why do people not like Chikorita?

Because it's weak and, in my opinion, very ugly. Totodile and Cyndaquil are just better options in general.

It may also be that Chikorita has association with a female character, so it's assumed that only girls will choose Chikorita. Therefore, males not secure in their gender may pick Totodile and Cyndaquil, because they're associated with males.

It could be something subconscious, or it just could be personal preference of Pokemon. Either way, Cyndaquil seems to be the favorite.


Cyndaquil is the best! Chikorita is pretty good too. Totodile didnt really learn too many water moves in Gold and Silver but they may have changed that. I'm still gonna choose Cyndaquil tho. *Ahh such good memories!*

Red Globe

Si Vis Amor, ama
Totodile 8D Because I like the crocs more than flaming weasels or leafy dinosaurs.


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Cyndaquil, I always start off new games with the fire starter, ever since red and blue versions.


Why do people not like Chikorita?
no seriously, maybe it's the design or moveset, I'm personally getting a chikorita for a few reasons
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