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Who's in Charge of the Egg? (951)


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Who's in Charge of the Egg?

Samson Oak has given the gang a task of looking after a special Pokémon Egg, but when it comes to night it was decided that the Egg should be kept at Lillie's house which makes Lillie uneasy as she doesn't like touching Pokémon. Ash goes with her and is shocked to see how big her house is. As the house is so big, it even has a garden where Pokémon play as well as a battlefield, so Ash challenges Lillie's butler to a battle. Who will win and what is in the egg?

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Ah, it appears that Oak let the class choose between the brown and the white egg.

I assume these are Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix.

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Lusamine and a young Gladion are shown in an photo in Lillie's bedroom.

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That is awesome.


That photo shows she wasn't scared of Pokemon. Wonder if Nihilego/Lusamine is to blame for her fear...

The fact we do have Gladion and Lusamine though...aww yeah


One of my favourite little things was that Lillie wasn't talking on her cheek when viewing her at a side angle.

Big things already on point. Picture of family. Development of resolving fear. The egg itself. Love it.


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The best episode so far. And first official 1 on 1 battle. It was good battle and a little bit intense :D.


So is Rowlet another mon that stays outside it's Pokeball in favour of a bag? I can get behind this.

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Overall, a pretty good episode that has given us lots of new things to talk about.

The good:

-Lillie. This is an important episode for her, and easily the best out of all the focus episodes for the Alola companions that we've seen so far.

-Lusamine and Gladion confirmed this early and with a secret plot to boot.

The bad:

-That Togedemaru bit at the start dragged too long. The staff seems to like Ash getting hit for some reason.

-That move Oricorio used affecting Ash. Honestly, what?

9/10. Can't wait for RAW.


So is Rowlet another mon that stays outside it's Pokeball in favour of a bag? I can get behind this.

Rowlet is the Anime equivalent of Nebby in the games.

This episode was really good. As everyone has said so far, this episode gave us quite a lot of development and we are only 8 episodes in to the series. Good job to the writers for this.

Also, Lillie is adorable this episode and is shooting up my list of favourite characters from pokemon.



Rowlet definitely seems like it is getting the Oshawott treatment, but it did get some nice moments.


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Finally, a satisfactory episode after two very disappointing episodes. Rowlet had a good battle. It lost in the end, but it managed to push Oricorio. And I was really happy that Ash played a huge part(along with the butler) in saving Lillie's egg, something I really wanted- Ash emerging as the hero. Good episode- 7.5/10.

Mr. Guy

Ash: Is the little girl in this photo... Lillie?! She is touching Pokemon.
James: Yes, when she was little Lillie used to love Pokemon and played with them all the time.
Ash: What do you mean?
Lillie: I... I don't remember.
Ash: What do you mean?
James: It happened when Lillie went on a trip with her mother. When she came back, she was afraid of Pokemon and became unable to touch them...



At least Rowlet doesn't seem to shy away from a battle. That's good right?

Please, it would rather KO Mallow than Oricorio (actually I loved that part, although I'll need a translator to understand Mallow's reason for being there - right now I assume it was to check up on Lillie).