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Who's in Charge of the Egg? (951)


Bonnie stan
With the exception of the Grand Trial matches with the Kahunas. It's disappointing to see it exclusive to Kahunas so far, but oh well.

There's a VS screen, but it's certainly not the XY VS screen. It has no Pokémon, just the trainers. Furthermore, it's a STILL image rather than a dynamic moving screen

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
From watching it a while back, it was great to see Lillie getting started to touch Pokémon by successfully touching the Egg and it was funny to see her jumping away when Pikachu headbutted her. Nice to see a photo of Lillie's family from when they were younger too but that Salandit trying to eat the Egg and Lillie attempting to protect it made the episode a bit more suspenseful even though I felt the battle with Hobbes was somewhat a pretty minor thing but at least it got Mallow into the mansion.


Bonnie stan
The fact that we saw a glimpse of Gladio and Lusamine in a photo frame here made me want to learn more about Lilie's past, which at this point was mysterious and needed more exposure.
Indeed, it was truly excellent foreshadowing.